Monday, April 12, 2010

Had a lovely half guinness today, with my dad, in a village pub that neither of us had been to
for at least 30 years.......quite unexpectedly, we found ourselves after our weekly visit to the local supermarket, (to pick up the 'heavy stuff' that dad can't carry on the bus) diverted by road works into using an alternative route home..a route that took us past the village hall where my wedding reception was, the convent with the beautiful gardens, the canal locks...and through green and luscious farmland washed with a weak sun ....on impulse we stopped at a pub that featured in both our histories one way or another, the only patrons in a village pub that had seen better days, and was lovely, and although you can't go back in time, just visiting briefly was delightful.....when we arrived home late laughing, mom was anxiously wondering where we were, imagining ambulances and awfulness...........but we'd just had an adventure we said...and it was great.

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