Saturday, March 13, 2010

Went to the pictures tonight with the Mr and our daughter and boy mate (not boyfriend..just mate) was not my choice and was just teeeedious...long, predictable, boring and not time I will ever get back again on this planet...and I remembered why I like to watch films at home....your own house is cosy, warm, convenient, not full of strangers who talk or cough or snog or text...and if you don't like the film you can just stop it and watch something else.......


auntiegwen said...

I am worse than you, I like to watch them in my jammies, in bed, with a great big warm duvet, and a big mug of coffee and some cake !!!!!

libby said...

When I was young, my mom was the manageress of a smart restaurant/cafe and I remember her taking us to the pictures one night (in and of itself an unusual occurence..I think it was a birthday treat)and as the film started she began to unwrap and pass along the aisle our 'tea'...posh sandwiches, cakes, exotic fruit....all 'leftovers' from the day at work...I was hungry.... but determined not to eat as I felt she was making a show of all of us....everyone else tucked in...I 'cut off my nose to spite my face' and remained red faced huffy and hungry!
Auntiegwen, do you love cake as much as I do? happy mothers day!!

Twenty seven.

For now anyway.