Its been niggling at me ... the thought that my last post could make me look like a right idiot...I feel that explanations are in order....I now know I am demented as I am typing this to make myself feel better....sigh. So, stolen something...I aided and abetted my big brother to steal a bottle of pop from a fish and chip shop (under duress I might add) when I was 7.....have never forgotten it and still don't drink anything fizzy unless it's champagne (oh alright..cava too).
Canoed..yes with school and the swimming pool was ok but once let loose on the river I SO did'nt like it. Farted in public.....well more than farted actually and I was MORTIFIED....but I was lying on a delivery table trying to give birth to my daughter and they had been giving me iron injections for weeks.....I am very regular in the bowel movement area so the poor nurses that had to ahem..wipe my arse were just wonderful....and my baby was 10.5 pounds!
Been arrested..well in mitigation I was 17 living in Germany supposedly drink driving but actually wasnt and the charge was dropped....and hand fed a squirrel in Regents Park once..wouldnt go near the bloody things deadly boring am I then? Not exactly Mata Hari eh?


auntiegwen said…
Aawh sweetie, lots of women poo when the push, (I used to be a nurse, many moons ago)
diney said…
Funny! Good explanations! I've just stumbled upon you and will call back - I'm a new follower, so hi - call round and see me at mine sometime!