Sunday, February 4, 2018

Made a start.....

In the spirit of 'doing things' as mentioned in my previous post,  in the last week I have been out for a mexican meal with one friend  and I have also been to the cinema with another .....sort of enjoyed both, although truth be told mexican food is not to my taste....and the waiter putting a large sombrero on my head at one point was just not as fun as all the other sombrero wearing diners found it to be ....they, and my friend,  seemed to be happy with the hat thing going on and I realised that I should just avoid certain social situations....I'm not hard wired that way...maybe being sober (I was driving so had no choice) was the mistake, and perhaps if I'd had more than one drink I would have laughed and smiled and worn the fucking hat with joy, instead of removing it almost instantly..........

The baked potato I had this evening (slathered in lurpak) was much more me......I am happy with my boring taste in food and care not a jot if carbohydrate overload is boring to everyone is my go to meal and I love it. Hatless.

 I did enjoy the film (Three billboards outside Ebbing Missouri) and the gin cocktail I had with my meal. Go me.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Not enough time....

I keep telling myself that I will do all manner of things once I am retired, and yet in truth, I feel all I might do is lots of nothing! Currently I am busy all week with a range of obligations....hospitals and clinics and shopping and social services for Ma and Pa, going to work, looking after my adorable granddaughter (which is the joyful part of the week) and trying to keep on top of my own housework and shopping and life maintenance stuff.........I need to book lots of stuff into my calendar so that each month I have something to look forward to I think.......yes.....that sounds like a plan.....let's see how the year unfolds....a good year I hope..fingers crossed.


Just for now.