Friday, September 22, 2017

A comfort break?

I adore looking after my beautiful grandaughter.
At my age though, when I need to wee, I need to finding somewhere safe to place a 10 month old in a hurry so that I can dash to the lavatory has meant that I recently bought a travel cot/playpen for her..............did you hear her sobbing this week when I sat her in it for the first time? I'm sure you must have heard her.
She was quite loud.
I was quickly back in her sight.
She had her arms up ready for me to lift her out of the 'prison' and peace was restored......but I really really will need her to be ok in it now and again....I don't want to have her fall and hurt herself or come to any harm on my watch!


DUTA said...

She'll get used to it, don't you worry!
In the meantime, enjoy her presence as much as you can, as they grow fast.

Nana Go-Go said...

It's all about the timing, Libs. Try and coincide the toilet breaks with her nap times!!!Yes I know that sounds incredulous but if you hold off on the tea or coffee it works although if all else fails, plonking her in the travel cot now and again won't do her any harm and its for her own safety.

libby said...

Duta, I had forgotten that sobbing makes them look so adorable! she then fell asleep in my arms, and I loved it!
Nana, of course you are right, but that initial plonking in was obviously not to her taste and it did make me smile...

Twenty seven.

For now anyway.