Saturday, April 1, 2017

Afternoon delight......

No not that sort.

Earlier today I had a lovely 3 hour walk, and even though it rained towards the end I thoroughly enjoyed it, so I came home, had some lunch and then started reading the papers and doing the crossword. The mister was in the other room watching sport, and I settled myself cosily into the couch and after a while felt really tired and sleepy. I remember thinking 'ooh I would love to just close my eyes for 5 minutes' and then allowed myself to do so! which for me is really odd 'cos I don't do napping or sleeping in the day time. I always feel worse and not refreshed when I wake up.
Today though I had an awful dream...I was being attacked and although I was shouting for help nothing was coming out of my mouth....I'm sure this is a very ordinary and boring dream but it was terrifying! although in the end I did manage to knock unconscious the assailant with a very heavy yard broom, so go me!
I woke up feeling on earth is a quick nap supposed to refresh and recharge? doesn't
do it for me at all.

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Cro Magnon said...

I always manage to drop off just when I am watching some long-awaited TV programme, or am reading a very good book. Never when I want to!

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