Sunday, April 9, 2017

A bit of a do......

Pa will be 90 in a few weeks.
My brother and his wife are coming over from California for a couple of weeks, and family members from Liverpool and Kent and Warwickshire will be joining us for
a celebration on the Saturday.
Pa and Ma are not up to dinner out in the evening anymore, and anything fancy would make them uncomfortable, so we have planned a very low key get together in the working men's club that Pa used to go to for many years. It is two minutes away from where they live, there is parking, and it is a familiar environment for him.
We have hired it privately and there will be an open bar, a buffet, a cake, a couple of snooker tables, and all of us...........I do hope it all goes well and that he enjoys himself.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Afternoon delight......

No not that sort.

Earlier today I had a lovely 3 hour walk, and even though it rained towards the end I thoroughly enjoyed it, so I came home, had some lunch and then started reading the papers and doing the crossword. The mister was in the other room watching sport, and I settled myself cosily into the couch and after a while felt really tired and sleepy. I remember thinking 'ooh I would love to just close my eyes for 5 minutes' and then allowed myself to do so! which for me is really odd 'cos I don't do napping or sleeping in the day time. I always feel worse and not refreshed when I wake up.
Today though I had an awful dream...I was being attacked and although I was shouting for help nothing was coming out of my mouth....I'm sure this is a very ordinary and boring dream but it was terrifying! although in the end I did manage to knock unconscious the assailant with a very heavy yard broom, so go me!
I woke up feeling on earth is a quick nap supposed to refresh and recharge? doesn't
do it for me at all.


Just for now.