Monday, January 23, 2017

Blogger is messing with me...........

For some time now I have been having problems with this blog, and using blogger to post comments on others. I do struggle with change in any format and like the routine of accessing things in certain ways and being a bit ocd-ish about the steps taken to achieve anything....that doesn't make a lot of sense to anyone but me I guess, perhaps it is easier to say that I am the sort of person who can't have lots of tabs open at once and closes drawers or cupboards or websites when they no longer need to be open and never leave myself 'signed in' to anything. I like routine. Even steps that I can see are not necessary, will continue to be taken by me because that is the path I am on. I know of course that this makes me sound very be it. So...blogger.....why do you keep telling me that I don't have a blog? is here...... my little piece of the little dip into the ether.... where I read other blogs and very occasionally other blog people read and comment on mine.
Maybe the Universe is sending me a message and I need to walk away and not get irritated by such a little problem....maybe alter my routine .........perhaps it is time.


Just for now.