Thursday, December 29, 2016

Strange forces......

The Unsinkable Molly Brown is in my top 10 when it comes to favourite films. I'm going to watch it again today while I do some ironing.
Singin' in the rain is up there too and I have always admired Debbie Reynolds.
I was sad when Carrie Fisher died and thought of Debbie Reynolds having to go through
the heartache of losing a child...and now, if your belief falls a certain way, they are going to be together again.
I said aloud to the family the other day, that I was suprised how the celebrity deaths that seem to have been daily occurences just lately, have made me a little tearful, and yet the deaths this year of children all over the world has not had me shedding any tears for some time now....why is that? am I just a horrible heartless bitch? or is it that through music and film I feel a connection to the celebs and my life, whereas the daily deaths in war torn towns feels alien to me and I am now inured to them?
Pa said the other day 'Men used to go to War comes to Men'....and women and children.
Sad strange forces are at work in this world.
There has to be a change...but what is it and who will engineer that change?

Friday, December 16, 2016

Sent with all best wishes....

This is the same Christmas greeting photo that I post each year.
Not the best picture in the world but one that I am fond of.
Snow covered ivy on the ground in Herefordshire some years ago.

Happy Christmas to you all....and a peaceful, content and healthy 2017 x

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Ah drat.....

Chest infection.
Fed up of coughing.
Dressing gown has been the outfit du jour for the last few days.
Off work but not able to do much so feel a bit eeugh, how come you can feel tired from doing not very much?
Covonia is 7% alcohol.

Greg Lake has died........sigh.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Pretend I'm Santa........

What is on your Christmas present wish list? and let's just assume that we all want world peace and an end to all the bad things in the world....that is a given this present has to be something you would really like for yourself........and none of this 'but I already have so much I don't need anything' malarkey..just think of a present that you would really like...however fanciful or daft.

Increase the Peace...........

Kindness. Let's share it. x