Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Love is the drug.....

The depth of feeling I have for my grand daughter has taken me by surprise.
I have held her only a few times so far but each time didn't want to let her go.
Maybe memories of holding your child resurface and happy feelings return.
All I know is that holding her is my new drug of choice.
And that I love her.


Helsie said...

How lovely !

Cro Magnon said...

It's wonderful knowing that our own beautiful children are capable of producing their own beautiful children. Ain't nature marvellous!

Trish Burgess said...

Congratulations! So excited for you and can imagine how wonderful it is to hold your beautiful granddaughter xx

Yorkshire Pudding said...

You will be Super Granny! You will need a lycra bodysuit with SG on the bodice and a flowing cape. Choose your own colours.

libby said... is indeed, thank you.
Cro...Amen to that.
Trish, thank you..just wait until you do the's marvelous!
YP...Oooh now that is something to think about! but maybe not...I think I'm going to be Nana!

Mrs. Splapthing said...

Congratulations! So happy to hear you're so happy!

Nana Go-Go said...

Yay to Nanas and yay to Grandchildren!!I'm terribly biased towards Grandaughters because I have two of my own and I love the bones of them both. Yesterday I picked the eldest up from school and when she saw me in the playground she ran towards me with open arms. You can't buy that kind of unconditional love and I love every minute that I get to share it.You will with yours

sensibilia said...

Mother Nature's wonderful bonus! So pleased for you!

libby said...

Mrs S....thank you..she is LIFE and that reminds us all of how wonderful that is.
Nana...that must be so wonderful to experience..bring it on!
S..thank you so much..Mother Nature is amazing isn't she?


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