Saturday, November 19, 2016

Being prepared....

Two weeks ago the house 3 doors down was burgled.
The owners were away for the weekend.
Last week another house in this road was burgled.
The owners were downstairs and the burglars broke in upstairs!
This is quite unsettling and I'm trying to think of ways of ensuring we are not next.
We have been burgled twice before but in other properties and it is not an experience
I care to repeat.
Hearing an alarm going off is just part and parcel of living in the suburbs these days and we don't have a big dog.
So movement detection lights front and back and extra vigilance I guess.
I hate all burglars...bastards everyone of them.
My biggest worry though is what would occur if my mister came up against one of the bastards......


Yorkshire Pudding said...

In all my sixty three years on this planet I have never been burgled. I am very thankful about this as the experience must be very unsettling. Though I try to avoid bad language in blogging, I agree with you that all burglars are bastards.

DUTA said...

They say burglars love neat houses as they can find things easily. They hate messy houses. Well, perhaps that'S a tip - leave the house in a mess LOL.

Bea said...

Adjacent areas seem to be targets for break-ins. I'm not sure why ours isn't. -could be because many homes on the block are filled with multi-generational families in which at least one person is home at all times. Burglars don't necessarily want to face their victims, I suppose.

May your house remain target-free!

Cro Magnon said...

I once put a 'Beware of the dog' sign on the back of our Brighton house. We were never burgled, but whether it was because of the sign or not; I don't know.

libby said...

YP...may you never have to experience being burgled.
Duta....I'm a bit of a tidy gal so maybe a burglars dream....sigh.
Bea...thank you....I don't think having 2 cats at home is going to put any burglar off.
Cro...apparently this sort of thing doesn't work..but who knows?

Twenty seven.

For now anyway.