Monday, March 7, 2016

Here we go again.....

I know... I said more tomorrow didn't I?
Wasn't a lie...
Life just intervenes doesn't it?

I saw both of my children on Mothers wonderful is that?
One has a new job and is becoming happier and lighter in spirit each day as they move towards leaving one place and starting at another.... a different career...a new chapter.
One has very exciting things going on workwise and is really enjoying the challenge and excitement of where they are and what they are doing in their career just now.
Mister is facing challenging times and needs support...we do what we do and have faith and look to the future.
This year is shaping up to be quite a rollercoaster...I'm going to buckle in and try to enjoy the ride.
All will be well.....this much I know.

Moving on.....I was thinking about why I blog and what I get from it (yes's all about me isn't it?) and why it has become such a necessary but frustrating part of my life.

Necessary....... because I am a creature of habit and routine who enjoys opening up the laptop each morning when I am having a cup of tea and 'opening my letters'...which is what blog reading feels like to me. No, all of your blogs and posts are not addressed to me, but they are out there in the ether and I don't read many...possibly 10 or so.
I have learnt a lot from blog reading. I would never ever have met most of you in real life and there is a sort of freedom in being able to dip in and out and listen or comment or not....and in some cases there is genuine affection.

Frustrating.......because I am not really free here....I keep my identity hidden and don't share what I really long to say because I never forget that I am not just 'conversing' with each and every one of you but the whole t'interweb, and my family didn't ask me to share our lives so publicly. I also know that I shouldn't be so disappointed that I receive so few comments, because you only get what you give and I am not a regular poster/reader.

Moving on again.....Last night I was also thinking about so much other stuff that I decided to switch my brain off and have some wine and watch TV. 'The Night Manager' on anybody watching it? I'm loving it...........I'm also loving 'Better call Saul' and 'Trapped' .....anyone watching those?


Cro Magnon said...

All bloggers have their own style, reasons, and needs. Stay exactly as you are.

auntiegwen said...

We love the night manager and trapped' X also watching happy valley. Sending all love your way, shall we choose a date in April and meet up? Been far too long missus xxx

Bea said...

I spend a lot of time trolling Netflix for things to watch. I'm currently into House of Cards. Someone mentioned that Deutschland 83 is worth a look-see. -don't know if I can easily get it where I live.

I, too, don't share all I'd like for fear of upsetting anyone I know. Odds are, no one I know from 'real life' is reading, so I could go on and just say what I want. I don't though.

libby said...

Cro...Thank you.
AG..Ooh yes....I'll email you later...and Happy Valley is great isn't it?xxx
Bea...Welcome! Where do you live?

Trish Burgess said...

Yes, fan of The Night Manager here too. Tom Hiddleston's name is being bandied about as a possible James Bond.
Have you got Sky? If so, try Occupied (set in Oslo)and 100Code set in Stockholm. Dougie and I are usually hopeless at following a whole series of something but are keeping up with these two. I rather like the two older male leads in both!!

Nana Go-Go said...

Loving the Night Manager. Hugh Laurie is so menacing and of course, it's a joy to watch Tom Tom cavorting through the surf in nothing but a pair of boxers!! I didn't realise that'Better Call Saul' was out. Is it on Sky? I don't have it but I loved him in 'Breaking Bad'. I'm not really sure why I still blog but I removed myself from someone's 'followers' the other day because another 'follower' called me out on a comment I made and I wasn't about to get into any confrontation with a total stranger. Better to just call it a day and move on. I love coming here because the living is easy!!

libby said...

Trish...yes I imagined Tom as a Bond..easy on the eye isn't he?
Nana...Saul is on sky and is so good'll love it...and I'm all about the easy living..xx

Pam said...

I've never heard of those programmes. I must pay more attention... .
Yes, I wonder why I blog too, but it's quite compulsive. Because my family immediately started reading it (10 years ago) - my daughter set it up for me so it couldn't be a secret - I can't blog about the unbloggable things (one SIL off work for 4 years now with depression and OCD, the other an actor who earns very little so that my daughter is the breadwinner and she's now nearly 35 and has no children). These are huge griefs but hey ho, I've told you now so I feel a bit better. Don't comment back about these things, though, since my family probably read the comments too! Sorry about your mum. That must be very very hard.

sensibilia said...

I've been pondering much the same things recently. About why I keep a blog, and about not sharing too much online, especially about family. I deleted a recent post for this reason.
And about adult children and the problems of the world.
Tried to like the Night Manager because I think Tom H is supercool. But couldn't take to the plot. Really enjoying Dr Thorne, though.

John Gray said...

I love your more chatty blog entries x

libby said...

Pam...yes it is a compulsion of sorts isn't it? thank you for your comment and I'm sending 'ether wishes' your way for the future.x
S..we never stop worrying about our children do we? I remember your deleted post...we all share similar concerns to some degree....and yes Tom is easy on the eye alright!x
John...thank you......I often think of you when I really want to 'eff and jeff' and let out my true feelings...but decorum holds me back!
ps that is a compliment to you by the way......and last week at one point when I really needed a calm voice I nearly emailed be careful what you say about chattiness....xx

Yorkshire Pudding said...

I think an element of disguise is wise in blogging. Only a few bloggers know my real name and I like it that way because nobody else in the whole world has my name so that makes it easy to track me down. There are people from my past who should remain there - silent and still in the past. Sorry to learn that your Mister has some challenges to face. With you by his side they will be easier to deal with

libby said...

YP..finding a balance is the trick I suppose...and thank you for such a kind comment.

Twenty seven.

For now anyway.