Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Correct me if I'm wrong.......

A large bag of Maltesers and a cup of tea isn't a healthy dinner is it?

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Giving it a go....

A couple of weeks ago, my sister and I sat for a local artist and he did two quick charcoal portraits of us. My sister sat first and as I watched him work I was impressed with his skill.
Her portrait is lovely.
Mine? not so much........
When we got home and we had both stopped crying with laughter at mine, I showed it to the mister.
He remarked that he hadn't realised Arthur Mullard and I had been seperated at birth................
My Pa, when shown the portrait, asked 'Who is that?'
So I can only conclude that as all the other portraits were lovely, I am not the 'not too bad for an over 60, in candlelight and with a gauze over the lens, and drink taken'  average/alright looking woman I had been fooling myself into thinking  I was...........or the artist was ready for a break and needed to un-cramp his hands......but as it was a charitable event portrait sitting I had hoped he could have been a bit more charitable in his depiction of me (oh God maybe he was? how awful).
So...I gave it some thought and after deciding not to 'rip it up and throw it away' (my husbands solution) I went out and bought myself some charcoals and am now in the process of rubbing out my right eye/cheek/lip and I'm going to give it a go myself..........and Yes, I know I am not an artist and that it will not be easy but I quite fancy giving it a try.
This is my left eye....where do I start with the right?

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


I'm at home.
On a Wednesday.
I should be at work but yesterday I called in sick.
I have a head cold with a sore throat and that feeling of wanting to scratch your eyes from the inside? and of being underwater, with bunged up ears and nose and a tickly cough and having no energy and just generally not feeling right.
So nothing dreadful but I do feel awful.
It seems a shame to be at home but not feel up to doing anything you could do on a legitimate non working day..does that make sense?
It must be my inherent Catholic Guilt that is making me feel bad about sitting here in my dressing gown and not being at work.....although in all honesty I will be 62 later this year and I have been working since I started a Saturday job at 14 so work can go fuck itself.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Singing along.....

Every now and again on Palm Sunday I will be tempted to sing 'Jesus rode a donkey into town..'
Many years ago when the kids were small and we were regular church goers, Palm Sunday was when the kids would be dressed up in tea towels and tablecloths to look like shepherds and we would sit in mass trying to turn a palm frond into a cross. 
Happy memories.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

One dollar...

Is what I paid for this painting from a chap at the Pasadena Rose Bowl flea market many years ago.

Very bad photo......but you get the idea... I do like it.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Here we go again.....

I know... I said more tomorrow didn't I?
Wasn't a lie...
Life just intervenes doesn't it?

I saw both of my children on Mothers wonderful is that?
One has a new job and is becoming happier and lighter in spirit each day as they move towards leaving one place and starting at another.... a different career...a new chapter.
One has very exciting things going on workwise and is really enjoying the challenge and excitement of where they are and what they are doing in their career just now.
Mister is facing challenging times and needs support...we do what we do and have faith and look to the future.
This year is shaping up to be quite a rollercoaster...I'm going to buckle in and try to enjoy the ride.
All will be well.....this much I know.

Moving on.....I was thinking about why I blog and what I get from it (yes's all about me isn't it?) and why it has become such a necessary but frustrating part of my life.

Necessary....... because I am a creature of habit and routine who enjoys opening up the laptop each morning when I am having a cup of tea and 'opening my letters'...which is what blog reading feels like to me. No, all of your blogs and posts are not addressed to me, but they are out there in the ether and I don't read many...possibly 10 or so.
I have learnt a lot from blog reading. I would never ever have met most of you in real life and there is a sort of freedom in being able to dip in and out and listen or comment or not....and in some cases there is genuine affection.

Frustrating.......because I am not really free here....I keep my identity hidden and don't share what I really long to say because I never forget that I am not just 'conversing' with each and every one of you but the whole t'interweb, and my family didn't ask me to share our lives so publicly. I also know that I shouldn't be so disappointed that I receive so few comments, because you only get what you give and I am not a regular poster/reader.

Moving on again.....Last night I was also thinking about so much other stuff that I decided to switch my brain off and have some wine and watch TV. 'The Night Manager' on anybody watching it? I'm loving it...........I'm also loving 'Better call Saul' and 'Trapped' .....anyone watching those?

Friday, March 4, 2016

Just skeetering about in my head......

I think Paul Ryman (the actor Peter Egan) in Ever Decreasing Circles is very attractive.
His voice is lovely.
I have worked hard today, moved furniture and pottered about doing this'n'that.
One of my favourite musical films is The Unsinkable Molly Brown.
Musicals never let me down.
Ma seems to be showing definite signs of dementia....and when I took Pa shopping a few days ago he told me his fears that this was if none of us had noticed.
Politics, immigrants, scientific research, trying to be kind and not be anxious.......thoughts that are very much on my mind at the moment.
Setting up an ebay account...yes? no? I have such a lot of stuff......I need to have less stuff.
The architectural technician we have asked to draw up our extension plans....will that all work out ok?
My mister needs to have a break...he works long hours, drives a long way each day, is trying to be everything for everybody.
Truth be told when I tried to find a mothers day card for Ma today I struggled with all the 'you're the best mother in the world/most wonderful being ever to walk the earth/how would I live without you and your marvelousness stuff.................and if that makes me a bad daughter so be it.

More tomorrow..........


Just for now.