Friday, January 29, 2016

Size does matter......

So if I want to have a single storey rear extension to my semi detached house, according to Mr Pickles and his proposals, is it May 2019 or May 2016 that it has to be finished by, if we are using the 'no planning permission or neighbour consultation needed for 3metre x 4metre work'?.............
t'internet is showing me conflicting information.........
could be typo's but could also be a way of making me confused...and it doesn't take a lot these days.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Spend a few days in Gothenburg where the temperature was minus 11 and as long as you have on your thermal leggings and vest (sexy eh?) and layer up, you never feel the cold. Not once.
Come back to Blightly where the temperature is plus 11 and the heating has been off and the house is so bloody cold  you sit and shiver.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Takes me right back.....

I was sorry to hear of the death of Glenn Frey today.
The music of the Eagles has always been close to my heart.
When I was a teenager I once dated a tall, dark, handsome lad for some months. He had dark hair, blue eyes and I was really smitten. One weekend we borrowed a car and drove for a couple of hours on the motorway heading for a 'weekend away'.
Whenever I hear the Eagles I am instantly taken back in my mind to that was such a lovely time.
Although I was a teenager I remember feeling very grown up...I was in a car, going away for a weekend with my sexy boyfriend, it was summer, the sun was shining, I was slim and young and I remember that I was wearing a pale blue and white cheesecloth shirt and jeans.....when we stopped at a service station, although I seem to think it was more of a garage, to my surprise, he gave me a gift he had just bought me 'for the journey'. It was an 8 track cassette. The Eagles. Which I played and played and played and played. On that journey I remember singing and smiling and feeling sexy and happy.
A few months later he went away to University, and although I visited him there in the early days, and he came home now and again, the relationship just came to a natural end....I had stayed in our home town and was mixing with other lads and he didn't really stay in my mind once he was out of sight.......
I never saw them live although I did see Joe Walsh....he had a bit more about him I thought..he seemed a bit naughtier.
Middle of the road music? boring easy listening music? Maybe ...but if I hear their music I am transported back in time to a really happy little memory.

Monday, January 18, 2016


Looks aren't everything y'know.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Connected is not always good....

Ma and Pa rang me the other day.
She was in tears and very emotional (which is not unusual) and he was obviously struggling with a frustrating day and they took it in turns to talk to me (or shout at me) through the magic of the telephone.
I had just come in from work and felt cold and tired, as the previous day I'd had a migraine that had left me feeling quite 'claggy' - which is the term I use to describe the day after a bad migraine..hard to describe the feeling but if any of you have migraines you might understand.
To say that I was not in the mood to sit through this daily phone rigmarole would be a huge understatement.
The worst part though was that they actually just argued with each other while I sat there in my coat listening and trying to talk to each one in turn, and I had a mental image of them passing the phone backwards and forwards to each other, shouting and acting like 6yr olds saying 'but he' and 'but she' and 'you DID' and 'I did NOT'. Eventually I heard myself say 'don't ring me just to argue and bicker with each other and have an audience'....and perhaps I was a little terse when I said it.
The result? silence and no calls for a few days.......which strangely is a little unnerving. So I rang them and had a very frosty response.
Oh dear.   The price of peace.....being chastised by your elderly parents. You just can't win.

In other news....
Me and my mister are off to Gothenburg for a few days later in the week.
I am going to try to make some Porto styleeee custard tarts this afternoon
It is surprising how a whole bottle of low alcohol wine at a friends last night can give you quite a headache this morning...good fun though and coming home in the snow was quite magical.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Right or wrong.....

We were just talking about someone the mister knew nearly 40 years ago. He stayed at our first house once and outraged me by pissing on the carpet in the corner of the bedroom during the night when he was drunk.  I knew he was a little casual with regard to the law, although I didn't know the half of it apparently and the day after the pissing night he showed us a very large very heavy gold necklace and said would I like it? I said NO and insisted the mister show him the door....which he did. Turns out the steering column of his car was chock full of jewellery and this was the first thing he had grabbed in order to placate me. Being the good Catholic girl that I was it appalled me to think about saying yes to what was obviously stolen...... but I surprised myself and the mister just now over breakfast by laughing and saying that considering the fact we were young and broke and with a mortgage I wish I'd looked at the rest of the loot and made a choice!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Getting stuff down....

I need to stop being lazy and just write what I want to write here each and every day...I certainly think of something every day that I mean to post and then the day just ends with me reading lots of blogs and not typing at much easier I guess to just read and do nothing....but it's getting me down.......where to start is all..........

Friday, January 8, 2016

An old fool.....

You might know that the one and only time I don't have a pen and paper to hand somewhere in my pocket or bag or car I will need one.
I am the owner of a laptop, a kindle, a fancy phone that I can use hands free in the car 'cos the car has a 'press this button on the dashboard' and just like ET you can phone home..or anywhere.. facility, yet through ignorance or being a scaredy cat and thinking I will break the world wide web or laziness or a mixture of all three, I am barely scratching the surface with how to use any of them.......I just need to read emails, use the internet and take photographs.  So I was cross with myself about an hour ago when  I seemed to lose the ability to use any technology and wished with all my heart that I had a pen and paper in my grasp.
The reason? well this afternoon I was sat in traffic minding my own business when with a loud thwack a car went into the back of mine. I got out to see that someone had gone into the back of him...thus causing the domino line of at the front.
I'm not very quick thinking but as I got out of my car I grabbed my phone. The two young lads behind me both had their phones and after agreeing that we were all ok and that we needed to swap details, I felt like such a fool when I could'nt remember my insurers name and then felt even more foolish when the lad at the very back wondered why I was taking so long to put his name and # into my phone...slowly and precisely it was one letter or digit at a time and I have never felt like such an old duffer in all my fingers were a little shaky and he spotted it and  then volunteered to do it for me so I handed my phone over and 'whoosh' just like every other young person in my life the info was there. He was driving a sporty bmw with a personalised plate and he initially denied being the cause of the collision. Whatever.......I just hoped that I looked a little more in control when I took some pictures.....number plates and location etc., before he said 'alright here then?' and sped off.
The young chap who went into the back of me seemed to be a bit worried about how this will now proceed and seemed far more concerned than young Mr BMW.........of the three of us, the chap at the very back (the cause) was young and unconcerned and confident, the middle guy seemed a little older and fed up and anxious and unsure of himself, and I felt about 100 years old! Sigh.........

Sunday, January 3, 2016

End of 2015...start of 2016.

Random thoughts and witterings.
Bear with me...or not.
Having pleurisy just before Christmas does sort of take the shine off things and
make you a little ... ggrrr.
Being better is fabulous.
Thanks mister for the drugs and care.
I will finish my 'figs' painting.
Need to buy some more figs.
Ben Stokes. Well done that man.
Am looking forward to going to Edgbaston this year.
Ma. Please stop ringing me and trying to involve me in something that doesn't concern me.
Birthday wishes to the young man from Oop north who shall remain nameless.
Tomorrow the Christmas decorations and tree etc., must come down...enough is enough. lovely a little glass of this is now and again.
Sis....thanks for such a lovely new year visit.
That pub where we had lunch? very 'Magwitch' if you know what I mean.
Are we mad to have an extension? all that money and brick dust and decisions, waiting times and builders and disruption? mmmmmmmmm......probably will though.
The actor in the Autotrader ad on the tele has a look of John Gray from Trelawnyd about him.
Blogging in general - readers here and comments made, or blogs I read and comments I've made, followers leaving/joining, lots of comments/no comments...........s'all good....the whole thing undulates and informs and makes me glad/sad/interested/bored/boring/'s all food for thought and by and large the pool of people I read seem to be the sort you would want in your life boat if push came to shove.
Have never watched a Poirot programme before but the laugh of the night was watching the marvelous 'no words necessary' acting of Hugh Fraser.
The garden is very green and overgrown at the moment as due to being at work and being unwell I wasn't able to get out there and cut anything back...should I leave it now or get out there in the rain and try to do some tidying?
Why would anyone want (and receive) a drone for a xmas present?
Must book parking for airport and possibly get two new tyres for car.
Need to go and get dressed now.......... anyone reading this I wish you health, happiness and whatever you would really like for yourselves in 2016......x


Just for now.