Saturday, November 28, 2015

No talking please........

I spend all day at work talking to people.
And I could give a flying fuck for quite a few of the people I have to talk hate me. Bothered.
Which means that on my day off or at the weekend I like silence, or listening to the radio or talking to people I choose to engage with.
This afternoon I had my hair done at my regular salon...and the hairdresser and the hair washer person are lovely but why oh why can I not just hold up a sign saying 'YOU ARE VERY NICE BUT I DON'T WANT TO TALK'........let me just sit here with my eyes closed until you're done......
Well I suppose I could but then they really would think me peculiar wouldn't they? and I feel obliged to join in with trying to be like every one else and then we all witter on about the weather and Christmas and this and that shite and I grit my teeth and smile.
I would like to be a nicer person truly I would but FFS when will someone open a hairdressers where it is OK to say nowt.
You just turn up, say what you want, they do it, you pay up and leave.....and nobody feels odd about it. you don't like me now do you???


Rachel said...

Be brave and take off comment moderation Libby, there aren't too many monsters out there. If you can't stand the heat it's get out of the kitchen, and you are playing in one hell of a kitchen.

Rachel said...

Having a mindless chat is all part of the fun of going to the hairdressers. It is an escape for 30 minutes from everything else. I used to go once a week, it is private and helps to wind down and escape. Enjoy it.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

I still like you..
You wrote this "And I could give a flying fuck..." when surely you meant "And I could NOT give a flying fuck..." unless of course you have recently become an air hostess!

About Last Weekend said...

How funny! I love silence too. I dont even put on music when I'm home, though i love listening to NPR and especially Terri Gross interviews when I'm in the car, or really offensive rap (true).
Hope you're well my friend, thanks for your lovely email. I have just been procrastinating - for four months!!

Forgot how much I love blogging tho, its fun

Cro Magnon said...

At men's hairdressers it is obligatory to know all about football.... which is why I never go,

libby said...

Rachel.....I am too much of a wuss to do anything so rash...I have to dip my toes in something for a long time before I jump!
YP..thank you - and I forgot that as a teacher you would be on grammar/spelling/meaning watch..but you are right of course..and I cannot understand why anyone would ever want to be an air hostess ..... and I have never joined the mile high club either! good to see you back! how is the book going? you ever have a ponytail?

Nana Go-Go said...

My lovely hairdresser doesn't talk much these days. She just lost her Dad in a tragic accident, you might have heard about the man who went swimming under the bridge in Skye and tragically drowned. That was her Dad. One time, at another hairdresser's I made up a complete lie about where I was going on holiday because you can be made to feel so boring when they ask you where you're going and you're not going anywhere! Same with weekends. I've had such a varied and interesting life, according to some hairdressers I've been to down the years!(they weren't all lies!). Good Sunday to you,

libby said...

Hi Nana...sad re he Pa...but what a smashing idea to make stuff up! x

sensibilia said...

I completely agree about silence, can't get enough of it. Re the hairdressers, though, I have had to revise my strategy. I started off just burying my nose in magazines and my Kindle, giving off strong "Don't talk to me" vibes. The end result of this was that my hairdresser totally lost interest in me and made so little effort that I changed to a new salon.

With the new one, I found out straight away that my new hairdresser wants to talk non-stop. At first, I joined in, reciprocating politely (as one is taught to do!) After a while, finding this completely exhausting (and also revealing more than I really wanted to about home life, family etc) I decided to say very little, and just make anodyne remarks which encourage her to go on even more. Such as "How is your daughter?" "Where are you going on holiday this year?" She needs very little encouragement, and I thus retreat into my own world just letting her ramble on and injecting a further question just when it seems like she might ask me something about myself.

This is working for now.

libby said... be fair this is a strategy I do adopt, and to be fair it does work...but sometimes I'm just not in the mood!

Mrs. Splapthing said...

(still giggling at Yorkshire's comment) - hee heeeeeeee! (I used to be an air hostess, you see....)

Anyway - there's no call for anyone to like or dislike you based on the fact that you don't want someone jabbering your head off while you get a haircut.

As a member of Cro's club (I never go to salons - well, once every ten years or so) I'm not much of an expert, but as for being annoyed at the salon... it's not so much when they're talking to me, what annoys me is when someone is working on your hair and yapping it up with someone else in the salon! Makes me feel like they're not really paying attention to my hair, and I'm the one who has to walk around with (and pay for)the consequences!

I had one stylist talk nonstop to the stylist next to her about personal stories that I couldn't relate to at all, and it made me feel like a third wheel at my own hair appointment. That should be a definite "no go".

My aunt was a massage therapist, and she used to say that some people treated the massage sessions like therapy - they'd talk and talk to her, telling her all sorts of stuff. If her client wanted to talk, she'd let them talk, and converse with them. If they remained quiet, she remained quiet. She let the client set the tone for the appointment. Seems like you should try and find a stylist that does the same.

libby said...

Mrs S - Yes I know...I was just having a bad day...I like my stylist so just play the game every time I visit.


Just for now.