Friday, October 23, 2015

Hot milk and honey? good cold remedy?

My chest is tight, my throat is sore and I have that 'head under water' feeling. This is obviously my souvenir of Iceland. These are a few pictures..not terribly good but all I can find that are suitable for blog posting.
The cod was the best I have ever tasted.
I was never cold there and didn't need the thermals.
The Blue Lagoon was very touristy, and the naked showering bothered my friends but not me, and being in the milky turquoise warm water with a glass of wine was good fun, although the feeling of being in a Welsh quarry on a Doctor Who set never left me.
We didn't have the right weather to see the Northern Lights so next year we might have to try again..somewhere else.
It is very expensive there...maybe I just haven't lived but I'm not used to paying £40 for a bottle of wine.
We had a marvelous visit though even if at a funny time I snow and ice and lights and no summer sun....but crisp and bright and just like Wales.
I like Wales though so that was OK. Although I've never seen a geyser in Wales...and the only cod I've ever had there was battered.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Digging out my thermals.......

Tomorrow we will be flying to Rekyavik for 4 days.
I've never been before and the weather looks very wet and cold.
I've got a thermal vest and leggings (oh yes I am sex on a stick at times) and I spotted some 'brand new with tags never been around some other arse before' waterproof trousers in the local charidee shop, so I bought those....throw in the thermal hat and gloves, and I will be ready to face nature in all her glory.

Must work out the heating........

I left for work at 7.50 this morning - no heating on - left work at 5.15 and then went to choir - so have just come in and the house is COLD...