Friday, March 20, 2015


I have to pay in cash to park my car when I go to work and unless I have organised myself the night before and have the exact amount ready, then usually each morning I am to be seen looking for change in my purse, my bag, the car door, on the floor, under the seat, under CD covers, behind old bits of paper, and among all the other assorted stuff that litters my car. I'm not precious about keeping my car immaculate....unlike my mister who loves keeping his car clean and says that he needs an inoculation before getting into mine.. and sometimes I'm able to put together the requisite coins ...and sometimes find a toffee or a chewing gum stick or a lost lipstick..result!. The machine is very temperamental though. It doesn't accept 5p coins, and is a bit hit and miss with 20p coins too. So only having one of each of these is a gamble each time I try the machine. Adds a frisson of excitement to my morning I can tell you.....anyhoo....this regular morning furtling about often reminds me of my cousin....why? I hear you ask...well shall I elucidate?.... She is a few years older than me and could drive before I could. She had her own business and my lovely generous cousin has always done very well financially. This one particular time that I recall was when I was a teenager with a Saturday job and she ran me somewhere in her car and when we needed to park she opened the drawer in the well in the middle of the car....and I was almost open mouthed with shock and reminded me of the till at the cake shop I worked was stuffed with coins.....there must have been more in there than I earned working hard all day for many  Saturdays......pounds and pounds and bits of assorted change.....she laughed when she saw me and said 'oh I just keep all my spare change in there for parking' and I vowed then and there that one day, if I ever had a car, and if I ever had 'spare change' (remember I was a teenager with very little money relying heavily on my weekend job earnings so that I could save for weeks on end to buy the latest blouse or jeans or book or album) that I too would  have a drawer full of money. And every now and then I do.....I get organised and put lots of coins in the little drawer and it gives me a little lift and a big smile...such a small ambition..but realised!..... of course over time the coins get used and so if I forget to top up the drawer then I have the furtling about months......until I once again remember to fill the drawer. Now to this end I have jars in the house that I put loose change into, and this morning they were I have just spent a happy hour counting out my pennies and 5p's and 2p's and I knew there must be quite a bit in the jars 'cos I could hardly lift them...and guess what...once counted I had seventy one pounds....71! Of course now I'm thinking 'bugger the parking' and planning on spending this....but 40 odd bags of coins is very heavy to lug around..and I don't think banks accept coins they? mmmmm..might have to rethink this.........

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

So much better than the alternative.....

The mister and I have just returned from a long weekend in Malta with friends.
Changeable weather and apart from one very tasty Saturday evening dinner in a lovely restaurant,
the food was also very ... changeable.
If we had stayed at home there would have been all the normal weekend stuff...seeing family, washing and ironing, dusting and hoovering, shopping and trying to catch up with stuff...and possibly some gardening and ironing too.
Instead we had a bit of this.....

The emotional wear and tear of the last month or so can easily be acknowledged and then filed away as 'draw a line under that now' when you sit in such a pretty courtyard and drink a cold beer or two.....thank you mister - you're a keeper methinks.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Cellar door.......

Sometimes we have a word or words in our head that we like to think, speak or hear.
Sometimes we hear a phrase or collection of words that, like an ear worm, stay with us for quite a while.
In my case, what with being a gal who likes order, and repetition and general boring plodding ocd'ness in my life, when someone says something that lands in the 'ooh I like that' bit of my brain, it stays with me for ever and I find myself repeating the phrase over and over again, just like holding and stroking a smooth pebble.
Last week I was gifted with another Pa.
I had taken him to the supermarket for his shopping (and new smaller underpants...he's lost weight..but that's another story) and as we drove home he was telling me a few of his theatre days stories. We were saying that most things or people are not always what they seem to be at first look.......he remembered that he was entranced as a young lad by the glamour of the dancing girls on stage when they were seen from the stalls, but once backstage the ladders in their tights (unseen from the stalls) and the thick makeup and shabby costumes were quite a shock to him. One of the acts he remembered seeing and admiring featured 3 men and a girl and he said 'they were all dressed up in powdered wigs and costumes and they had an adagio act....they were foreign and there was more than one Juanita over the years but this one girl...who was lovely....came from Scotland... they were called The Ganjou Brothers and Juanita..................'

 and there, ladies and gentlemen, you have the five words that have been going around and around in my head for days.
What's that you say? Libby is obviously clinically insane? The jury is out on that one.
All I know for sure is that, when times are stressful, and my last few months have been stressful, we all need to find the something in our life that makes us calm.
I have tried Qui Chong, drink, keep fit, anti depressants, and when it comes down to it, some time off work, peace and quiet, crochet, and my own thoughts are what I the last month or so has been a strange one.
There have been good things too though...the mister has been in hospital again - his gall bladder has been removed and so hopefully he will feel so much better. My son is now 30 and the offer he made on a house has been accepted, and my daughter has been promoted....I am back at work and all in all everything is moving in the right direction and Spring is coming.......I know I am so very blessed.
As for 'cellar door'? ..... well for some time those words were considered to be the most pleasing to say and hear....but at the moment I have my own words.....
The Ganjou Brothers and Juanita, The Ganjou Brothers and Juanita....


Just for now.