I'm walking with my head bowed and ringing a bell murmuring 'unclean, unclean'..........

We went away for a little while.
Had wonderful times.
Came back, unpacked and as there was no food in the house I searched for a quick snack.

I open the top cupboard to take out one of those little sesame seed thingies......but wait....what is this? the pack is there....all ripped to shreds and empty.......and the crisp packet is all torn and empty and the paper is semi scratched off the balsamic bottle next to it...and the.....OH MY GOD.........MOUSE DROPPINGS........aaaaaaaaggggghhhhhhhhhh.
I cannot abide it.....I want to move house...and apart from rushing in and out to make a cup of tea I am boycotting the kitchen until they are dealt with - the mister has cleaned everywhere out and installed traps ....and no... not humane ones....just the little nipper kind........and I hope they work... I DON'T CARE about the cruelty blah blah.......I am a big strong lass usually but MICE make me shudder and run a mile.......I cannot bear to think that there is one (or probably more as the mister helpfully tells me) somewhere right now, close to me....AAAAAAggghhh. And yes we do have 2 cats....or big Jessies as I have started to call them....because they are obviously derelict in their duties by letting the little blighters live here. So far they are as useful as chocolate teapots. Although the cupboard is a high one so they did have their work cut out I guess..... a cupboard with a hole and a wire in it feeding through to the oven....point of entrance peut-etre?
In the weeks before we went away they did bring a couple of mice in 'to play with' but the mice ended up on the dead side of the play......and were disposed of.....now I suspect that another one found refuge in the cupboard and  managed to get away. My son, who fed the cats while we were away tells us that there was a dead mouse in the kitchen on one of the weeks but how am I ever going to be sure that we are free of them????
AAAAggghhhh.............................and breathe.......

So moving on.....Isabelle at http://in-this.blogspot.co.uk/ posted recently about how quiet blogland was just lately, and how people seemed to have stopped blogging on a regular basis, and although I know she didn't mean me in particular, I did have a surge of something like guilt.....I confess to being very lax on the post something every day/week/month front. Ma is unwell, Pa is struggling a little, my mister was unexpectedly in hospital for a week, I have a job I hate and so the weeks have been fabulous when we travelled but have also been interspersed with stuff that makes you grit your teeth and go grrrrr mostly.
So starting now I am going to post something every day this December.....you have been warned.
As you can probably tell, this post is a stab at getting things down on paper (how old fashioned and quaint that sounds) rather than being a charming, coherent, interesting, start-middle-end tale or anecdote. So be it. I shall ramble away until I need to attend to the tumble drier.
My 60th birthday came and went......twas lovely, there was champagne, cake, cards and loveliness of all sorts. My 5yr blogging anniversary came and went.....who on earth knew that I would still be wittering on 5 years after dipping my toes in the blogging waters? certainly not me.

This month we had to cancel two outings that we were very much looking forward to...lunch with the fabulous Auntiegwen at http://auntiegwensdiary.blogspot.co.uk/....and a concert out in town with old friends.....but sadly the mister being in hospital scuppered these plans.......re-arrangements must be made. Truly life does throw you curve balls sometimes.

Our most recent trip was to Seattle, where my Korean sister in law watched in fascination and horror on our first night there as I used a face wipe to clean my makeup off before bed.......and lets face it I sometimes don't bother to do that.....I maintain that my face doesn't know what time it is and so I fall into bed when tired and then shower everything off in the morning........raise your hand if you think me shameful.........who is that tut - tutting loudly?......but  as I wiped she gasped and kept repeating 'not good not good'...
Oh the shame, and these were not cheap face wipes! She has beautiful skin and told me that my skin needed to be taken care of and the 'wrinkles and dryness' were fixable.....and very kindly that first night she gave me a face mask and cleanse-tone-moisturise session and has sent me home with lots of Korean face beautifying products....all written in Korean so she has written 1,2,3 etc on the lotions and potions which I am to use until the miracle happens...ahem.

Tomorrow morning I will be having a mammogram (oh the joy......) which I am grateful for but they do sort of make you yelp a bit I find and then next week I am off to the dentist for a filling..but this weekend we will be away on our last little trip......and although the pic above shows 3 different towers we have visited lately we do not intend to do any more climbing....fun though each one was....unless Wells Cathedral has a tower? will let you know next week.

UPDATE........trap #1 has worked! I know I shouldn't be glad that one of Creations little critters has snuffed it but I'm well chuffed!

Tumble dryer bleeping  so ta-ta for now.


Cro Magnon said…
Blogging is like multi-vitamins; one a day is good for you.

re Wells: I've never likes those interior inverted arches with the two circles; the rest of the cathedral I love, but those weird arches.....
John Gray said…
Where's there one mouse there more
Many many many more x
Nana Go-Go said…
Yippee to dead mice and regular blogging! Laughed about your lovely SIL saying wrinkles can be fixed! Who knew!
Trish Burgess said…
Yes, yippee to see you again and I hate bloody mice too. They peed and pooed over all our boxed Christmas decorations a few years ago and ruined all our lovely things.
Rory's Malaysian girlfriend is into face regimes too - she has all manner of jollop. I should take note!
K Ville said…
I had a mouse a few weeks ago, it's the extra cleaning whilst it's around that is so infuriating. My cats were making a determined effort to catch the little blighter, they were under cupboards and behind them etc, in the end I dismantled all my kicker boards and let the cats run riot. The correct team won in the end. I did however, have to get a 'man in' to put all my boards back!