Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Giving it a go.......

As you may know ('cos I post about it every year) New Years Eve is not my favourite time of the year. 'Tis a bit scary in my mind. You reluctantly say goodbye to a year that you have managed to get through and so it is a year that counts as safe.......it is gone and what is done is done, good and bad  - so draw a line under it and move on.........but.......a new year? a whole 365 days of who knows what? whoa nelly that is scary.

So just to mix it up a little and act like a grown up I am going to try to redirect my thinking. 
Consider that optimism and looking forward may be the way to go....with shoulders back and a smile on my face.

2014 was fabulous and 2015 will be ....................??

Happy New Year everybody.....health and happiness in 2015....xxx

Monday, December 22, 2014

What have I forgotten?

So..... the shopping is done, the turkey is bought, the tree is up, the presents are wrapped, the beds are changed, the fridge is full, laundry done.
Why do I feel like there is a great big 'BUT WHAT ABOUT!!!!' hovering in the ether?
Yes I know that any old psychologist could perhaps think my anxiety relates to the family situation, and no doubt there is a nugget of truth in that, but I also feel that I have FORGOTTEN something...but what?

I haven't forgotten to send my 'blog' Christmas Card.......here it is....again...my usual Ivy Heart.
Happy Christmas, a healthy and content 2015, and all manner of loveliness to all of you...xx

Sunday, December 21, 2014

To the brink.........

The good.....

cried while watching It's a Wonderful Life  (yes those are happy tears)
drank Prosecco with a friend
decided that next year we will have a kitchen extension
got some reduced Waitrose goodies that can be frozen
ate chocolate
managed to put my tights on while standing up!

The bad.....

wrestled with the sellotape again
caught sight of my naked belly in the mirror while I was putting my tights on
Lost my temper while at Ma and Pa's

The ugly.......

Had very end-of-my-tether shouty argument with my mother - swore never to set foot in her house again...ooops there goes Christmas
(although even in my anger I managed to avoid saying 'go fuck yourself').

Merry Christmas everyone x

Monday, December 15, 2014

'Y'know I didn't think I'd like it...but I loved it...'........

Those were the Misters words last night.
We tried something new, something that was unknown to us, something
that at this time of year, when the nights are cold and dark seemed to fit the bill.
I had a glass of red wine and then we gave it a go.
A Christmas Wassail.
Talented people, singing like angels.
It was a really lovely evening.
Just goes to show really.....there must be lots of things in Life worth trying eh?


Sunday, December 7, 2014

No place like home...........

One of my favourite films is 'It's a Wonderful Life' with James Stewart. I must have watched it every year for over 30 to 40 years and as schmaltzy as it is I luuuuuurrrrrrvvvvvve it. Makes me cry each and every time...happy tears.....tears that remind me how much I love my family, my life, my friends  and my home.

We have just returned from Somerset.
We had a truly splendid time.

Now we are back at home and I am reminded that the bathroom is a mess and that we need new carpet in the sitting room and I would really like a kitchen extension/replacement
and this is a mess and that is shabby and ..oh it goes on and on.....but.....with tweaking and a bit of thought and tlc and cash we could make our home better...and even without the tweaking it is home.

The Somerset trip was the last of my 'birthday' outings, and I didn't manage to get to Leicester, or Scotland or Liverpool and  a few other places, but Majorca, Lisbon, Vienna, Bratislava, Seattle, Canada, London, Paris and Wells have all been absolutely fantastic. I am a very lucky girl (of 60!).

Saturday, December 6, 2014

So far.....

This strolling about like a tourist lark

- no time restraints, stopping for libation at will, looking and oohing and aahing, taking a picture or two, cooked hotel breakfast, not making your own bed etc.,

- I could get to like living like this.

Friday, December 5, 2014

And today Mathew I will mostly be...........NOT GOING TO WORK....gotta love a Friday eh?

So instead of spending hours chained to a desk in a building I detest I will be off to Wells in Somerset for the weekend.
With the Mister. He will find a cosy hostelry to sit and read in and I will begin the Christmas shopping.
This is the plan.....although the plan this week was to use my car as usual to get to and from work but the clutch/gears are kaput so I had to use the train...plans can be slippery beasts.

Have a good weekend one and all....

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Falling at the first fence....oops

I forgot ......all that hooha about posting everyday and then I missed yesterday...duh.

Never mind. World didn't spin off its axis so I suspect all is well.

3 minutes and much sipping of tea later..........

No. Nothing. Will come back this evening.
Have a picture instead of wise words.....

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Toes, tits, teeth and colon.....

Gosh I've only been 60 for a couple of weeks and yet I feel as if I've suddenly become properly old! My toes are constantly cramping at night and making movements of their own, my mammogram today did in fact make me grit my teeth and yelp a little, my teeth seem to have decided to become extra sensitive and I suspect I need more than one filling, and I am doing my colon cancer home tester kit at the moment....such joy. I am also alert to the fact that I'm huffing and puffing when I rise from a chair now, with knees that creak, and my hair is thinning and disappearing as I type.
I really do wish I'd taken more care of myself before now. I've never been a keep fit, look after yourself type, so I only have myself to blame, but it is as if my body is suddenly shouting at me to 'pay attention!!' Is it too late do you think??

Monday, December 1, 2014

I'm walking with my head bowed and ringing a bell murmuring 'unclean, unclean'..........

We went away for a little while.
Had wonderful times.
Came back, unpacked and as there was no food in the house I searched for a quick snack.

I open the top cupboard to take out one of those little sesame seed thingies......but wait....what is this? the pack is there....all ripped to shreds and empty.......and the crisp packet is all torn and empty and the paper is semi scratched off the balsamic bottle next to it...and the.....OH MY GOD.........MOUSE DROPPINGS........aaaaaaaaggggghhhhhhhhhh.
I cannot abide it.....I want to move house...and apart from rushing in and out to make a cup of tea I am boycotting the kitchen until they are dealt with - the mister has cleaned everywhere out and installed traps ....and no... not humane ones....just the little nipper kind........and I hope they work... I DON'T CARE about the cruelty blah blah.......I am a big strong lass usually but MICE make me shudder and run a mile.......I cannot bear to think that there is one (or probably more as the mister helpfully tells me) somewhere right now, close to me....AAAAAAggghhh. And yes we do have 2 cats....or big Jessies as I have started to call them....because they are obviously derelict in their duties by letting the little blighters live here. So far they are as useful as chocolate teapots. Although the cupboard is a high one so they did have their work cut out I guess..... a cupboard with a hole and a wire in it feeding through to the oven....point of entrance peut-etre?
In the weeks before we went away they did bring a couple of mice in 'to play with' but the mice ended up on the dead side of the play......and were disposed of.....now I suspect that another one found refuge in the cupboard and  managed to get away. My son, who fed the cats while we were away tells us that there was a dead mouse in the kitchen on one of the weeks but how am I ever going to be sure that we are free of them????
AAAAggghhhh.............................and breathe.......

So moving on.....Isabelle at http://in-this.blogspot.co.uk/ posted recently about how quiet blogland was just lately, and how people seemed to have stopped blogging on a regular basis, and although I know she didn't mean me in particular, I did have a surge of something like guilt.....I confess to being very lax on the post something every day/week/month front. Ma is unwell, Pa is struggling a little, my mister was unexpectedly in hospital for a week, I have a job I hate and so the weeks have been fabulous when we travelled but have also been interspersed with stuff that makes you grit your teeth and go grrrrr mostly.
So starting now I am going to post something every day this December.....you have been warned.
As you can probably tell, this post is a stab at getting things down on paper (how old fashioned and quaint that sounds) rather than being a charming, coherent, interesting, start-middle-end tale or anecdote. So be it. I shall ramble away until I need to attend to the tumble drier.
My 60th birthday came and went......twas lovely, there was champagne, cake, cards and loveliness of all sorts. My 5yr blogging anniversary came and went.....who on earth knew that I would still be wittering on 5 years after dipping my toes in the blogging waters? certainly not me.

This month we had to cancel two outings that we were very much looking forward to...lunch with the fabulous Auntiegwen at http://auntiegwensdiary.blogspot.co.uk/....and a concert out in town with old friends.....but sadly the mister being in hospital scuppered these plans.......re-arrangements must be made. Truly life does throw you curve balls sometimes.

Our most recent trip was to Seattle, where my Korean sister in law watched in fascination and horror on our first night there as I used a face wipe to clean my makeup off before bed.......and lets face it I sometimes don't bother to do that.....I maintain that my face doesn't know what time it is and so I fall into bed when tired and then shower everything off in the morning........raise your hand if you think me shameful.........who is that tut - tutting loudly?......but  as I wiped she gasped and kept repeating 'not good not good'...
Oh the shame, and these were not cheap face wipes! She has beautiful skin and told me that my skin needed to be taken care of and the 'wrinkles and dryness' were fixable.....and very kindly that first night she gave me a face mask and cleanse-tone-moisturise session and has sent me home with lots of Korean face beautifying products....all written in Korean so she has written 1,2,3 etc on the lotions and potions which I am to use until the miracle happens...ahem.

Tomorrow morning I will be having a mammogram (oh the joy......) which I am grateful for but they do sort of make you yelp a bit I find and then next week I am off to the dentist for a filling..but this weekend we will be away on our last little trip......and although the pic above shows 3 different towers we have visited lately we do not intend to do any more climbing....fun though each one was....unless Wells Cathedral has a tower? will let you know next week.

UPDATE........trap #1 has worked! I know I shouldn't be glad that one of Creations little critters has snuffed it but I'm well chuffed!

Tumble dryer bleeping  so ta-ta for now.


Just for now.