Monday, September 22, 2014

You don't know what you don't know.......

Let me explain the photo.
I am sat in the car with Ma and Pa.
Ma has not left the house for many months.
We have just been to buy her a lightweight
walking aid to boost her confidence.
At the traffic lights I remark that I hate
to see beautiful buildings looking a bit
sad and sorry (this one is up for sale).
Pa says to Ma 'remember that room?'.
Ma says 'Oh yes.....' in a dismissive 'trying to forget
something unpleasant' voice.
I ask why they remember it?
Pa says 'we had our wedding night drinks in there'
Was is a party? I say.
'No....just people drinking' says Ma with a sniff.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Don't think I haven't been keeping up........

In the Autumn this blog will be 5 yrs old and I (if God spares me,,) will be 60.


At the start of the year I was asked if I would be having a party for my 'big' birthday......and I had to compose my face and smile sweetly and say 'No'........but inside I was quietly saying 'are you mad? a party? that is so so so not me'

Party Animal I am not.
As you may have guessed.

I did decide though that in the months surrounding my 60th I would want to count my blessings and mark reaching 'a big birthday' in my own way with all the people in my life that I love, that are important to me, that would have been invited to a party if I were to have one.

So I came up with a plan.

I know that I 'compartmentalise' my friends and family and never the twain shall meet...for example my friend from school that I still see has never met my friends from other parts of my life, and my work colleagues have never met my family or friends etc., and I know this might be a strange way to operate for some people but it works for me.
To be honest at a party I imagine that the host has to spend time with everyone in equal measure and I wondered how on earth people manage to do friends and family are all important to me in different ways I decided that what I really wanted to do was devote some time to each person in a particular way. Ask them to be with me for either a trip or an event or a meal or a visit somewhere - share an experience (or even just a pub lunch)..... and without sounding too Golden Girls here...allow me to say thank you for being my friend....for still being in my life. ...and to that end, and having just returned from a week in Mallorca, between now and Christmas I will be visiting Lisbon, Liverpool, Paris, Leicester, Bratislava, London, Seattle and somewhere else that hasn't quite been identified yet.

So instead of a party, this year I have been saving a little money for travelling spread over some time, instead of paying for a party at a non descript venue with beige food and balloons.
One womans treasure is another gals trash so to speak.
In truth if I could I would also add to that list visits to Scotland, Oakland USA, North Wales, France, Brighton, Long Island, New Zealand, Spalding....well you get the all know where you live.
Judge me if you will....and if my plans are a little eeugh and not your cup of tea? that's ok...........each to his own.
I am excited about the coming months, yet also, given my pessimistic nature, a little scared.....I keep thinking about the 'make plans and give God a laugh' watch this space and see if I can post a pic from each place eh?
Starting with Mallorca......


Just for now.