Saturday, August 2, 2014

I know....I've done it before......but there are lots of things I've done before that I still enjoy............

Proud mom Jay (cricketing mother) at just done a meme type thingy...and as a distraction from stuff here at Needs Dusting Towers I'm going to do it here now...ish.......'cos I think it is 11 random things about yourself and answering 11 questions ...or asking 11 goes.....

1. Coriander and me? no no no no...hate the taste.
2. I cannot play a musical instrument.
3. Get really cross if people litter or don't indicate when they are driving or ....or... no I can't carry on with this because so many things piss me off just a little bit....I am not a smiley happy type person.....I have moods and a terrible temper...but not all the time!
4. If we are in a strange (or rather unfamiliar to us) area, I have a very good sense of direction.
5. To me, being punctual is really really important.....lateness is just rude.
6. A crowded shopping mall is not somewhere that I like to be......I only need a small supermarket, a post office, a charity shop and a pub to be somewhere close by and I am suited......and in fact these days I really don't even need the pub.
7. Who are these strange people who doubt the existence of Father Christmas? I will not countenance any of this nonsense. He is Real. True Fact.
8. Many years ago I found a diamond ring....a small diamond but a diamond all the same.
9. Food wise, potatoes, cheese and cake are my three favourites.
10. Folding clothes calms me .....and yes I know that makes me sound peculiar...
11. One day I will die.

Gosh that last fact was a bit straightforward..but true.

This is enough for now anyway....things to do etc., but I do need a lighthearted distraction just now so if any body wants to ask a question (play nicely now please) then do feel free....TTFN x


Marcheline said...

When I consider #11, as regards myself, sometimes I feel afraid, sometimes I feel relieved, and sometimes I just hope it's not while I'm on the toilet or some other ridiculous scenario.

Jay said...

Brilliant list, so glad you joined in. When I get to the last bit of the post, which is me asking you 11 questions I'll tag you/let you know - it may take me a little while! Next I have to answer Christina's questions to me.... it's definitely going to take me a while!

ps I once found a diamond ring in a ladies loo, and then found a distraught lady outside!

Cro Magnon said...

I'm with you all the way, except for 8, 9, and 10.

Steve said...

Of course Father Christmas is real. If he weren't the Job Centres would be full of elves and the unemployment figures would be a lot higher.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

I see the answers Libby but I can only imagine what the questions were. These meme thingamajigs can be rather tiresome. But anyway some extra questions...

1. What is the best anagram of your full name?
2. If you had to snog either John Humphrys, John Major or John Prescott which would you choose and why?
3. How did you dress when you were sixteen?
4. What is your favourite filling for a vol-au-vent?

Trish Burgess said...

I do find ironing/folding to be the least onerous of household tasks so I am nodding at that one.

I'll have to come back to this later to see how you answer the fab questions set by Yorkshire Pudding. No.2 is a killer.

About Last Weekend said...

How funny - my Mum hates coriander, she says it tastes soapy.
I am so punctual now to be terribly early. Before kids n London kevin and I used to be late all the time and think it was so charming. I squirm now to think of us arriving late to all those dinners.
it really annoys me when people are late, its a habit thing and something people don't feel they need to break

Jay said...

Hi Libby, I've put my questions up - hope they're not too bad!

Isabelle said...

Very interesting though I can't quite think what coriander tastes like.

I'm glad I impressed you with my quilting knowledge! I wouldn't impress many people, I fear.

Twenty seven.

For now anyway.