Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mini Holiday........

The sun shone and the 4 days away from work at the coast was just what the doctor ordered, a little break from the hamster wheel that refreshed and relaxed us.
The 'goats cheese gripey' tum that I had for a few days after the risotto was not great, and the feeling hungover one day was really not great...but the eating out, and drinking and laughing and walking and relaxing was just smashing.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Very Margo........

A rail of long floaty dresses from the 60's in the Charideee shop yesterday......I forgot to take a pic of the label but they were all by some chappie in London. They were obviously all from the same person and I couldn't help wonder who she was and what she got up to wearing these fabulous creations. In my imagination she had long earings and a cigarette in one hand and a drink in the other .... and the music she danced to was Bobbie Gentry ..'I'll never fall in love again...'
I can't remember how much they were but I did want to buy them all .... perhaps use the fabric?
Gorgeous gowns. With a story to tell no doubt.

Friday, August 15, 2014

A rock and a hard place?

So, I just need to get this straight in my head........and bear in mind I am so very challenged in the technology department...as in .....can't even tune in a radio or work out which remote control to use for what.......anyhoo...
My sony zperia phone battery keeps running down really quickly and it is acknowledged online that this is because of some update Sony have done.
I then have to keep charging my phone.
Then I realise that the charger isn't charging my phone. At all.
I have 10% battery left.
I take my phone to the virgin store (who I have my phone contract with) and they try
to charge it there with a charger of theirs but agree that there is a problem
and the phone will not charge....they call their service dept and tell them to
send me out a 'return this phone for repair' envelope.
I ask for a replacement phone or a phone to use in the interim and they say no they don't do that....
The phone needs to be sent away for repair.
I am told then to remove anything I have on the phone before it is sent away as the repair people will 'flatten it'. This sounds very frightening but I have to go with it. I desperately try to download all my pictures and email addresses etc., as I watch the battery almost tick down from 10 - 9 -8-7 etc.,
I am surprised at how awful I feel without a phone.
A bag arrives and I send off the phone.......the letter inside tells me to include the charger but the people at virgin tell me not to.....so I don't send the charger.
I find an old phone (genuinely retro vintage old) in a draw and buy a sim card adapter and put my virgin contract sim in the old phone so that I am not having to hyperventilate about being phoneless......as I understand it the sim is the bit I am paying monthly for and is the bit that holds all my info etc? the bit that means I can make calls and send texts...although this old phone won't accommodate internet or anything fancy like that..........but never mind.....breathe.....I have a phone......
time passes
my daughter calls me to wonder why I haven't watsapp'ed her....she misses her mom wittering...ah sweet
time passes
I miss my phone....I keep seeing things that make me want to take a picture....I can't...I am sad.....
time .......yes.....passes........imagine tumbleweed here.......
Eventually Virgin tell us that they are returning the phone as is it unrepairable ....they say that the usb and the mother board have disconnected........I don't understand this and explain that we have insurance with them...he tells us that the insurance will not cover this............I don't understand ...... but I do understand that we are halfway through a 24month contract and so the phone is under warranty? surely this covers me?apparently not in this circumstance..... so if we want to buy out of this contract it will cost us hundreds of pounds....or they will send us a new phone for £100....we ask again about the insurance....they put us on to the insurance company - they put us back to virgin - we get passed from pillar to post .....Virgin say they  will send the old broken phone out to us.....and all the while I am thinking 'I didn't break this phone and yet I have to pay for a new one or pay a £70 excess to get it repaired (which apparently the insurers say they can do)'......I am confused ....again.
So am I right in thinking that if I buy a phone (without a contract...just the bit of kit that is the phone) in a shop somewhere tomorrow I can put my virgin sim in it and bobs your uncle etc.,
please tell me yes and tell me where
I am not a smiley face at the moment.......sigh

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Giving it a go.....

Ok so I'm going to answer the questions set by Jay (and if you have no idea what I'm on about never fear...that isn't an unusual state of affairs with me apparently...).

1) What would you do on your ideal day? 
Have to come back to this one...............although I know what I wouldn't do...go to work.

2) What did you want to be "when you grew up"? And did you achieve it?
I wanted to marry a vet, live on a farm, be a stay at home mom and have about 6 kids...OR... be an opera
singer.......and so far I haven't really ticked that box have I?

3) Tattoos and/or piercings; do you have any, do you love/hate them?
I love tattoos on some men....remember my Mr O'Shea post? but I dislike them on laydeeez.

4) Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
I would like to be alive, with all my family (and possibly some grandchildren), be retired and living in a 'fat and happy' contented way...probably still in this house but one more move or an extension would be lovely.

5) What are you reading right now?
Blogs .... no books at the moment.

6) Serious theatre or musicals; or do you not visit the theatre?
Musicals make me very very happy, but I also love a good play or opera.......don't go to live gigs anymore and in fact don't go to the theatre very much at all, but......a bit like sex you remember why you like it when you do it....

7) Do you have a secret crush? (famous person or otherwise!)
Boringly.... no I don't....

8) Who knows about your blog, or is it secret?
My Blog is secret-ish  and I would be horrified if my friends in real life knew about it.......or my workmates.
My family know about it, apart from Ma and Pa and Big Sis/Bro.....but the mister and the kids appreciate how much I love the blog buddies I have made.

9) Would your ideal holiday (if funds were unlimited) involve seeing more of your own country or worldwide travel?
Is it very greedy to say a little of both? I love the thought of travelling all over Great Britain at a leisurely pace and seeing how beautiful it is, but I would also love to see Australia, Scandinavia and New Zealand.

10) If you could rescue one item from your house in the event of a disaster what would it be? (family and pets aside)
Photos......kept in wicker hampers ready to grab and shove through a window if there is ever a fire...and a hard drive with photos....everything else is just stuff.

11) If you were invited to a fancy dress party would you get excited, have a head brimming with ideas and immediately throw yourself into creating a fabulous outfit or do you struggle and wish it wasn't fancy dress?
Don't think I've ever really done fancy dress - although it might be fun..or not....probably would prefer not.

How staid and dull this makes me sound eh?
Roll on my week in the sun....

Saturday, August 2, 2014

I know....I've done it before......but there are lots of things I've done before that I still enjoy............

Proud mom Jay (cricketing mother) at http://myfamilyandothercricketers.blogspot.co.uk/....has just done a meme type thingy...and as a distraction from stuff here at Needs Dusting Towers I'm going to do it here now...ish.......'cos I think it is 11 random things about yourself and answering 11 questions ...or asking 11 questions........anyhoo.......here goes.....

1. Coriander and me? no no no no...hate the taste.
2. I cannot play a musical instrument.
3. Get really cross if people litter or don't indicate when they are driving or ....or... no I can't carry on with this because so many things piss me off just a little bit....I am not a smiley happy type person.....I have moods and a terrible temper...but not all the time!
4. If we are in a strange (or rather unfamiliar to us) area, I have a very good sense of direction.
5. To me, being punctual is really really important.....lateness is just rude.
6. A crowded shopping mall is not somewhere that I like to be......I only need a small supermarket, a post office, a charity shop and a pub to be somewhere close by and I am suited......and in fact these days I really don't even need the pub.
7. Who are these strange people who doubt the existence of Father Christmas? I will not countenance any of this nonsense. He is Real. True Fact.
8. Many years ago I found a diamond ring....a small diamond but a diamond all the same.
9. Food wise, potatoes, cheese and cake are my three favourites.
10. Folding clothes calms me .....and yes I know that makes me sound peculiar...
11. One day I will die.

Gosh that last fact was a bit straightforward..but true.

This is enough for now anyway....things to do etc., but I do need a lighthearted distraction just now so if any body wants to ask a question (play nicely now please) then do feel free....TTFN x

Must work out the heating........

I left for work at 7.50 this morning - no heating on - left work at 5.15 and then went to choir - so have just come in and the house is COLD...