Friday, July 18, 2014

Just in case you were wondering.........

The last couple of weeks have been quite up and down in an emotional way.
Good bits and bad.....such is life.
My Ma has a tumour on her colon and will be going into Pa is a nervous wreck and their days
alternate between optimism and depression.
She will, hopefully, have the tumour removed and all will be well.
Although the nearby lymph nodes are inflamed there is no sign of a spread to the lungs or liver...which is good. Having a cancer diagnosis though has made her mentally move into
that 'have to start planning for ... ' frame of mind and she is
sorting out clothes and cupboards (with assistance) and saying things
like 'oh well .... we all have to die of something...sigh' .....BUT.....a little later
says to me 'why am I going to the hospital?' for she is showing signs
of forgetting things and questioning things and being confused.
The very lovely colorectal nurse mused that perhaps this was, in a perverse way, not a bad thing........we shall see.
I have been sorting out and clearing out my sisters house which is now
up for sale. Hopefully after the upcoming open day it will be sold and
a new chapter can begin for her. Looking at flats for her to buy though has been
a reminder to me that we are very very different and have different needs or wants.
I see a lovely property that is in the right price range (one that I would move in to) and
she wrinkles her face up and says 'ugh no I don't like it'.....
and then she perks up as she points to a grotty dive that looks like
somewhere I wouldn't park my bike.......if my bike ever left the garage and wasn't covered in dust.
To give her a break from Ma and Pa I took her to Weston for a couple of nights.....a mini holiday if you will...we were lucky and the sun shone....sitting on the pier reminded me of how I long to be a pensioner...this going to work and fitting everything else in is a right royal pain in the arse.
Last week, and for the first time, I went to a cricket match....a 20-20 Warwickshire/Worcestershire game at Edgbaston. I loved it and had a really good time...and thankfully Warwickshire won.
Our 32nd wedding anniversary was celebrated by me and the mister having a lovely couch and drink at the local Electric cinema to see 'Cold in July' courtesy of the Kids....the film was really really good and for the first time I thought Don Johnson was very handsome as I had never watched Miami Vice.
Yesterday my gorgeous daughter had three yes three wisdom teeth removed at Guys dental hospital in London and I did a day train there and back in a mad fit of  'mom wants to come and look after you whether you need her to or not'....the procedure was quick and the views from the 23rd floor were really great...and the shard is right next door! who knew? and after a lovely little wander around borough market and the south bank where my girl was quite chirpy the drugs started to wear off .......oh she is back with us here at her 'smartened up a bit' bedroom for a couple of days of tlc......and I love her being here.
My son and daughter in law are off on honeymoon this weekend and  later in the year me and the mister are Seattle will be my first thanksgiving in the US.
We did recently manage a quick visit to the coast for my brother in laws 'special' birthday...good times were had. It is important to have plans and to organise outings or visits or somesuch..time and circumstance permitting of course. We do what we do.
I am trying to be a bit healthier food I made a butter bean/pea/parmesan thingy to put on sourdough bread.....there was too much lemon and although that was ok it was the fact that it looked like something the cat had sicked up that meant I won't rush to make it again.............anyhoo.............
...that is where things are with me and mine....and I do read all my blogmates posts but just haven't been able to comment much lately.....onwards and upwards though eh? One foot in front of the other.
p.s.I have friends (both blogger and In real life) that I want to meet up with and need to make time to see..if you are reading this then please bear with me....just know that I am looking forward to trips/visits. x

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Give me what you've got........

If you are reading this I probably value your son and new daughter are in love with a house...the first one they have seen...but it is a lovely house in a lovely area......and as we all trooped around it earlier this evening the estate agent laddie said 'of course an offer has just been made......and accepted'
So as I don't have a lump sum to give them for an outright cash purchase how do they find out
the other offer and better it? if such an offer exists?............thoughts welcome oh sagacious ones.

Must work out the heating........

I left for work at 7.50 this morning - no heating on - left work at 5.15 and then went to choir - so have just come in and the house is COLD...