Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Catch up....

The mister has wallpapered the bedroom and it looks great.
When we have sourced a new wardrobe and chest of drawers and I have 'dressed' the room (there's fancy for you..) I will post a pic.
Saturday was wall to wall Estate Agents. We now have to decide which one to engage.
I am now working 3 days a week and thank sweet baby cheezus for that....the work/life  balance
thing really makes a difference, although all my 'free days' so far have been spent
with Ma.....or Pa....or sister....or at the hospital with one of them...or with estate agents!
This coming weekend though we are off to the seaside for a tiny little 2 night break ... a good walk
along a breezy shore is on the agenda and I can't wait.

Monday, June 16, 2014

I'm bored with it already.......

No - not the wallpaper (which is still sitting in the hall).
Bored with talking to estate agents.
My sister, who you may remember was unwell last year, has been staying with
Ma and Pa since then, but is now champing at the bit to live independently again.
She owns a lovely little terraced house in a nice part of town, but needs to
sell that and buy a flat, as she is not able to cope with the stairs of doom in her house.
Indeed the stairs are terrifyingly steep and even I grasp the handrail like someone
gripping on for dear life each time I go up or down them, and the tread is tiny.
I have the task of selling her house and finding her a flat to live in, so that
peace will be restored at my parents....after so many months together they
are beginning to drive each other even further around the bend than they already are, if
you get my drift.
I have arranged to spend Saturday with 4 different estate agents coming to
view the property and I must admit I am not looking forward to this at all.
Her house is just like her....old, odd and out of style.
I suspect I will have to spend Friday boxing up hideous ornaments and
trying to de-clutter.
Worst of all will be when I have to explain why there is a lavatory in the kitchen.
Don't ask.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The mister loves to be kept busy..............

Well......that's not really true.
Seeing 11 rolls of wallpaper in the hall doesn't make him as happy
as ... well....watching cricket  or seeing a great film or exploring a new
town/city or watching cricket...........
I think he'll stop frowning soon.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Wut up....

So I can't find this wallpaper I'm after....
majijeka wallpaper beige from B+Q.......
and Don't Judge Me ... I like it........
and today I ironed for England.....lots and lots of clothes.....we have far too many clothes.......
had to go to Argos and buy a rail to put the Misters shirts on.........
and I filled my car up with petrol and then drove miles to a cheap store to buy my 'made for old ladies
who have wrinkles and are trying to not look hideous' face wipes which are on offer in used lots of petrol..........does not make sense eh? No savings there.
I'm at the end of a bottle of Prosecco and experiencing  that 'do I or don't I open another bottle'? dilemma.
Today I tried on a £3550 diamond ring.....nearly bought it.
Thought about it and then......managed to reign in some of the sense that seems to be escaping from my mind...told the Lady to keep it until Saturday and I would have another look then...... yeah like that is going to happen....
I'm a little on edge because I'm trying to negotiate a reduction in my working hours - 4 days down to 3 and Hell Yes I need to reduce my hours 'cos mental health is priceless....and until I have signed/sealed etc., I can hardly breathe....
On Saturday I borrowed a dog....the lovely Tess... and did the 5k walk for rained and rained and was the best hour I've had in ages............


Just for now.