Saturday, November 23, 2013

In the dark........

We had both had a very long busy Friday.
We had weaved in and out of our fellow after work crowds at the supermarket buying the exotic things
we needed for the weekend.....loo paper, kitchen towel, malk ( milk to normal folks but malk to us a la the simpsons), cheese.
It was cold.
We were tired.
Nearby there was a cinema showing Gravity, which we really did want to see.
So on the spur of the moment we packed the groceries in the car and decided to go and see the film.....we had about 15 minutes to spare and there was a tiny back street pub between us and the cinema.
You know that bit in films where a noisy pub is silenced by the entrance of strangers? those strangers were us....but we ordered a drink for the mister and a glass of red for me. The barmaid gave me a teeny tiny glass and a teeny tiny bottle of red wine and asked for a very un-teeny tiny amount of money. We were not there long and at least 3 times a rather unkempt but gracious chap approached us holding a plate and offering 'pate?' on slices of white bread. Very kind but we declined. The plate of food looked as if it had been going around the pub since VE night.
I had only had a few sips of my wine when we needed to hot foot it to the pictures so I did what any girl who has had a hard week would do......screwed the top back on to my wine and put it in my bag.
Later on, sat in the dark, wearing our 3d specs, the mister needed to go to the loo and while he was gone I remembered my wine.....and as I took a swig I saw a couple look at me with that 'poor woman' frown on their faces.
Truly, and my friends can attest to this, I do not very often drink, so it amused me to think that the couple  thought I was carrying my own emergency bottle and was sneaking a drink while my chap was in the loo!
Full marks to the film.......I thought it might make me giddy or sea sick but in fact I thought constantly how wonderful the earth looked and how slow and peaceful the movements of the people and machines were..and despite the tension of the film it was very calming to watch.......but of course maybe that could have been because I was sitting in the dark drinking wine surreptitiously..........................................


K Ville said...

I sneak my own popcorn in but eat it when hubby goes out so I don't have to share!

hausfrau said...

I need ice-cream at the pictures myself. Haven't dared to see Gravity having been on the edge of my seat through Captain Philips - one such is enough, now I need something jolly!
Love the idea of your horrifying the watching public with your drink habit!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

"I do not very often drink" - That's what all alcoholics say! You need counselling Libby. Repeat after me "I am an alcoholic!"

auntiegwen said...

Libs - I fear I have been responsible for a few of your drinking evenings! xxx

Curry Queen said...

Our local cinema has gone al up market with sofas (sofas!) and dinky little side tables and you can take your wine (£7 a glass please) into the cinema with you. the trouble is, it just sends me to sleep!

Trish Burgess said...

Slugging from the bottle - classy bird!

If we had time, we were going to visit the Electric Cinema in Birmingham - all leather sofas and waiter service like the one Curry Queen mentions.

libby said...

k.....salty or sweet? I'm a salty girl.
h..I don't do ice-cream and I've heard the Hanks film is pretty good. have probably spilt more down your tie than I have drunk! are such a bad when are we getting together for a xmas drink? xxx
CQ...we have the Electric cinema here for that but the loos are in the cellar and a bit smelly and the food is overpriced so we only go now and again.
Trish...see above!

Marcheline said...

My kind of gal... who cares what anyone else thinks? There are movies ("Withnail & I", for one) that are much more enjoyable when squiffy.

My favorite popcorn is home-popped in a pot with oil, then deposited immediately into a large plastic bowl that has a snap-on lid, doused liberally with grated parmesan cheese, some salt, a pinch of garlic powder, and some cayenne powder if I'm feeling frisky. On goes the lid, then the whole kit is shaken upside down and sideways until all the ingredients are intimately acquainted.

Then it's a hard cider over ice, and me with the bowl in my lap, on the couch, with Marwood, Withnail, and Uncle Monty for company!

As a matter of fact, I think I'll go do that just the noo!

libby said...

M...parmesan on popcorn...genius!

auntiegwen said...

Libs - def up for a Xmas hoolie with you and the mister, do you want to come here to see the new hoose or shall we come to you? xxxx

About Last Weekend said...

How funny. Good on you! I remember in London we went to a place which actually sold you the drinks and most theatres would make more money that way!! Love Sandra Bullock and would see her in anything

Isabelle said...

Waste not, want not and all that.

Lady Mondegreen's Secret Garden said...

I haven't dropped in for awhile (too busy dreaming in my rose-garden), I do hope I was invited to that imaginary party of yours though. As I get older if I find myself making a judgement about someone, I try and imagine another reason for 'interesting' behaviour like, oh... they've just had an earthquake, or maybe discovered their sister is unwell, or something like that. Hope everything turns to caramel in time for Christmas :-)


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