Monday, September 23, 2013

What are the chances?

We are officially empty nesters now.
Remember the tale of my daughter looking for somewhere to live in London?
As tremendous luck would have it a room became available that was perfect for my daughter to rent.....perfect because it was in the same house as her cousin! How fortuitous was that??
One tenant was moving out and the room became she was asked to move in and was very very glad to do so.
As she had been home for a flying weekend visit, yesterday we took her back to London, with the car laden with all her felt like we were taking her to University again.....only this time, I somehow don't think there will be any coming back....apart from Christmas (I hope) and the odd weekend visit.
Both of my children are now out in the working world leading their lives.
Which is as it should be.
They are both lovely, polite, kind, hardworking individuals who make my (and the misters) heart swell with pride. There, I have said it and I feel I am allowed to say it...I don't mean to brag but they are good kids and sometimes being decent and hardworking and kind and considerate is never can somehow seem to clothe you in a cloak of invisibility......and sadly a squeaking gate will always get the oil. So this time I am giving a Well Done to all the good kids in the two among them.
We, meanwhile, are here in a house that is a bit big for just the two of us.
We are lighting and  heating 4 bedrooms and two sitting rooms that a family really could use..........which seems a bit silly really.
We did briefly think about moving out ourselves into a small flat and renting out this house.....but actually, this is home and I don't think we could really do that.
This is a new chapter.
Watch this space.

Monday, September 9, 2013

A new beginning......

My daughter started her first day at work in London today.
Her Summer Internship has now become a 'proper' job...HURRAY!!!
So after a nail biting few days of 'Am I leaving? am I staying?' and wondering and then a flurry of emails at the last moment she is working in all she has to do is find somewhere to live....see how casually I said that? Easy peasy lemon squeezy eh?
Probably not.
She has been staying with her adorable cousin and now they want to find a little more space.....2 fashionable young girls sharing one double bed in a fairly small double room is ok for a short time...but now she wants to actually unpack her suitcase and find a space to call her either a two bedroom place and they can both live together or a one bedroom close to her cuz...who in truth is really more like a sister.
She knows the area she would like, and so is viewing lots of rooms over the next few days and oh my goodness....I have been looking at gumtree and spareroom with her and cannot believe how much money you have to pay to live in a tiny tiny space in that-there-London......well I can believe it because every now and then you could hear me yell 'how much'????????.................................
So a 'cosy' room costs an arm and a leg and a 'roomy' double means you have to promise your first born to them a contract written in blood.......Ker-rikey.
She has graduated.
She has been offered employment.
She is a hard worker.
She loves London.
She has, to all intents and purposes, .......................left home.
This, dear reader, is the bit where you will have to imagine me looking around her bedroom and feeling a bit sad ...... but I am wearing my big girl pants and I know or hope that she will come back to visit often........and that just because she lives somewhere else now she MUST KNOW DEEP IN HER BONES  that she can always count on hot water/food/cats to play with/money from her Pa to spend/hugs from me, here in her family home, whenever, whenever, whenever she needs us.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

That time of year again......

Every week when I drive to Ma and Pa I pass this field.......and I stop the car and just take some time to stand and look at it in the quiet....... looking at it just makes me happy.....I have no idea just seems to please me.                                                                                                                                         
Looking at wool and thinking that I can spend some time quietly crocheting also does the same thing. I am three quarters of the way through another blanket and seeing it come together as I do a little bit when I have time...such a solitary endeavour.......calms me.

Spending time mooching about in Charity shops and then seeing some odd little this childs lampshade.........which I didn't buy but which I think is really cute. I looked at it and took a quick photo of was french and very old fashioned...and a lady bought it immediately after I put it down.
I have realised that the common link in these pleasures of mine is silence...peace...quietness.

I spend my working life talking to people.
The mister has to have a radio or a tv on at all times.
When I am alone I can spend a whole day with not a word being spoken...and that suits me fine.
I like being silent.
Thinking my own thoughts.
Being still.
So when there was discussion about this years office Christmas my head I thought about last year.....and I thought about what pleases me......and I thought I might just not go.


Just for now.