Saturday, June 29, 2013

Touching base.....

Just blowing the dust off the blog and saying hello.......
Out of sight is not out of mind.....
Back soon

Saturday, June 15, 2013

And the rain rain rain came down down down in rushing rising rivulets..........

One of our favourite scenes in the many Disney films we watched when the kids were small, was the one where piglet 'was unaware atop his chair' and was sailing along in a river of rain, bobbing around his furniture.
It has rained like that just recently.
Enough is enough now....I would appreciate dry warm conditions for a while...please?
There are things to be done, and one of the things I have to do today is move a mountain of dvd's into the sit alongside the mountain of videos....for the time being at least, until the rest of the family think it is ok to' let-go'.
Among the videos we have all the old favourite Disney films, Pinocchio and Junglebook and Dumbo and Beauty and the Beast ...... I have spent many happy hours watching them all, and always enjoyed a good blub watching the soppy scenes like the  'Baby mine, don't you cry' lullaby in Dumbo.....aaaaahhhh...
but we are running out of space in our little old home and so need to move things around, or at least get them closer to being given step at a time.
So 'sorting out' is going to be done today. Rooms, drawers, cupboards, and maybe even my handbag.....yesterday I thought 'why are the contents of this bag so 'old lady' now?'....I used to just have cigarettes and money stuffed in my jeans pockets (no mobile 'phones) back in my young and single days, and now I never leave home without painkillers, tissues, 'phone, lipsalve, sunglasses, pen etc., and I suspect that pretty soon I will look in my bag and find one of those see through plastic folding head scarf thingies, a lace hanky and 'smelling salts'............

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Tat....and more tat.....and still I looked........

Yesterday morning bright and early, you would have found me walking around a local field full of car booters. My friend from work had wanted to go and had picked me up to share the fun.....................
There was a voice in my head saying 'why are you looking at other peoples tat when you have a garage full of the stuff to be sold at home?' ...but I ignored it and carried on.
It is so fascinating to see what people put out on their paste tables or blankets on the ground for you to rummage through. You don't think so? oh okay. Not that I did a great deal of rummaging. Annoyingly, just as we agreed a 'route' and started off I got the very early warning of an approaching migraine, and not wanting to spoil the morning for my friend, or throw up in a field, I took the ever-to-hand drug (dry, with no water...eeeuugh) donned my darkest sunglasses and carried on.....thank the sweet baby cheesus for pharmaceuticals.
Feeling slightly giddy, walking on a grassy field, dodging sweet wrappers and cigarette butts, I was not at my 'hunting treasure' best. To my mind, there was no treasure to be had, but I did pay £1 for this plate. Which is hideous. Which I don't need. Yet I couldn't walk away from it, given the sad end to our recent twitching experience.......

So here, balanced on the ironing board to enhance the viewing is my boot sale purchase.
Two robins.
Just call me sentimental and foolish.
Purchase complete, home and bed beckoned.
Treasure in hand.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Blogging makes you brainy!

Driving to work today, I was listening to Radio 4. The piece being discussed was the state of the waterfront in Oakland California, and also the emergence, in so many ways, of China and its people.
The broadcaster then said......'we spoke to the Mayor of Oakland'......and I quickly chimed in with 'Jean Quan'! and then they proceeded to talk to the lady in question. I, of course, only knew that Jean Quan was the Mayor of Oakland because of reading the brilliant about last weekend blog by Jody from NuZild.
Wish it had been a quiz question..........thanks Jody!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Idle thoughts........

 Using a sand and cement ready made mortar type gunge to fill in the gaps of your old crazy paved patio, where the weeds keep coming through, sounds like an easy task. I imagined it would be like using a spatula to ice a cake. Wrong. Not an easy task at all really.....I keep thinking 'ah yes...just a little bit there' and then looking at it all and seeing lots of gaps and my spatula applied dollops do not look good....perhaps they will set and then weather in??

I was considering buying tickets for the England/Australia ODI at Edgbaston in September as a late birthday present for the mister.........but having just checked the prices I am seriously thinking again.......and I was also hoping to get tickets for Leonard Cohen in Birmingham for me but if I buy tickets for both then the coffers will be pretty empty for a while.....I wish money really did grow on a magic tree in the garden.

When my daughter and her cousin were little, they always said that once grown up they would share a flat in London and a flat in New York and a flat in Paris and......well you get the idea. As my daughter has now finished University she is looking for a job in London. Her cousin who is one year older, already lives and works there and so the hunt is on for my daughter to be able to work or intern there too. I so hope that she can find something and then the cousins, who are more like sisters really, can achieve their long held dream of being together in a flat in London and living the life they have talked about and laughed about and looked forward to for so many years. Please cross legs and eyes and fingers for her...thank you so much .

Lardy white legs really need to be attended to before they show themselves to the world in skirts don't you think? I have made a start and shaved them........

In my mind, the Robin family have moved upmarket to a better hedge and are practising flying and finding food and having a great time.

I watched 'Withnail and I' last night and must admit I didn't really enjoy it all that much.....sorry M! I last saw it years ago and had forgotten most of it, so gave it another go. I must really be getting old though, because I kept thinking 'ooh that cottage is lovely....if you just painted that wall and scrubbed that cupboard' etc., instead of paying much attention so perhaps I was distracted.

It is nearly two years since my friend at work found out about her husbands affair. In those two years she has bought a new house, lost weight, and run a half marathon. She is 'onwards and upwards' and although she is still married (he is living with the other woman in a house he has just bought) and still wearing her rings, she seems happy and active and is 'getting there'........but sometimes....just sometimes....I do worry for her....and I also think that finding a new man would be a good thing too, but I'm keeping that opinion to myself.

We are on a 'let's eat all the stuff from the freezer because it needs to be defrosted' thing at the moment. Truly though, stuff that you didn't label and is covered in ice doesn't look very appetizing, and I am being a bit naughty and throwing this and that away -please don't judge me....or tell the mister..........

My blogging friend AG is about to move house (you still are aren't you?) and I just know that when we get to see it I will want to come home and set fire to my place......their new place will be beautiful I'm sure. I'm itching to try living somewhere else for a while....does that make sense? In a mad moment of 'spring cleaning' I have had quotes for roman blinds for all the upstairs rooms and am now getting quotes for some painting and decorating. This is the stage in our life when we now think twice about doing things ourselves....paying someone else would be quicker and easier and we wouldn't have to get cross and tired and look like Mr Pastry up a ladder covered in wallpaper and paste.

When we were in Tallin having a splendid time, one of the things we did was visit the old KGB museum at the Hotel Viru, which was really interesting, and I was reminded that when I lived in Germany many years ago the lady I worked for was driving us home from somewhere and we chased a soviet vehicle......the word  soxmis comes to was all very thrilling and espionage-y! and at the Hotel Viru we had cocktails called 'hammer and sickle' - champagne and vana so good......I quite fancy one now.....sigh.....

Well this is what happens if you sit down for a cup of tea and think that you will blog a little bit of nonsense.....idle thoughts....... I do apologise if you are still reading, this rambling really isn't going anywhere....still......a bit of mindlessness now and again does no harm does it?

Monday, June 3, 2013

Flown away?

No sign of Robins at all for the last two days.
An empty nest in the hedge.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Free time......

We have not been at work all work.
We had a week take time to wind down.
To catch up on jobs.
To take our time over things.
To stay in your dressing gown (and yes given that the weather has been awful I am still wearing a dressing gown) until late morning and then dress in 'home' clothes not 'work clothes'.
Driving in the green luscious countryside and idly thinking about where we could move to, or consider a tiny little weekend place perhaps?.....dreaming.
Sorting out the garage.
Tidying the no mans land at the end of the garden.
Clearing out the shed.
Unpicking a cardigan that I knitted long ago that just wasn't right......and then re-knitting it (well I have done the front and the back...just about to start the sleeves.)
Visiting a gallery midweek.
Asking for a quote for bespoke Roman Blinds for 4 bedrooms in John Lewis and thinking that the thousands of pounds quoted was an awful lot for what is essentially a few metres of plain material and some sticks.
Sitting in the garden in the sun with my kids on a Friday.....felt very strange.....we can only usually get together at the weekends.......this being at home in the week is something that I would really like more of.
Mostly the weather has been grey and wet and cold, but it mattered not.
We have been at home, not at work.
Back on to the hamster wheel next week.
S'all good July we have another week off.
Bring it on.


Just for now.