Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Monday, May 27, 2013


This morning we decided to roll up our sleeves and tackle 'the garage'.
There has never been a car in our garage.
Oh plenty of stuff.
An accumulation of all the bits and pieces, large and small, that a family has used, or bought, or meant to use and never did, from baby to toddler to teenage and early wedded years.
We started early, as it is embarrassing for your neighbours to see you open the garage door and have to hold back the tide of crap that falls out at you.
Each box or bag or unidentified something was then placed on the drive as we 'sorted it in to piles'.
We did this once before years ago and a woman appeared from nowhere and inspected our belongings.
She thought we were having a yard sale.
No sale.
I was quite insulted.
This time though we left one car at the end of the drive to stop curious passers by.
Pretty soon though and luckily for us, as if by magic, a man and a scrap van appeared and took 3 televisions, and  two rusting garden chairs.
Later on we put a large old paraffin heater on the verge and yet again a man and a white van appeared and whisked it he went to drive off I stopped him (he looked at me very suspiciously, as if I were about to ask for my stuff back - hah) and offered him an old sewing machine...he took it and said thank you in an accent that I suspect was eastern european. Selling it or using it, I care not.
Some stuff that we have purged ourselves of, is possibly stuff we could have sold....but we are not those people.....too 'can't be arsed' to sell on ebay or carboot, and I am a great 'charity shop' we give lots of stuff in and hope it does someone some good.
There is an awful lot of stuff belonging to my son, and once he is living in his own home, and not renting a flat, as he is at the moment, then that will free up quite a bit of space.
I did enjoy finding my wedding dress (hideous, quite hideous) and the love letters I had written to my mister before we wed.
All the christening stuff and school stuff also gave me quite a few 'aagh' moments.
Perhaps though the many many videos and books can be taken out and donated later in the week, and we may still need the quilts and sleeping bags?
We have a large stack of albums
 which we will go through on another day.........
but this 'art work' has a label on the back of it to remind us that it was bought in Boots the Chemist.... my dad bought it years and years ago....he loved it.......I remember that along with little bottles of olive oil for earache you could buy 'art' in Boots back then....

So I have dusted it off and may even hang it!
What do you think?

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Good times......

I am officially an old lady now.
Listening to the radio.
A nice cup of tea.
Taking photos of birds.

Where is the sex/n/drugs/n/rock'n'roll?
Back in the day is where..........
Lost in the mists of time.
Memories remain, but in all honesty, I quite like this stage of my is very pleasureable in many ways I must say ......and I was never very good at the drugs or rock/n/roll.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Red for danger.........

When we walked back from the shops today, we had a little peek into the nest in the hedge. The Robin parent activity is still never ending, with the Ma or the Pa, I don't know which, diving in and out with food in its mouth all day long.....either lots of babies or a few very hungry babies. I peeked so very very quickly I just saw one little dark feathery head and heard a squeek, although the mister saw more than I did......I hated peeking really, but was persuaded to by the mister. Our cats are only ever in our back garden and have never been allowed to go into the front garden or road, so sometimes a cat sits in the window and watches the comings and goings but so far the Robins are safe. Although where there is a will there is a way and my worry is that I will get up one morning to find a little red breasted creature lying on the kitchen floor..............

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Over the last few weeks we have watched a robin (2 robins?) build a nest in the hedge in front of our sitting room. Over the last few days there has been constant activity, with a robin flying in and out of the hedge, disappearing deep into it, then re-emerging, over and over again, seemingly for hours on end. In, out, in, out, sometimes with berries in its mouth. Tonight, unable to resist, my mister waited until the robin was in a nearby bush and then he peeked in.....a number of babies! I do hope that this very very quick peep into the nest doesn't mean he has tainted it in some way......the robin has been backwards and forwards so I hope all is well. How lovely to see such

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Nicked from Cro....

If you could have (although I suspect some of you already know who you are) a number of properties wherever you liked in the world, where would they be?

I think I may seem greedy here but my wish list could be quite long.

A house with land in Rutland.
A house in Northumberland.
A flat in London.
A flat in Edinburgh.
A coastal house in Wales.
A house with a pool somewhere warm.....not sure where yet.
A house in Denmark.
A house in Ireland.

I read once that someone very very rich had duplicated every item of clothing or car or book or painting or whatever that they liked and had one in each of their they just travelled between them with no luggage. I understand the idea, but it seems a bit impersonal, a bit Hotel-ish.
In reality I would like each home to be a reflection of where it was and how I felt when I was there so they would all be decorated differently. In each home I would need ......... a good bed, with space and light in all the rooms, internet access, and enough room to feel that you could breathe and walk about without sidestepping furniture or squeezing past stuff due to lack of room. And lots of cashmere throws....I don't like to be cold.
Oh dear...I wish I hadn't started this little exercise........I'm forgetting to be grateful for what I do have.
What about you? where would you have a home?

Friday, May 17, 2013


This was last year......
and today will be the first time I haven't been able to kiss you and say 'warm as toast, twice as tasty'......
have a lovely day and evening....
we will ring you later....

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Enough is as good as a feast..........

A breezy, blustery Brighton.....sunshine, walks, doughuts on the pier. We had a splendid day.
Dinner in Rye and then back to the folks in Whitstable, as after all it was Pa's birthday, and all of us being together was really the way to go.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

This was when I should have changed direction...........

At one point in my life I was living with my parents, I was young, had no commitments and although not University educated, was not without some direction or thought past what outfit to wear or hairstyle to try, but, had I decided upon a path to follow I suspect I would have trodden well.
My pa did not like me being rudderless and so one Friday I was informed that he had found me a job and I was starting work the following Monday. No ifs buts or maybes.
Monday morning came and I started work. A job. Not an opportunity that I grasped or the beginning of a career. A job. I paid no attention and just looked forward to the little brown envelope at the end of every week. An opportunity wasted. And I did it all by myself.
In the computer room (back when a computer was the size of a room) of a large factory.
I worked with these....

I am that old.

Not standing up to my Pa is something I regret....I should have moved out and given real thought to whatever it was I wanted to do with my life.
I do not blame him......he was, in his eyes, being helpful in finding me employment.
Yet I do remember feeling that I had relinquished any sense of finding my own way, I had given in to just doing what I was told.
With no fight or argument.
I had let myself down.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

All. Night. Long.

Tickle in throat.
Try to suppress tickle.


All. Night. Long.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

I'm just wondering....

I'm curious about something with regard to blogging.
Bear with me 'cos I know I am a bit slow with regard to technology and using t'internet.
This is how I blog.....log in/read my favourites /post comments/reply to comments etc., all on my laptop.
If I comment on a post then I check back to see if there has been a response......and if I receive a comment
then I reply to it. Is this what others do? I do suspect I am being a bit ocd about revisiting posts/comments.
Life is too short sometimes isn't it? so a little while ago I wrote that I was looking for a 'go to' phrase or comment that I would post as an acknowledgement that I had visited/read but didn't have time to write something.
27. My go-to number.
If I have something to say and the time to say it then fine...if not I shall just post '27'.
Not sure that this would be acceptable behaviour really (all my smashing readers/authors) are perhaps thinking that a quick '27' is not acceptable..........(ooh crikey - that could mean something else in other circles couldn't it?).
Can you have a think and let me know.....................
Am I just going to get a lot of numbers as a response to this?
Also I am so full of cold my chest hurts now ....nose blowing and feeling like your head is underwater and wearing no makeup means that I am not a pretty sight......this post may be only slightly less boring than
whatever your personal most boring thing is - but I am not firing on all cylinders. 
 Peace and love and enjoy your bank holiday weekend.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

See - I did say I shouldn't be let loose with a computer......

I think the stuff above this is supposed to be a picture.....sigh.......

So - this is an award/meme thingumibob........and if you answer the following four questions, then you can pass it on...or not...depending on your inclination.

1) If you could change one thing in your life what would it be?
2) If you could repeat any age which one would it be?
3) What really scares you?
4) If you could be someone else for a day who would you be?

My answers are many and varied depending on so many things..... the I feel....if I'm hungry,angry,sexy,tired,........peaceful......contemplative.....drunk etc.,
As it happens, just at this moment I have a head cold and feel as if I am underwater......

1) I would have gone to University and moved away.
2) None of them.
3) Aside from losing my loved used to be nuclear war,......... 'drop and cover' as a way to save yourself seemed pretty inadequate to me, but I lacked or had so little confidence that I hoped someone somewhere knew what they were talking about and I would be safe......I lost so many hours of sleep.........
Now it is people that scare me, and the realisation that this really is all there is...........and then it stops.
4) Someone very beautiful and very rich and very kind and very well loved and very intelligent and very confident and well travelled and famous......just to see what living on the other side looks like...............or my mister so that I could see who I am from outside my own head...if you see what I mean? Gosh this makes me sound very miserable and selfish doesn't it? blame the headache and snot............

I am not sure that any of you will do it but I do hope you give it a go and then pass it ..... Andy at Adventures In Reality  -  Katy at Katyboo1′s Weblog | The random jottings of a woman called Katy    -                 Nana at http://Nana GoGo: Forever Blowing Bubbles..... -  Nick at Don't panic. RTFM  and  Jody at about last weekend.....................or indeed any one of you other lovely people that I read/comment on/have in my all know who you are........X

Defeated by idiocy.......

If I could remember how to do linky stuff on this machine, I would do the thingy that the nice Mr from Commonplaces,  passed on to me the the other week.
Right now I have to go to work so in the few minutes I call my own between the all day long joy I will try to delve into what remains of my brain and come back to it tonight.
Don't hold your breath......but Jody, Andy, Nana, Nick and Katy, be afraid, be very afraid - because I am going to pass it on to you.............short names y'see.....quicker to type.


Just for now.