Surely not?

At Tate Liverpool currently is an exhibition titled 'Glam'.
The focus is on 1971 - 1975.
I was 17 in 1971.
Wandering around the gallery with your 21yr old daughter, you catch
yourself saying 'but this can't be right....this shouldn't be an exhibit in a museum....I wore
that outfit....I have those albums...I read that magazine...I saw that concert'
It was the weirdest feeling.
When I first visited Biba in Kensington many many years ago, I picked up
the Biba newspaper and being the hoarder that I am, I never got rid of it..
then some years ago when my daughter began
to be interested in make up and design, she took it from my
'stuff' in the garage and framed it for her bedroom......
One of the pieces on display at Tate Liverpool was a tiny
piece of just such a publication.....
It was a truly peculiar experience, looking at elements of your past on display....
and I couldn't say how I felt about the whole just felt..... strange.....and 17
was such a long time ago in reality but seems so very close in my head....sigh.


Nana Go-Go said…
Ah,Libs but wasn't it great living through those years - all that long hair, the skin- tight trousers,the platforms.....and that was just the men! x
Marcheline said…
Wow. I'd love a museum walk through my kid-culture! There'd be a lot of hairspray involved, though. 8-)
Trish Burgess said…
I'd be tempted to find out how much the Biba newspaper was worth - but I suspect you and your daughter wouldn't want to part with it.

I keep thinking of all the fashion items I binned or passed on over the years: a fabulous puffball cocktail dress - why on earth did I get rid of that in the 80s?
Kelloggs Ville said…
How close was it to your reality? In the V&A recently as we passed the costumes of 'my era' I found myself saying 'well I never saw anyone wearing that'. I was cat walk stuff. Not the clothes us real fashionistas wore :)
Cro Magnon said…
There was a big Biba show in Brighton recently; Biba started there. Ah, the Church Street shop; I knew the twins who worked there (does that mean anything?).
Oh golly, I had that experience in a vintage museum park here recently: there was stuff I remember from my 60s childhood!
Curry Queen said…
Like Trish I regret getting rid of a lot of my 70s stuff - I had a lovely Biba poster featuring a smokey-eyed girl and I read somewhere recently that all that stuff is worth a small fortune!
libby said…
Thanks for commenting everyone..isn't it odd how stuff becomes valuable over time...but how do we know what to keep and what to lose?
sensibilia said…
By co-incidence, I was just saying to my husband yesterday (appropos of "Call the Midwife") how I was starting to feel like an antique - now that aspects of my childhood, and things I remember - are appearing in costume dramas!

As to what to keep, well, the only rule has to be keep what you absolutely love, and get rid of all the rest, as otherwise you would need at least two houses!
Wow, Libby - you keep all the right stuff. That is funny to think now we are a piece of history. I wish I'd kept that paint splattered bubble dress now. Gosh I miss London when i read your posts.