Tuesday, February 26, 2013

'Should be sectioned?'

This is my husbands view with regard to the people who recently queued for 6 hours in the Barbican to see the Rain Room installation.
So it was very good of him to pick me and my friend up from the railway station last night after we had indeed been to London for the day, and queued for 4 hours in order to experience the exhibit for ourselves.
Yes.....all the way to London from the midlands.
Yes....4 hrs standing in a queue watching the world go by.
Yes....we did get a little bit wet....but mostly as we walked in and out of the 'Rain' we were dry.
Yes.....maybe I could be a little daft for wanting to do it....but I really really did want to experience it.
Yes......................it was worth it.
He still thinks I must be mad though.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Surely not?

At Tate Liverpool currently is an exhibition titled 'Glam'.
The focus is on 1971 - 1975.
I was 17 in 1971.
Wandering around the gallery with your 21yr old daughter, you catch
yourself saying 'but this can't be right....this shouldn't be an exhibit in a museum....I wore
that outfit....I have those albums...I read that magazine...I saw that concert'
It was the weirdest feeling.
When I first visited Biba in Kensington many many years ago, I picked up
the Biba newspaper and being the hoarder that I am, I never got rid of it..
then some years ago when my daughter began
to be interested in make up and design, she took it from my
'stuff' in the garage and framed it for her bedroom......
One of the pieces on display at Tate Liverpool was a tiny
piece of just such a publication.....
It was a truly peculiar experience, looking at elements of your past on display....
and I couldn't say how I felt about the whole thing.....it just felt..... strange.....and 17
was such a long time ago in reality but seems so very close in my head....sigh.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Screen wipe......

We have just returned from 4 lovely days in Estonia. Not a sentence I ever thought I would utter to tell you the truth but 'tis true. A city break with sister and brother in law in Tallinn Estonia. Lots of walking and talking and laughing and eating and drinking and Churches and museums and snowball fights.

Our hotel was perfect, a real pleasure to stay in, the visit to the KGB museum was really interesting, the snow was not a pain but a positive plus for viewing an old medieval town, the people were friendly, the service top notch and prosecco with breakfast at the start of the day seemed to be the way to go each morning in the restaurant, looking around the room at the assortment of ladies who had a glass of fizz with their salmon and eggs.....so we joined in....which set us up nicely for the day I must say.
Best of all was spending time with family.......having free time to just wander around being touristy and having cake and wine whenever we wanted, far from home and work and our day to day lives.
Today, I took my ipad to my parents house to show Pa the pictures.....he has never used an ipad before and as he swiped his way through the photos he licked his finger between each and every one....just like using a book or newspaper........it really reminded me that I was home!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

No pleasing some people......

Have you ever been invited to a birthday party.....
that you don't really want to go to...
but being left out would have upset you?..
So that when you see the little invitation
envelope with your name on it
your mouth doesn't know whether
to grimace or smile.....

I hang my head .....sometimes there truly is no pleasing me
Here is my backside...kick.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


So this week has been......

Pa at Hospital for eye/heart checks.
Snow like dustings of icing sugar all over everything.
Staying at Ma's and feeling like I was 12 all over again.....
Seeing Les Mis (again) with my big sister.......who started to sing when Ms Hathaway did and I had to quietly shshhhh her!
Being so tired at work that I wanted to put my head on my desk and have a doze....
Buying a pretty linen top in a Charity shop.
Having a cold and a tickly cough that is driving me mad at night.
Talking to both of my kids and being so happy that they are in my life and being so very proud of them.
Going to a 'Barn Dance' in a local village hall........and buying some lovely soft leather cowgirlish type boots in a Charity shop to wear.
At the barn dance, having a laugh trying to listen to the caller and get the steps right and holding hands with
smiling strangers as we promenade around the room.

My mister buying a zillion multi packs of snickers because 'you like them don't you?' and me being forced
to eat one everyday...oh if only the excess weight went to my boobs and not to my arse/belly/hips......

Monday, February 4, 2013

Things that make me happy.....

Making blankets.
These are the latest two and now I think I 
might start another one.
It was suggested to me recently that making my kids blankets
is a way of trying to wrap them up and protect them.
Who knows.
Does it matter? I like to crochet.
And a blanket is a useful thing to produce......and while I am crocheting
I'm not stuffing my face with food. Result.
Finding little things like this in the local Charity Shop.
Cream Enamel Home sign.
Covers the redundant letterbox and is one of my favourite words.
Utilising a special mug even if the handle is missing....I just turn it
around and put pens in it.
So I still get to see Joe Robin every morning.
Looking around my home for examples of things that make me happy, in order not to sit
and focus on things that are causing me concern.
What stuff in your home makes you happy?

Must work out the heating........

I left for work at 7.50 this morning - no heating on - left work at 5.15 and then went to choir - so have just come in and the house is COLD...