Thursday, January 31, 2013

See previous post........

This, Nana, is Justin O'Shea.
In another life........well ....................he certainly would be the chap in the room that would make your heart beat a bit faster don't you think? Or maybe not.
And if my daughter is reading this? sorry darling.....I don't want to embarrass you but sometimes in my head I am still allowed to remember being young.
John, over at Going Gently (sorry can't remember how to do the linky thing), in a post of his recently asked about who we have fancied over the years/crushes we have had.
So, going back in time, here is a list of people that I thought were very attractive...

Cary Grant
Alan Arkin
Laurence Olivier
Tom Wilkinson
Mr Darcy (in either film)
Gene Kelly
Marlon Brando
Howard Keel
Jean-Paul Belmondo
George Segal
Tony Soprano

and then of course my mister, who I truly think is looking better now than he has for many years......but then it wasn't his looks that attracted me to him in the first place. He made me laugh then and he still does now.
Whenever I hear  Shania sing 'You're still the one..' it makes me smile.....Love you mister x

Blogging block....

To say.
So will not post pictures of my cats.
Or the crocheted blanket I have just finished.
The pea and ham soup my husband made.
Thoughts about dieting.
The weather.
Possible holiday plans
Tales about Ma and Pa.
What work has been like just lately.
Wistful thoughts about Justin O'Shea fancying me and me being many many many years younger and incredibly sexy and beautiful.....sigh.

Will quite happily continue reading lots of blogs - many of which have pictures of cats and or crochet and food and gardens and interiors and art and  please me greatly.
Ho hum.

Monday, January 21, 2013


This is what is on the kitchen table....and there are some tomatoes in the fridge ..... and I think ('cos I hate foraging around in the fridge sometimes) there is some sour cream and cheese.
Normally I would chop all the veg up and roast it with some olive oil and salt and pepper.
Today though I  invite suggestions dear readers - suggestions about the food obviously - none of this 'well stop being boring and change your job and dye your hair and stop wearing that outfit and be nicer to your folks' type of suggestion malarkey.....oh no......just something interesting to do with the above.
PS when I read other peoples blogs (I didn't put the apostrophe on peoples just then because I think it goes after the s in this instance but wasn't sure..............FFS....I don't care!!) I am sometimes interested in the 'and you may be interested in this' photo at the end....but when I have read one and then want to read another I am never back at the same place.......did that make sense to anyone? honestly? Enlightenment anyone??

Friday, January 18, 2013


Challenging............ is spending 24 hrs with my ma.
I love her. I do.
Just now and then though it would be quite nice if she stopped talking.
Never pausing for breath is quite a feat and she has had 82 years of perfecting the art.

Challenging ..... is taking 4hrs to drive a 40 minute journey alone on slippy slidey snowy foggy roads.
I am not used to driving conditions like that, and my shoulders were hunched up under my ears
and my fingers gripped the steering wheel at 10 - 2 with grim determination.

Home now though......stay safe and warm everyone.

Saturday, January 12, 2013


Earlier today I visited an 'antiques emporium'. I was just accompanying a friend and wasn't there to buy anything, just to look around, while she picked something up. Furtling around in baskets and boxes of bric a brac and odds and sods, can be a calming and pleasing experience.
Lots of the furniture and lighting on sale there was reproduction, but there was enough old stuff to keep me happy. Although, I did get fed up of mentally thinking 'crikey, I've got one of those in the garage/why did I flog that at the car boot sale so cheaply/this is charity shop stock that would be easy to amass/charging how much for this?'
I am now resolved to fling open the garage doors in the spring and have a good clear out......I have a lot of old tat and someone must want it.

Later in the day we spent just under 3 hrs sat in the dark, mostly crying. No, not some sort of new age 'lighten the load of your soul with caring sharing and meditation' activity...........we went to the pictures and saw 'Les Miserables'. It was fabulous, and we enjoyed it immensely. I shall be humming happily for days.

Monday, January 7, 2013


Hard drive? found.
Housework? done.
Ironing? done.
Drawer sorting? done.
Calls from people telling me about PPI compensation? 3.
First 4 all good, #5 is getting on my last nerve now............I mean really, are these calls just rubbish or one day should I ring them back and say 'whahay..yes... please send me my £3000 now'.
No...didn't think so.

Day off.....

Today I get things done!

Find my hard drive.....must be somewhere in this house, trouble is I'm not sure where and I'm running out of places to look..all because of bloody burglars.....having been burgled twice I now hide things I value..and then of course because I am old of age and dim of mind I cannot find the things I have hidden....grrrr.
Make a start on the ironing so that when I am at work this week (boo hiss) I am wearing things that I haven't worn for some time.....because they have been stuck in the big basket of ironing I keep ignoring.
Sort out that drawer in the bedroom that now won't close because I have so much stuff in it.....and I will be ruthless and throw lots of things away. Yes. I will.
Clean the bits of the house that are quick and easy to do but make it look like I keep a fairly clean and tidy respectable home.......I have certain things that, once done, satisfy my 'well if the house police call today I won't be ashamed'  feeling - things like beds made/bleach in the loo/washing up done/cushions straightened and yes I know that thinking this way is very very peculiar for a fully grown woman (and just lately my belly/arse/hips combo show me to be a very full fully grown woman) but as a cradle to grave Catholic I was born on my knees with guilt as a default setting.

Of course the alternative to this scenario is that I stay in my dressing gown all day, eat whatever I want and watch films...............pause for thought....................nah never gonna happen.....but let's see what happens.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Well if you want my advice.....

In the car, have you ever heard yourself say to your passenger, as you buckle up your seatbelt and adjust your rearview mirror 'ooh take your coat off or you'll never feel the benefit when you get out'? just me 'old lady' that makes me feel.
Advice, well meant when given from others to me or just 'old lady mad' when I have tried to give it, has figured regularly in my life, and just recently, I did wonder about which bits I should have paid attention to.
Mostly, advice is well intentioned, and is, I like to think, someone showing that they care enough about another to try and give guidance........not nagging.....or never that. 
When I had my first child, someone told me that I should 'save the child benefit every month in a bank account for your son, and then you will have a lovely little lump sum to give him when he needs it later in life'.
I truly wish I had listened to this, but we were young, had no money to speak of, and the child benefit quite often helped pay a bill or buy groceries, or put petrol in the car. 
The advice was good but I ignored it.
At Grammar School, my headmaster told me, 'stay on here into the 6th form and go to University'.
Again the advice was good and I ignored it.
From my ma telling me that I should 'wear a vest/stop picking at it/not try to perm my hair at home/not go out with such and and so is a much nicer lad' to me telling my daughter 'but that skirt looks better/spend a bit more time in the library/you're wasting your money on such and such' the advice wagon keeps on rolling.........
I remember 'if in doubt, leave it out' which covers a multitude of things, but with regards to buying stuff  serves me well quite often, and I do try to remember 'If you can't think of something good to say about someone don't say anything', also 'location is all, better the worst house on the best street' and 'always have a good bed, and a good pair of shoes...if you are not in one you're in the other', along with  'worry is a futile is like a wooden horse, you can ride it all night long and get no further forward '.....True true so very true.
Good advice, bad advice, listening to it, ignoring it........we navigate through life thinking or hoping we are making the right choices, and who knows? maybe we do......... 


Just for now.