Those long winter evenings......

I don't know about you, but these days, once I get in from work, have some dinner and pootle about for a bit, then all I do for the rest of the evening is watch the tele.
I feel that the day is broken up into 'chores' and having been at work for 9 hours my chores are done.
I am not an energetic person.
I am very accomplished at sitting on my backside in a comfy chair in the sitting room with certain objects close to hand that enable me to have a relaxing lovely evening......laptop, cup of tea (or glass of wine), remote control, newspaper, crochet bag, and a view of the Mister across the room who is invariably also on a laptop/ is the way of the world nowadays.....and suits us just fine...thanks for asking...oh and there is also usually a cat somewhere in the picture moving from here to there to see which of us will give the most fuss to it.
Not for us the going out in the week business that young people get up to - crikey.......Mon to Fri is just for 'head down/go to work/get it done' and then enjoy the weekend.
Last night I decided that eating a snickers bar (a whole one...I Know!) and watching the tele
 was the order of the day.
Which is pretty much the way forward for me most days really.
Nurse Kim Wilde returned  - Jo Brand in Getting on. Such a funny programme.
This opening episode to Series 3 featured an elderly lady, who is a regular visitor to the hospital, who Nurse Wilde quite rightly decided had nothing wrong with her and needed a Psyche evaluation (an americanism there I think?), who has grey hair, and panic attacks, and is perhaps a hypochondriac.
The writers have clearly met my mum.


Same. And I don't even work. I got so obsessive over my telly (downloading stuff from Netflix) that I had to turn to books.I'm supposed to go out with a friend tonight but i feel like toddling up to bedfordshire!
Cro Magnon said…
I suspect your evenings are very similar to most people's. Certainly here, at this time of year, we often just light the fire and watch some TV. Swap cat for two boisterous large hounds, and you have chez Cro.
Love that programme. Didn’t know it was back on again. Will try and catch up.
sensibilia said…
Ha Ha! "I am not an energetic person". That's the story of my life. Don't worry, you are doing better than me. I don't even get down to watching live TV these days. I have taken to recording EVERYTHING I want to watch, so that I can zoom through all the adverts/boring bits.
Steve said…
Work. Home chores. Telly.

Yup. That sums my life up at the moment too.
Curry Queen said…
Same here. After a long day at work, I'm good for little else.
Andy said…
I always have big ideas about doing a million and one things through the week, then I hear the siren song of the sofa. Laptops and iPads FTW!
libby said…
ALW...your energy amazes me...I suspect you take drugs!!
Cro...It must be an age thing...I remember the days when going out started at 10 or 11pm after a few drinks..... is so well written..and a sort of slow burn if you know what I mean.
S...oh adverts drive you mad don't they?
Steve..perhaps we are hibernating in a way?
CQ...I know...I get a bit edgy now if people suggest getting together in the week of an evening...
Andy...ah yes -ipad/laptop....hopping into another world without leaving your chair...good eh?
Isabelle said…
Don't watch all that much telly but do spend too much time on the computer... much the same, really.