Friday, September 7, 2012

Today I will be listening to.........??

The drive to my parents house takes between 40 - 60 minutes depending upon traffic.
Close enough to get to easily but far enough away that it is a 1.30/2 hr drive in the day.
I like driving. I enjoy having time to myself in a little space where I can sing at the top of my voice or think quietly or listen to the spoken word (no - not the voices in my head!) via a play or discussion on the radio.
I keep lots of cd's in the car. I do not take care of my cd's.
They get scratched.
I have tried those cases for multiple cd's....didn't last long.
I do not really care about the cd's because I throw them around or onto the back seat or under the passenger seat or into the door well.
My family get very cross about it.
As they should.
I am contrite (but I still do it...).
Each journey is flavoured or seasoned by a different music depending on my mood.
Sometimes my kids make me cd's of songs I like or they think I will like.
Sometimes I go back to old favourites.
Recently it has been Frank Sinatra or Simon and Garfunkel or Leonard Cohen or Joni Mitchell.
Yesterday I played one my daughter had made me that I hadn't heard for a long made me laugh, smile, cry, sing and really enjoy the ride...........
Here are the just a few of the songs.......

50 cent - In da club
Blue Nile - Family Life
Ray Charles - You don't know me
J-Kwon - tipsy
The Killers - Mr Brightside
Gilbert O'Sullivan - Alone again
House of Pain - jump around
10cc - I'm not in love
and on another disc
New Radicals - you get what you give
Everything but the Girl - Miss you

and the music just goes on and on and on and isn't that grand?

Driving - seeing how beautiful the fields are - seeing how amazing the sky is - listening at full volume to music.
Being in that state between Home/normal life and Hospital/Interrupted Life and enjoying the moment.


Lady Mondegreen's Secret Garden said...

There is something relaxing about the gaps in hospital visiting, when it suddenly beocomes the focus of your life isn't there. You can't take much else on, especially with close kin, but the time out is to see the sun singing and children playing and Life...

Nota Bene said...

That's an eclectic mix! Music makes such a difference to any car journey

Trish @ Mums Gone To... said...

I usually have an odd assortment of CDs relating to musicals which can give Dougie a nasty shock when we swap cars.

Steve said...

Hmm... we have quite similar musical tastes!

Kelloggs Ville said...

I took to copying my CDs firer a while so it was the copy that got chucked around the car but it didn't last long, once the copy was scratched up I simply move onto scratching te original. I find hooking up the iPod a much safer option!

Isabelle said...

Hospital visiting and ageing parents - you have my sympathy. Not easy.

Your CD list makes me feel very old. I've only heard of Ray Charles and Gilbert O'S. Oh wait, and 10cc.

Curry Queen said...

I gave my son a lift to Cricket yesterday and he made me listen to his 80's playlist all the way there! I was amazed that he likes the same music as his old mum...we had a very in-depth discussion on the relative merits of Blondie, Eurythmics, Aimee Stewart etc!!

Marcheline said...

I agree - having good tunes / listening material is essential to really enjoying a drive.

Right now, I pretty much just have the soundtrack to "Withnail & I" on steady rotation.

Another of my guilty secrets is that I have the entire Harry Potter series on CD, read by Jim Dale, and I've listened to all 7 books at least 5 times so far. There's something really soothing about his voice, and the deliciousness of J.K. Rowling's story never fades.

About Last Weekend said...

Just having a good old catch up, I've missed a lot in the back to school madness. Everything But The Girl - love them and haven't thought about them in ages...

Nana Go-Go said...

I once wrote to Gilbert O'Sullivan - he lived in Weybridge back then - asking him if I could come and see him - he wrote back on headed notepaper from the Hotel Admiral in Basel (that's the way they spell it!)to say that I could come if I liked but whether or not he'd be in was another story!!!I never liked him after that. I also saw 10cc at the Hammersmith Palais and when they sang 'I'm not in Love' and it got to the quiet bit, you know, 'Be Quiet, Big Boys Don't Cry', a huge glitterball came down from the ceiling and it was so mesmeric!Meant to tell you this ages ago!and Everything But the Girl brings back memories indeed.Wasn't the cover of the 'Eden' albumn painted by someone famous?

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