Friday, July 27, 2012

Crikey.....I don't have the stamina.....

No - not to do anything weird and wonderful, but to stay up any later and watch all the athletes enter the Olympic stadium.......I never knew there were so many countries!
I hold my hands up and admit that although I am not interested in the Olympics, I peeked at the opening ceremony earlier this evening and sort of got hooked into watching the rest of it...up until now that is.
As a musical spectacle it was impressive, if only because the logistics were so amazing. Everybody seems to be having a good time.....lots of smiling and happiness. Smiling and happiness is good. Long may it continue.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Good things......

I worked out a new role that suits everybody and my boss  thanked me and in fact I am glad I can relinquish some of the crap I needed to do s'all good.
I paid a surprise visit to Ma and Pa today and we sat in the garden and had a was grand.
My friend had a yearly check for a health concern and she is ok for another year.
I have filled 3 black bags with stuff for the charity shop as I have had a really good sort out in the little room and have been really strict with myself...have I worn it? no...will I wear it? only if I lose weight (hahahahahaha) do I need it? no.......out it goes.
My bed is fantastically comfortable and I get to sleep in it every night.......not live on the streets.
If you cannot change something, then change how you think about it I suppose.........working for me at the moment.

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Last year I started to read Wolf Hall. Not a small book. Fairly large and heavy. Each night in bed I would almost put my back out lifting it from the bedside table and then twisting my self around so that I could rest the thing on a cushion before me. What with the 'days end' face, the reading glasses, the t-shirt and the bank of pillows behind me (I like to be propped up in bed before sleep....Lawd knows eventually I will want one of those bed jackets that old ladies wear...........y'see the fact that I even know what a bed jacket is scares me......) and possibly a mug of hot chocolate, I must have been a sultry sexy sight to behold for the mister. Anyway I almost got wrist strain trying to read the thing and gave up. Well I suppose, truth be told, at that time I just wasn't gripped by it......until now when I am trying it again on the far so fabulous.

At 4:50 on Friday, just before leaving work, my boss wanted a it wasn't my P45 but without boring details suffice to say I have been shafted re roles and have to move onto another job in order to accommodate someone returning from maternity leave. I don't much care either way what I do, but the returning person is well known for being work shy, argumentative, lazy (and also someone that says 'he writ that letter then'...which drives me mad....grrrrr) and the whole swapping roles and responsibilities thing was handled really badly, but what really really upset me (although I hope I hid it well) was that as a 57 year old woman, when my late 20 something boss was telling me this, I wanted to cry!!!!!! I so wanted to stand up say  'take your job and shove it'........but not having that luxury, instead I explained that I wasn't happy but wished him a good weekend and then got my coat.  When I got home I weeded like a demon in the garden for an hour (there was no rain!!!) muttering away to myself and feeling all teary.......and now I just have to knuckle down and keep buying the lottery tickets I guess.

Uni., daughter is away for the weekend, and has left behind tons of stuff that she no longer wants - before Pa takes it all to the tip or the charity shop, because she knows I am a control freak, she said I could go through it all first (I know....that sounds terrible doesn't it? but I am such a hoarder and need to know what is and isn't being disposed of.....she accommodates this up to a point and I am working on just letting things this space..) and I am so glad I did......along with old make up and broken bits of this and that, she was throwing out her school class photos.....those cardboard tubes with a long photo inside that you wait for and pay for and have fun looking for your child in.........I mean, I know most photos are on computers now...but really?...I couldn't bear it and so have put them to one side....does that make me really pathetic?

I was also totting up the cost of all the magazines she has collected over the years (and I must say she has lovingly gone through each one) and Vogue, Harpers et al don't come cheap! A four foot high pile of very expensive pictures of beautiful clothing has cost us a fortune over the years.................and I remember doing exactly the same thing with my son when he moved out and we did the same with his collection of Empire/cinema/superhero type mags.......years and years of collecting ended in one afternoon of clearing out.

Note to self...........perhaps if we hadn't bought so many expensive magazines for our kids I could have given up work!!!!!

We ripped up/took up the carpet from our bedroom yesterday, and once we have slapped some magnolia on the walls, we will be having new solid wood flooring laid.......I am very excited about this, because, apart from being sick of seeing the cat hair that the hoover will just not pick up, no matter how hard I try, the new flooring will mean I can update my bedroom, with new curtains and a tweak or two here and there, and this makes me excited because I am a sad bugger who gets excited about such little things these days. No rushing off to Paris with a toyboy for me.....let me loose in soft furnishings and I get quite giddy.

Lastly (because let's face it - if you are still reading by now you must need a break and a trip back to normality) this is a photo of a mirror frame that was in the storeroom of a church on Paxos....don't you think it is just fabulous? and come to think of it would look great in my new bedroom......sigh.

Have a good week everybody x

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tupperware.......the mystery........

Left over dinner. Very tasty. Will go into the freezer for another time. That is the plan. Tupperware boxes, whatever the size, have lids. How come you can never find one then???????????

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Where has the sun gone???

It has PERSISTED down today and if I hadn't just had a week in the sun I think I would be getting REALLY FED UP WITH THIS CRAPPY WEATHER by now........................but luckily Paxos gave us a week of wonderful warmth and sunshine. I am very very lucky.
The sky was this blue.
The little beaches were this empty.
The food was lovely in this little Taverna.
Lunch at this beach side restaurant had a wonderful view.
Little lanes revealed splashes of wonderfully coloured bougainvillea among the green of the olive trees.
The decorations used in a little cafe were really gorgeous.
Some of the deserted property just cried out to be bought and done up....not by me sadly.
Every little unused container should have a plant in it don't you think?
The beach pebbles were this clean.

So we had a wonderful week and although I have many more photos of blue blue seas and skies and pools and sunsets and boat views most of them tend to also feature me or the mister.......and I won't inflict those on an unsuspecting public.....'cos after seeing some of the shapes and sizes on display on the beach - after the first day I WORE THE BIKINI! 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Just so you know.....

If you see a woman in town tomorrow with a look across her face that says both grim determination and terror, give her a wide berth. It will be me on a mission. There is a ......I hardly dare say it.......bikini......out there somewhere with my name on it. After much 'but I'll look hideous' and 'but I'm much bigger around my belly/arse/hips than my boobs' and with a sprinkling of  'at my age? surely there is a law against that?' I am resolved. There will be quiet olive groves......there will be (hopefully) deserted beaches....there will be the little boat (just gulped with fear again then) for me and the at some time I would like to get some air to my middle regions........wish me luck......ooh and avert your eyes.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Nothing to report......

I am so hungry........I wish I could walk in from work and someone would present me with a home cooked dinner as a surprise. I do know that I could plan ahead and freeze stuff and sometimes I do...but sometimes I don't.  Instead I walk in to an empty house and furtle about in cupboards wondering about what to have...and too many times I opt for the Kit Kat and crisps option. The mister is no help as he comes in and has a tendency to eat what I can only call crap, and  not Kit Kat and crisps crap but very cheap mostly meat based ready meals, which he really likes. Come to think of it we only eat well when the kids are home or at weekends really. Left to our own devices we snack. I am looking forward to eating well next week though...on Monday we are off to Paxos so I am hoping that I will discover and love Greek food........I love vegetables, cheese, cake and bread so does anyone have any suggestions?

Monday, July 2, 2012

So very different.........

My 'big' as in elder sister is staying with me. There she is now on the couch reading one of her beloved celebrity magazines. We are home from shopping.  Before we set off this morning I noticed that she had two big stickers on the back top thigh bit of her jeans....£10 and Size 16 ....she forgot to take them off and if I hadn't noticed them she would be wearing them that way still for all the world to see under her jacket. We have been in the City shopping today and after walking for hours we are home unscathed. Unscathed you say.... why would a shopping trip to the City centre cause anxiety? well you may or may not have read my accounts of shopping with my sister before, but in case you haven't and can't be arsed to go back and look at those posts, let me just say that my sister is 62 and somewhat..... special......she doesn't exactly have learning difficulties but certainly has issues and spending time with her is like accommodating a rather large, awkward noisy toddler......every thing is bright and shiny and interesting and must be talked about in shouty ways and she doesn't do escalators or train doors or revolving doors or lift doors or cope with crowds and rings you when you are trying something on in a changing room (she is outside) to ask are you still in there? it must be at least 10 minutes now but don't hurry.....and she walks about 10 feet behind you and when you slow down for her to catch up she slows down too, so you wait till she is level with you and then you find that she stops she is either a voice from behind you or a voice ahead of you (immediately ahead of you) or holding on to your arm for dear life.
So I have learnt new ways to navigate certain shops. We take the long way here or there to avoid the escalators and we amble along like care in the community ladies letting the fast flowing river of people just go around us tut tutting away and glancing sideways at the awkward funny looking woman. Or women...
Her pleasure today was to sit in a coffee shop in a bustling mall and watch people go about their business. Which to me is almost hell on earth......I don't drink coffee (I know, I know, they do tea) and busy shopping concourses are just noisy and unpleasant to me.........but I realised that when you live alone (as she does) watching the world go by is a pleasing distraction.........whereas my days are filled with people and on my day off I like to keep away from the hordes, she was entertained I suppose.
Apart from chocolate and crisps, there is almost nothing we both like or enjoy or share.
We are sisters.....we do share parents and siblings and yet hardly anything else.
She is, to use an expression my mum uses, hard work.
But she has just made me a cup of tea and not broken anything or spilled anything or dropped anything!


Just for now.