Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lazy weekend.....

All of the following have contributed to me having a lovely long work free two days.
I feel guilty about having such a non-productive time but it has also been rather wonderful.

Exhibit a - watching this...
which is one of my all time favourite black and white films....slushy, sad and with the beautiful Vivien Leigh. The accents and the mores and the clothes are a million miles from my reality but I do so love to watch/listen.
Exhibit b - trying to stop the cat from sleeping on the spare bed....
which included me taking a photo and then spending hours going through photos on the laptop......a delicious way to waste time in my opinion

Exhibit c - drinking tea........I don't drink coffee and I sometimes wish I might give me more energy!

Exhibit d -

Reading.....either on the machines or on the printed page.

Exhibit e - watching the final episodes of The Bridge.......brilliant stuff.....and Martin is just so ...sigh.........

Tomorrow I will shift my arse and try to get motivated although in my defence I did a basket of ironing while watching the film so I haven't been a total waste of space this weekend. Wish me luck.
What have you been up to?

Thursday, May 17, 2012


In just under 2 hours today will be over.

Today our daughter celebrated her 21st birthday.
21 years ago today I was tired and emotional and thankful and sore........our second child was a much wanted, long awaited, baby girl.....a big 10.5lb bundle of joy. A sister for our wonderful son. The completing part of our family team.
Today she is tall and slim and beautiful. She is clever and quick witted and funny. Has a ravenous appetite for food...and books....and films......laughing and loving and learning...and living life.
'Borrows' my tights, or bags or make up or deoderant or hairdryer, but also gives hugs in return.
Has introduced me to music that should by rights not even have entered my sphere of consciousness.
Danced with me and not mocked my 'mom' dancing. Caused her Dad to shake his head and mutter 'I should just have my salary paid into the you have a daughter who needs dresses and jeans and makeup and driving lessons fund and be done with it'  whilst he smiles and winks at me.

Today has been filled with ...

Home made chocolate cake to eat and champagne to drink.
Presents. A pub lunch.

Shopping and visiting family.
Chinese food for supper.
Cards, both bought and home made.

Telephone calls and facebook messages.

Flowers. Hugs.

'The first 21yrs...' home made muvee of baby-to-lady making us ooh and aah and get a bit teary.
Talk of trips to be made.
Spending time with all the men in her life...Grandpa, Dad, Brother and Boyfriend.

My baby is a daughter, sister, cousin, niece, grand-daughter, friend, sister-in-law in waiting, girlfriend, student and woman. How in the heck did that happen? Does time even exist? where does it go?
I held my hand on my swollen belly, closed my eyes and thought with wonder and pure joy 'that was a kick!'..........and now she is 21.
Live, love and laugh and experience highs lows and contentment, health and happiness Darling.
You have my heart you

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How I hate to leave it......for 'The Gallery' at Sticky Fingers.....

Well this is where I am usually content.
Where I like to stay.
Hate to leave.
My every morning is here........and thankfully so is my everynight.
p.s It appears that I have no shame.... I have used this pic before and wondered then why I didn't make the bed before taking the photo!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Feeling dizzy.....

I am wearing my dressing gown. I have had my must have cup of tea. The day will unwind in front of me and so I really should go and shower/get dressed in order to meet it and not look like a care in the community gal.
Yet I need to just take 5 minutes to ponder on whether or not I should try to join in with all this modern-ness and youthful-ness that is going on in the blogosphere. I have spent the last hour reading blogs and am becoming increasingly aware that I skim over or ignore a blog that could potentially be interesting to read, but I am put off if it looks too busy. If it has abbreviated posts and lists of what has been written/said on twitter and lots of badges and things that move and adverts and links to this that and the other.
If,  just like choosing a book  to read (remember those?), the cover either invites us in or waves us past, then some blogs are obviously not meant for the likes of me. I am aware that the fault lies with me....if I don't tweet or understand how to manoeuvre my way around technology then I should just stick with what I know and am comfortable with, but I am a bit afeared that I will become much more stick in the mud than I need to be and turn into an old crone pointing a craggy stick at young'uns and telling them to mind their manners.
In the same way that  I once loved Disco and clubs, now, a dark room full of sweaty people, dancing to very loud music all the while being illuminated by flashing lights would see me run (well in fact lets face it I don't run either...) in the opposite direction, and it would seem that today some blogs are disco and some are 'lovely place'....y'know 'lovely place' don't you? that perfect bar/restaurant/tea room that has just the right sort of seating, lighting, food, customers and mood that makes you want to visit again and again.
Pause for pondering here............
It might be fear that makes me feel this way though, I am aware of that.
So I might start another blog.
Some new place. With bells and whistles and music and whatnot.
More disco than whist drive.
No 'hot pants' though......won't make that mistake again.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Captain Haddock.....

The mister has done it.
Has been all 'leave it to me'. It is payback time for all the organised holidays we had over the years.
He reminded me that many years ago I agreed that one day we could just 'wing it a bit' with regard to holidays, when we didn't have kids to consider...because when we had kids to consider/carry/feed/play with etc., I  always needed to know where we were going, for how long, what the accommodation was like, what kind of weather did I need to pack the many bags for etc., etc., whereas now it is just the two of us and we can have more of an adventure....hhhhmmmmm.  He tells me we need only hand luggage, and he promises it will be hot so just shorts (me? in shorts??? oh well as long as I don't scare local animals and small children) and t shirts with maybe just a jumper for the night time. The word rustic was used a few times...not sure if he meant where we are going or my knees.
We are going to Paxos. The mister is very excited about the thought of hiring some form of boat and exploring the coast line. I am getting the vapours already. We live in the centre of England. We don't have any experience of boats. He assures me that it will be fine....

Friday, May 4, 2012

Recommendations anyone?

We want a week away mid July, somewhere that is hot and sunny, I am thinking maybe Greece? Which island though? which resort? we are both over 50 and like to walk and read and eat and sight-see but we are not 'ravers' or 'clubbers' and are quite happy with our own company, and by that I mean we are not anti-social, we just don't see the need to 'pal up' with other people, which some folk find weird. We both spend all year working hard, enjoy being together and only need sunshine, clean accommodation, feeding and watering, and some time to just relax and wind down. Which I admit, seeing these words in black and white, does seem a bit boring and dull..........and yet, this holiday will be a week away for our 30th Wedding anniversay, and yes, as daft as it seems, we still love each other, make each other laugh, and look forward to spending time together. For many years, and when the kids were little we would rent a villa and self cater, and so have never done the 'all inclusive' thing.....maybe now would be the time to give it a go? or would we be faced with food that we didn't fancy but felt obliged to eat, and therefore never try local restaurants? and YES we do appreciate how lucky we are. Able to think about booking a holiday in these austere times, but in our defence, we have always worked, and it has been 30 years! any recommendations anyone....all gratefully accepted.....

Must work out the heating........

I left for work at 7.50 this morning - no heating on - left work at 5.15 and then went to choir - so have just come in and the house is COLD...