Sunday, April 29, 2012

Riding the bandwagon...

I imagine that I am not the only one who is gripped by The Bridge. These Scandi dramas (Killing, Borgen etc.,) are so watchable and yet again I am loving my little dose of crime drama in subtitles on a far too short weekly basis. Which surprises me as I have never really watched the home grown crime stuff.....have never watched a Morse, a Midsomer Murder, Wire in the Blood, Scott and Bailey, Silent Witness, New Tricks, CSI type thing etc., I just seemed to gravitate more to the corset and carriage or soaps that I liked.
Theis in the Killing and Philip the PM's husband in Borgen were, to my eye, very sexy and Martin in the Bridge is now ticking that box very nicely thank you very much......not handsome or traditionally leading man, but real looking and very fanciable.....the sort you would want in your lifeboat if push came to shove. Or is it only me that finds them sexy?
The acting is great too, and of course now I am mad keen on visiting that part of the world for a look around.  Which is on the agenda for 'sometime' as we have just booked a midweek break for 2 nights on the Isle Of Wight...which I am looking forward need for subtitles there eh?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Good intentions.....

Blows dust off blog........

This blog has been neglected and quite frankly boring of late. I have been neglecting friends. I am remiss in so many areas.........not managing to keep on top of the day to day things that make life tick over or bob along with a comforting rhythm. The hoover has dust on it from underuse. I think the 'shadow' I saw in the bathtub this morning is something more substantial...maybe dirt?

It is a fact that you get what you give and I need to sharpen up my act.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Oooo errrrrrr.......Blogger you fulker!

Everything is different! I feel invaded....assailed with technology....and I don't do change very well!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

p.s. just in case you wondered...

The passport was not here. It was in Liverpool...sigh of relief.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Will think of loads of others later.........

Pam at has posted something she nicked from another blog (Kate takes five?) about 'your top five male singers' and I have been thinking about it for a little while. Or it might be top five albums or cd's.......anyhoo....not bands, just male singers. Which is harder than it sounds y'know.....I mean I love lots of bands, many of whom have great vocalists, and yet if you don't include bands and just concentrate on independent vocalists the field is narrowed down somewhat. Anyway I am not going to limit myself to five ('cos yes...I am the Queen of everything and you are not the boss of me....) and I am going to add to this list as I think of people, but in order to make a start I begin with .....

Tom Waits - Blue Valentine, which is a wonderful wonderful album that my daughter now loves just as much as I do. I drove all the way to London and back just to see him in concert many years ago, which for me was a big deal. Worth it though.....
Next up is Rufus Wainwright - Rufus does Judy. Good old 'belting them out' voice.
Add to the mix any Frank Sinatra/Brook Benton/Nat King Cole.
Possible some Barry White. Jackson Brown. Peter Gabriel.
John Martyn - Solid Air.......the most amazingly atmospheric voice/music.
Crikey this is going to be harder than I first thought. I will return.

This is me returning later. My mister has just given me a cd he bought for me as a blast from the past that I used to love years ago.....aaaaaahhhh ....some funk people...........I give you Johnny Guitar Watson!

Friday, April 6, 2012

The usual places?

So I still can't find the bloody passport. Which in itself makes me cross, but which also makes me curse all burglars, because it is a result of having been burgled twice that I 'hide' things in 'safe places' before I leave the house, and then (yes you've guessed it) find that I cannot remember where I have hidden them.
How wonderful it would be to have the cavalier positive attitude that my mister has, evidenced by him leaving doors open/unlocked, important papers spread around, and his computer switched on and left on his personal details/bank page. His cry of 'oh for heavens sake, I'm only going around the corner, and who would be interested in our ------- insert dates of birth or bank passwords or personal info---------anyway?' makes me twitchy. Admittedly I am overly cautious about everything. All through my life I have been the good girl, the bowing to authority girl, the do it the right way girl and quite frankly at this late stage in the game I wish I could change...but no hope there. I always lock the back door, even when I am in the house all is a habit now and one that drives the mister mad. In one of my favourite films, The Unsinkable Molly Brown, there is a scene where Molly (Debbie Reynolds) has a stash of money that she needs to hide from robbers, so she goes around her little shack trying to think like a robber before she stashes the cash away. Yet I don't have a stash of cash to hide from some lowlife robber, usually just a little bit of dosh or a sentimental piece of jewellery or a passport!
Once hidden away I used to step back and think 'aha...they won't find that' but now neither can I.  Having exhausted the usual places, no joy at all there, I  am beginning to think I am going mad and will have to take each room apart bit by bit looking for a passport that she swears is not in her room back at Uni.,....what d'ya reckon?.
 Please tell me I am not the only person who checks windows and doors and doesn't leave post lying around? Who switches things off? Not the only person who wears a handbag across my body and holds it in a vice like grip, for fear of it being snatched, when I am out. Who never uses cashpoints for fear of them being tampered with? who doesn't buy online, who is horrified that my ma (who is blind) just signs a withdrawal form and asks 'the nice cashier at the bank' to fill in the amount for her?.
Having reflected on how I am never barefoot (always need to consider being outside and needing to run) and how I take my hand bag to bed with me every night, and how I constantly check my pockets for the holy trinity of 'keys/phone/loose change' including checking that there is a hankie up my sleeve, and the fact that I keep all paperwork (payslips from 1979 anybody?) I do acknowledge that I have an anxiety /ocd issue (or I am just bloody crackers according to my mister) and so I know I should lighten up and trust a bit more. I know I should, and I wish I could,  truly I do. I will make a start on that once I have found this darn passport......................


Just for now.