Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Nothing. Nada. Zip. What is a girl to do?

I've lost my shopping vibe.
Walked past the clothes in the shops today.
Ignored the make-up.
Glanced at the scent.
Cast a quick eye at handbags.
Pondered over some prints.
Dismissed slippers, purses, chocolates, CD's, DVD's and scented candles.
Stroked some cashmere throws and socks.
Looked longingly at some jewellery.
Considered some object knicky knacky type stuff. Reconsidered.
Breathed a big sigh over some books.
Wondered about underwear.
Realised that what I wanted I couldn't afford and what I could afford I didn't want.
Although even this didn't really bother me.
My 'this is the right thing to buy' instinct had deserted me and that made me sad.
I no longer know what presents to buy for loved ones.

I came home and did the washing instead.

It occurred to me that I was sad that I had no magic wand and that I was looking at 'stuff' when what I really would love to give is solutions or answers or wonderful surprises. No new slippers or scarves were going to be up to the job.
I cannot provide, wrapped up in a box with a big bow, any solution to a health problem, or a career, or
any dream come true......I am not a Fairy Godmother.
I am a mother, wife, sister, daughter, aunt, cousin, friend.
Christmas is coming and there WILL be presents under the tree....just not sure what yet.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Down to Whitstable and Up to London..........

At St Pancras station there is a Christmas tree made of Lego. It is quite something. Looking at it made me smile and reminded me of my son playing happily with all his Lego. I felt like a young mom again. I remembered being young.
Then I saw this......

 It makes me feel old. I still have the original LP. Beast of Burden is such a great song.

The new wall hanging my sister has...........

Oh if only..................

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Music Man......

The two ladies working in the charity shop were behind the counter, passing the time quietly, slowly re-arranging the bits and bobs by the till and looking at their watches now and again, no doubt wishing that the final half hour would soon be over, and as it was late in the afternoon I was the only customer. After a few minutes of silence, one said to the other 'and of course then he whipped out his balalaika..' to which her companion said  'are you sure it wasn't his ukelele?'......'Oh no' said lady number one, 'It's all in the size you see'.........

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pretty woman.....

Remember that scene with Julia Roberts? where the snooty assistant in the shop on Rodeo Drive won't serve her? and then Julia has the BEST EVER revenge when she goes back with unlimited funds and says 'big mistake...huge!'.
Well I was reminded of that yesterday, and although a) obviously I look NOTHING like Julia (I're shocked right?) and b) I do not have unlimited funds but there was a shiny shilling or two in my purse, I obviously had that 'no, she is old/fat/poor/not worth bothering with' look about me in Hobbs yesterday. There were 3 or 4 assistants (ha!) and I had to do the 'excuse you have?' request to one of them, who cocked her head on one side and spoke to me as if I were a poor beggar lady. Without moving from her spot about 20 feet from me she said 'No.. but try online'.
To make matters worse, they were concentrating on filling up champagne glasses. Now don't get me wrong and think 'aha Libby was after a free glass of bubbly' and that is what caused my irritation. No, as much as I like a glass of fizz, I would have declined, as cheap warm stuff in a hot store on a Saturday lunchtime, when I am driving anyway, is not what I would have had, but the orange juice looked tempting. What really pissed me off is that they didn't even offer it to me! There didn't seem to be any visiting slebs or big bosses in the store and so I presume the drinks were a festive tipple for the customers........or rather some customers.
I took my shiny shillings elsewhere.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wrong place Wrong there ever Atonement?

We were in Cracow Poland last week.
There are lots of tourist organisation companies there offering day trips to Auschwitz, which is about an hour away. We thought long and hard for a couple of days about wether we wanted to visit such a place as a 'tourist'. Rightly or wrongly we decided to go.

So at 11:11 on that day we were here

The sky was very blue and the wind was sharp.
There was not a bird in sight. There were lots of tourist
Apart from the quiet words of the guides there was silence.

Monday, November 14, 2011


Cracow was wonderful. The sky was blue, the air was crisp and the buildings beautiful. The food portions were generous and it is a City that likes cake!
We saw quite a few of these 'installations' (?) around the City. Not sure what they mean...perhaps an ecological timebomb reminder or just advertising of some description.

We tried local foods and the borscht (beetroot soup) was hot, tasty and very welcome after hours and hours of walking...

I did take lots of photos of the City but they are only really of interest to me I guess......I always find that postcards are a better bet for really beautiful places, as me and my point and shoot just provide what I call 'memory pictures'.

Now we are back and have no trips planned, all is back to normal. No more being an OAP in training and having free time. Back to work and I suppose some dusting and hoovering and ironing activities will have to take place around this time of my life I think that housework is very, very much over rated....who cares if you can write your name in dust on the bookcase? or have baskets of ironing sitting in the small room waiting to be done? surely being out and about and relishing each day above ground is much much better?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

She's leaving home......

Well technically, she is just going back to University, but my daughter has been home for the weekend.
She is going back today and I always feel a little bit ..... soppy?......y'know, want to hug her more times than I normally would (mom, I love you too but I'm trying to drink my tea..........) for a little while on the day she goes back. Once back to our respective routines, I am glad she is loving her life and being a normal 20 yr old, and I am off on another happy wanderer few days away with the mister tomorrow, so will be touristy and exploring again.
While she was here she did pretty well on the laying around with a snuggly blanket, playing with the cats and eating and drinking, and also did pretty well on the treats front, with a new coat and some money from her grandparents, some new shoes and tights from me, and her pa is going to take her to Asda to stock up, which doesn't always include just the student essentials like pasta, vegetables, tea and coffee etc., but he tends to throw in sweets/drink and fancy bits.........not sure he should be stocking her up with hard liquer but as he says better that than crack cocaine!
I would like to put a picture of her here, because she is beautiful, tall, blonde, with gorgeous skin and a wonderful smile, but respecting privacy I will put two other pictures here.... the birthday present she leaves me with.........two musicals and chocolate.. my girl knows me so well!! and the picture she took of me writing my name with a sparkler on my birthday.............

These years are the 'bridge' years for her now. My son graduated and lived at home for a short while and then moved in with his lovely girlfriend. They came to lunch over the weekend and are always welcome visitors, and their flat is now their 'home'. My daughter is living in rented accommodation with mates and will probably move to London when she graduates, so sometime in the next few years this house will cease to be her home.
This is good, it is as it should be, the normal way, and yet I want them both to know that there will always be hot water/cats to fuss/food in the fridge/money in small doses/clean beds and me and the mister, here, at what I still consider to be 'their home'.
See...soppy.............yep that's me.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Somewhere for the weekend?

This house was for sale in a side street of Seville. It made me think of 'A streetcar named Desire' every time we passed it even though it was not like the film location or even representing the same country....I think it was the faded glamour and notions of hot nights and breezes blowing in from wrought iron balconies that entranced me........I would so love to buy it.......sigh.......................

This street art crow (?) down an alleyway always intrigued me too.....loved it.
And the Alcazar was incredibly beautiful and the Cathedral was a sight to behold but my photographs would never do them this is a photo of an almond cake/tart that I did do justice to.....slice after slice after slice.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

APART from the bit where the bull gets killed or hurt........

I am now even more fascinated by bullfighting. If I could remove the beautiful beast from the event, then the rest of it..........the passion, the theatre, the history, the costumes, the stories, the colour and the drama....then I think I would consider going to a bullfight. Mad eh?
In Seville recently, and with an hour or so of a gap between 'seeing sights' eating and drinking and generally being touristy, one of our group suggested that as it was close by, we could visit the bullring and the bullfighting museum. And I am so glad we did. It was just really, really interesting and very beautiful in a way that I cannot put my finger on.

I don't understand it. I hate the idea of tormenting a magnificent beast.
I hate the idea that an ear or a tail is taken as a token from the bull.
I hate the fact that men die undertaking bullfighting. I don't really get it...but I can see that if you did get it it would be amazing.

It puzzles me that I am not aghast at the very idea..but I'm not...curious eh?


Just for now.