Saturday, October 15, 2011

At it again. I need. To. Move. My. Arse.

Lovely lovely Saturday.
No work to go to.
A free day.
Up early.
Cup of tea.
But I am troubled.
I have been sat here .....for some time ........
I have been sat here for .....ahem........3 hours.
Yes I know.......lazy bugger....I will answer to that name today.
I have been  reading blogs. Knitting. Looking vaguely up at the sky and contemplating the Universe. Thinking that I really should get off my arse and start the day.


 Getting dressed would be a good beginning. Then maybe one or two of the jobs that need doing, and then going to get some potatoes from the shops (and cake...always cake) and then ironing. I do think that I can feel the stirrings of a wish for some maybe once I get going I will be very productive?
 PLEASE  tell me I am not the only person to be sucked into the black hole that is time spent on the laptop.
Where I waste time.....


Steve said...

Being sucked into your computer is what weekends were invented for.

Nana Go-Go said...

It`s called time-out from the more mundane domestic trivia we usually get on with at the weekend because we're too knackered during the week to do anything else! There's nothing wrong with doing exactly as you please of a weekend - that`s what they`re for - fill them up with anything you like. You`re sensible enough to know when`s a good time to shut your computer down;)Hope you`re having a good one and show us your knitting?

Curry Queen said...

That's not lazy - that's idyllic!

hausfrau said...

Disappearing into the ether is perfectly understandable!

Blowing the dust off the blog......

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