What we see.........and dream......

This picture was taken a couple of months ago in Wales. How lovely must it be to look out of your window every day and see this.
I live in the 'burbs like lots of other people, and am not moaning about what I see through my window every morning....a street like most others with trees and cars and flowers and greenery. Today though,  I glanced through the office window and saw rain, and greyness and thought..... a) how awful it must be to be 'on holiday' with children in weather like this b) Summer? did I blink and miss it? c) Gosh ...my dream last night!
I remembered my dream from last night.........and it made me smile.
I took a hot air balloon ride! and it was slow and peaceful and graceful and high and beautiful and I wasn't scared....I loved it.....and the land looked beautiful and as I came to the ground the wicker work basket slowly collapsed down and I stepped out of it onto terra firma........feeling so happy.
Now what was that all about?


Steve said…
I think it's like a flying dream - when you're mentally able to cut yourself free from the shackles of the every day... or perhaps a desire to do so.
Macy said…
I see the Pentlands out one window, and a 900 year old church out the other. But I don't want to get into view wars!!
If your dream was caused by any kind of any stimulant easily bought over a shp counter I think you have a duty to tell us btw!