Weird feeling......

Have had pins and needles in my left hand all is quite a strange sensation.

Pulled a muscle in my back/shoulder recently and every now and again it is really horrible. Luckily the mister rubbed some ibuprofen gel on me this morning before work...getting old? us? nooooooooooooooooo.

Having to have one of these .....for medicinal purposes only of course.

Regarding the boob job I mentioned before, never going to happen......might just get some nice new bra's.....and hope that they don't get covered in pain relief gel!

As I sit here typing this, the french window doors are open and I can hear church bells......I think it is the most wonderful bells and (quietly and slowly) ticking clocks, birds singing, kids laughing, rain, waves coming in and out at the coast, all are sounds that make me calm, relaxed and happy.

What sounds good to you?


Steve said…
That glass of wine sounds good to me...!
Curry Queen said…
Right at this moment, the sounds I would really like to hear are either or both kids saying -"oh I only need to pack a couple of t-shirts and a pair of shorts" and the Shah saying "that's enough Opera for tonight, I think - I'll go and pack my stuff". Why is the lead up to holidays sooo stressful? :-(
Macy said…
Sigh... The plink plink and fizz of a nice cold G&T

Oh,and heavy monsoon rain - but tht comes with the added smell of damp and heat.
Lovely with a G&T.
Marcheline said…
Cuban folk music. The wee bell at our cottage gate. My kitties saying hello. Goldfinches welcoming summer. Blue jays welcoming fall. The voice of my husband calling a greeting from upstairs when I get home from work at night.