Tuesday, August 23, 2011


The woman who drove into me over 18 months ago and apologised for doing so at the time has now filed a defence.....I have had a request from the insurer asking what dates I can give for a possible court attendance!!!! GGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRR......why should I have to go to court because she bumped into me????? Can I just say bugger it and not go.......I would HATE to have to go to court......but then where does that leave us?????


About Last Weekend said...

Wow - sounds like the UK is getting more like the US. At least she apologised - in the US insurers (and just about everyone) tell you not to make any admission of guilt - isn't that awful?

Steve said...

Society just seems to get more and more litigious... rather than honest. And that is deeply sad.

Macy said...

Oh I expect she'll back down once a court date is set.

Or (ominous, low tone) she'll have no luck for it


Just for now.