Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hanging head in shame,,,,,,,,,,

Here is my arse........
please kick it........
that previous post was made in a low moment......


got a day off work tomorrow and going to that there Lahdun on the train....will report tomorrow on wether the streets are paved with gold or not.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Knackered old lady..........

I am throwing in the towel and making an appointment with my GP.
I am  so reluctant to do this as I try to keep away if at all possible but I have promised the mister that I will go soon.....he has been valiant listening to me, rubbing in pain relief gel, and buying ibuprofen and paracetamol, but even he thinks that I need to see the doctor now....and as sympathetic as the mister is and always has been, it must be a pain in the backside having your wife constantly whining 'it huuuuuuurts......'  with regard to another piece of her knackered old body causing aches and pains. That is the problem really.....that if I say out loud what the problem is I sound like a loony old biddy with hypochondria.......but 'it huuuuuuurts!'.
What worries me particularly is that I have never not had painkillers on an almost daily basis.........either strong ones for a migraine, or the habitually in my bag paracetamol and ibuprofen (along with a gel)......and for what you might be asking? ... well 20 odd years ago it was for RSI and tendonitis and problems with my shoulders.... treated with steroid injections which did the job, but regularly over the years there have been flareups where my hands hurt or my arm hurt and over recent months, I have had weeks of pain in my leg, and before that pain in my back, and before that in my if some little group of pain cells is working its way around my body, setting up camp and then moving on after a week or so.....and I know I am not imagining it and I know that it bloody hurts and that I can't sleep and that I wish with all my heart I could have green spots all over me or a gash that could be seen so that it would be obvious that I am fed up of aching and feeling sluggish all the time . I am 57, and if God spares me, have a few more years to go yet (at least 8 of which will be at work) where I will continue to use a keyboard, and a pen and paper.....I have to pull myself together or get sorted in some way.
Once, and for a very short time I was on anti-depressants.....long ago in the horrible 'wanting to have a baby' years when it seemed that the whole world could get pregnant but me. And in the years between now and then there have been times when some sort of chemical alteration to my brain would have been a good thing......we have had our ups and downs.......but now......I can hand on heart say that, although I am by nature a worrier, I am happier than I have been for years....I have my family, and a job and a home and am not, as far as I am aware, depressed.............maybe I should try acupuncture or visiting an osteopath or something....or failing that just shut the fuck up? SIGH..........................

Monday, August 29, 2011

Too much stuff.....

As anyone who reads this blog will know, I am an avid charity shop shopper. Nothing makes me happier than an hour or two visiting these little bits of heaven on earth (not the smelly the smelly ones...) and browsing around finding little bits and pieces or an item of clothing that is just whispering to me 'buy me...I will look lovely on you.....and I'm only £2.99....and even if I don't look great on you,  you can give me to another shop and both charities will benefit...go know you want to...'  - and I do.....I buy my skirt or blouse or jumper and take it home and then try it on again and twirl around in front of the mirror with a smile on my face......sad eh?...then after washing and ironing it - it joins all the other items in my 'dressing room' which is really just the smallest bedroom, and the repository for the ironing board and the treadmill that no one uses anymore and the basket(s) of ironing that I have to really really be in the mood to do.  Well today I did lots of washing and ironing and I have to admit.....I have too much stuff. Five pink blouses? admittedly there is variation in sleeve or a button here and not there and fitted as opposed to loose linen....but at the end of the day......five pink blouses?
Something has to be done. In my defence, this weekend I bought a beautiful planet skirt for £4.99 and a DVD of a fabulous film for my mister for £ pounds of coin of the realm that was well worth spending in my opinion....and yet.............
My name is Libby and I am an addict.
Just like my 'posting every day in August' nonsense, which huzzah is nearly over, for my next trick I think I will try not to buy anymore charity shop stuff........
watch this space.....

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The little things.......and loved ones....

Ma, Pa, big sis, son, sons girlfriend, husband and daughter and me........we had lunch here together today.  Not exactly unusual for a Sunday I guess..........a family eating together on a Sunday...but we very rarely get all together for lunch and so it felt special and we had a splendid day. It was happy and comfortable and lovely.
The mister cooked........and made another was happy to see that the table cloths I used were ones she had given me years ago.....still going strong ...... dad had a glass of beer........after lunch we showed them the wonder that is google earth, watched some old home videos and we laughed and talked and before I took them home, we rang my brother on the other side of the world. So nothing very unusual or peculiar or outstanding....but because it very rarely happens it was fabulous.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

How big is too big?

This morning, in weather that was sometimes hot and sunny and 2 minutes later lashing it down with rain, had you been in our local fields and woodland area, you would have seen me, the mister and our daughter trying to keep up with a large beautiful excitable golden retriever puppy, who was running about like a mad thing and darting in and out of the stream, and chasing anything and every ball it could find. The puppy is not ours, we are helping out a friend by doing some dog walking for him, but my mister is besotted and has the look of someone who is trying to work out how he can convince me that adding a dog to our home with two cats in it already would be a good idea. The puppy is lovely...big.....and lovely.........and we live in a semi with two cats. The whole dog walking episode was lovely, other people with dogs were friendly, and we all got a good long walk that we perhaps wouldn't normally have taken, but the mister and the daughter are now in cahoots about how they can persuade me to let them have a dog. I put forward every argument I could think of and they countered with something that just made me go 'mmmmm' but actually the one  thing we couldn't agree on at all was size of dog.......they want big 'or what is the point of having a dog?' and if and only if  I were ever to consider it then the dog would have to be one that didn't fill a room just by being in it............

Friday, August 26, 2011

A 10 things meme? not really......

I was going to pinch an idea from Katy at Katyboo1's blog re doing a 10 things about me you don't know meme............but, the more I think about it, there are lots of things I don't think I am entirely comfortable sharing with the blogosphere. Nothing dreadful or 'hold the front page and call the police' but as I am a very private person, and still can't be really open on this blog or post a picture of me and mine, I couldn't think of anything that would be of the slightest bit of if you are passing and want to ask me a question then feel free.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I shouldn't bother if I were you.....

LAWD.........this everyday posting is tedious.

Yesterday at work the last couple of hours felt like days.......I could have put my head on my desk and just feigned biliousness in order to get away but I was valiant and thought 'they pay me to be here...I have to carry on'.........
More of the same today I suppose. Off to check my lottery ticket now........please cross legs eyes and fingers because if I win there will be champagne all around!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Things that used to worry me.......

As a child

Losing my parents.
Losing my home.
Losing my siblings.
Nuclear war.
Never being good enough.
Never being not scared.
Letting myself do and say exactly what I felt inside.

Middle years

Losing my parents
Losing my home
Losing my siblings
Losing my husband
Losing my children
Nuclear war
Never being good enough
Letting myself do and say exactly what I felt inside


All of the above
the knowledge that I have spent an awful lot of my limited time on this planet worrying
losing my mind going to lighten worry less.......

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


The woman who drove into me over 18 months ago and apologised for doing so at the time has now filed a defence.....I have had a request from the insurer asking what dates I can give for a possible court attendance!!!! GGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRR......why should I have to go to court because she bumped into me????? Can I just say bugger it and not go.......I would HATE to have to go to court......but then where does that leave us?????


Just a quickie before I go to work (get your mind out of the gutter....) about my dream last night.
I worked for Kylie Minogue, in some sort of follow her around carrying things and sorting stuff out capacity. In the dream (as in life I suspect) she was tiny and the whole time I was with her, fending off paparazzi and trying to give her some sort of routine and food and information, I was overwhelmed with pity for her. She seemed to be such a forlorn and lonely little thing. Yes she is beautiful, rich, famous and talented (?) with the world at her feet......and yet....and life on the sidelines was better than hers.
I love thinking about my dreams and unpicking the images and working out the messages that my brain is sending to me via sleep.....
what did you dream of last night?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Grown up or not it makes no difference......

Earlier today in the supermarket, I was minding my own business and wondering why anyone would pay £2 for reduced blueberries when the fresh ones were £1.80, when I became aware of a chap standing very close to my trolley and seemingly staring at me...... I glanced up ready to give my 'I'm sorry is there a problem?' look to realise that my son was smiling at me......I had only seen him a few days ago and yet it genuinely took seconds longer than it should have done for me to recognise him. Strange isn't it that seeing someone where you don't expect to see them can discombobulate your faculties? I was so happy to see him I gave him a big hug and a kiss and then realised he was with a colleague...they had nipped in on their way to somewhere else for a snack......over my sons shoulder I could see this other chap smiling away and I do hope his smile was a 'my mum would be just the same' kind!

Then just a little while ago I checked my emails, and my daughter had sent me quite a long message from word for a couple of weeks so it was lovely to hear from her......and looking forward to hearing her tales when she comes home at the weekend.

I have been having a clear out and shredding lots and lots of stuff that has been sitting in boxes for years. The sort of stuff that you think you should keep and then realise one day that you don't need never will need the receipt for that alarm system in the house you used to live in....or those bank statements from the 80's.......but you just cannot get rid of all of those birthday cards that the kids made for you ...all those funny little drawings and school bits and pieces that you surely only found in the bottom of a school bag a few years ago? Well I can't get rid of them, so school reports and certificates and Easter cards and birthday drawings and postcards are all in one neat box now labelled 'family stuff'.  Sentimental? me? you bet.....

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Not big...but beautiful......

Sunday lunch potatoes? just went into the garden and dug 'em up!  ......
First potatoes we have ever grown looking forward to trying them.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Spelling mistook in previous post....

Sorry your surname wrong.
Hadn't finished the post either and pressed the wrong keys in a bit of a muddle....
So.... remembering holidays with the kids, we did get to some lovely places, both here and abroad, but now I am excited to be able to re-visit cities and villages at a different pace, and not be worrying about little fingers getting into places they shouldn't and little legs getting tired or little ones being bored or cranky or geting peed off because we have spent a big chunk of our tiny budget on some activity or food that isn't liked or enjoyed. Don't get me wrong.....I love my kids with every fibre of my body and soul and would take a bullet for either of them, and I get misty eyed regularly looking over years and years of photos.....but now this is a different chapter and one we are enjoying.

So, if pa wants to visit Another problem.  As for the rest of Great Britain? we are on a bit of a see as many nooks and crannies, highways and byways, towns and cities as we can over the next few years.....if our health and our bank balance hold out we are in for some exploring old fogey pace and probably with a flask!


Ma said today that Pa would love to go and see Another Place, the Gormely men at Formby Beach. This was a surprise to me as we visited there some years ago and he has never mentioned it before...but happy to oblige we are now planning a weekend in Liverpool, where we can do a few things at once...once again (and happily) visit the city of his birth, see our daughter (his grand daughter) at Liverpool University, visit the new museum, and see favourite cousins.....who happened to ring out of the blue about an hour ago! spooky or what! Although we are regular visitors to Liverpool, pa at 83 has only felt able to go now and again and so it has been a few years since he walked around Albert Docks and his childhood haunts.
Me and the mister are also planning a visit to York and then Wakefield for a weekend to explore the sculpture park. I like having things on the horizon...trips to look forward to. For years and years when the kids were little we did manage to gad about here and there exploring but  for instance, I remember York as beautiful, but the viking centre was closed or full or booked or something and the kids were not really into the Minster, so our one day there felt like a 'must make a mental note to come back at leisure without the kids' type of place. Then off to the woods or the beach or the park or the pictures or bowling or gallery whatever.


Through no fault of my own (system down and visitors) I didn't post yesterday. A big so what eh? Yes exactly.
Off to ma and pa's now.... see ya later!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Struggling a bit now.......

I won't quit.....the OCD in me won't let me...but this everyday posting business makes me feel like a fraud.
In order to post each day I  feel like I am skimming over the surface of my 'thought soup' and just taking the daft nonsense from the top and ignoring the meatier stuff underneath...but that is the this blog, I don't feel able to really be me.
I would like to be truer to my thoughts and feelings and write what I would really like to write.
So, after this August 'daily delivery', I will try something new.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I haven't seen one like that for years........

Was that title a bit Actress/Bishop? No? just me then..........

This is the lovely stuff that was given to us today. A friend has an allotment and very kindly shared his bounty.
This weekend we will unearth our first potatoes, our first attempt at growing anything other than tomatoes in our garden. Doesn't take a lot to excite us these days. Used to be staying up and staying out and getting up to allsorts...........that baton  has now been passed to our kids I suppose....such is life. A good life......

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I apologise for the following post.....not salacious, informative, educational, riveting, funny or in any way time worthy......

Looking for words of wisdom? beautiful tales of fascinating lives?

sorry..........just sitting here musing on a few things and thinking about the tea or wine debate......which shall I have?......probably a mister made pear/banana/ginger crumble for pudding.....t'was daughter is in Korea at the moment...........what a small world it is for young people these days......although it is not raining at the moment, it is certainly not summery is it?....... I'm
still loving Sopranos.....gangster men who love their mothers and commit horrific acts...why are these monsters appealing?....looking forward to a few trips coming up soon.....need a break from work....
my nephew got engaged come that little lad of my memory is now over 6' and planning a wedding?

Am I sure about the tea versus wine?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Billy Spokeshave...........

When I was at Grammar School, quite a few of my friends lived in Stratford upon Avon, and I have fond memories of spending lots of time there.........and over the years seeing different plays/concerts there and tootling about on the water.........I had my first underage drink in a pub near the old cattlemarket..and one of my first early teenage kisses in a bus station.....aaaahhh.
There have been lots of visits there with parents and kids, and now that we are in the 'on our own again' stage of life, the mister suggested a run out there this morning...'cos y'know, when you are our age you start doing old fogey things like buying a thermos flask and 'having a run out somewhere mother'..........

So we did.......and here are the pictures......


  I was assured that these cobbles on the right  are the exact cobbles where William Shakespeare trod.....mmmmm.........
What do you think? If I had stood there long enough could I have channeled the Immortal Bard (Baird?) and written some good stuff?

Now, rude responses from the cheap seats please.................

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Too quiet to post......

Quiet quiet posting.......just quiet.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Diamonds are a girls best friend.....

But who doesn't like to receive a different sort of present now and again? Ladeeeeeez and gentlemen.....the latest addition to 'needs dusting towers' and installed this afternoon...........

Friday, August 12, 2011

Remember my friend? ......

..the one whose husband is having an affair? We had a drink after work cheap drink the end of the week ......and I think that she has some direction, some minute speck of hope that one day she will be happy again and living an independent life. There are still teary eyes nearly every day, and times when she is overwhelmed....but this is her hope....that one day all this pain and unhappiness will be in the past.
This is what I tell her, hoping that what I say will make her feel better, that one day she will be living and functioning and enjoying a life where she is the boss of her (the things that she is slowly revealing about her life with him are very sad) and no longer hurting as she does. I don't know if my words help or not but they are all I have. If we had money to spare I would help her, but as neither of us has any cash, we are going to (stupidly I know...but it was her suggestion) put 50p together each week and buy a lottery ticket.......I know we will never win , but that £1 a week might bolster up what little bit of hope she has.
She is putting the house on the market.....she has been working herself ragged over the last few weeks, doing a full day at work with me and then painting the house at night, and will accept no offers of help,and sprucing up her once happy home, in order to achieve the best possible price.
If it sells there will be no money seems now that the lifestyle he lived (holidays/concerts/football/nights out) was funded by her, and tonight she admitted that she is now looking for a part time job for the evenings ....through necessity.  He has moved in with his latest fling (he is apparently a serial womaniser) and my friend is looking for somewhere that she can live in alone as she starts a  single life.
Without wishing life away, it would be good in this circumstance to fast forward if possible and see her in a home of her own and not in pain. One day at a time I day at a time.

ps...and my other friend has a birthday today.....have a good one AGx

Thursday, August 11, 2011

What we see.........and dream......

This picture was taken a couple of months ago in Wales. How lovely must it be to look out of your window every day and see this.
I live in the 'burbs like lots of other people, and am not moaning about what I see through my window every morning....a street like most others with trees and cars and flowers and greenery. Today though,  I glanced through the office window and saw rain, and greyness and thought..... a) how awful it must be to be 'on holiday' with children in weather like this b) Summer? did I blink and miss it? c) Gosh dream last night!
I remembered my dream from last night.........and it made me smile.
I took a hot air balloon ride! and it was slow and peaceful and graceful and high and beautiful and I wasn't scared....I loved it.....and the land looked beautiful and as I came to the ground the wicker work basket slowly collapsed down and I stepped out of it onto terra firma........feeling so happy.
Now what was that all about?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

People .... so wonderful sometimes......

There are young people in Wolverhampton and London taking to the streets with brooms ...sending a message to the yobs and scum that cause trouble, that good will out and evil will not triumph. Tremendous.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Where do we go from here?.....

How can we go back in time and undo all the damage that has been done to people and property and young minds?
Rioting and violence and a desire to live for oneself only and not give a thought to anybody else, is behaviour that seems to be the mindset for so many youngsters now.
I know this is not true of the majority......but for some the attitude that prevails is 'this is my right... to have what I want when I want it whether it is mine or not' and they attack and damage and litter and steal and swear and swagger through our society like a virus.
How do we stop the rot?

Monday, August 8, 2011

a piece of string tied around my finger.......

The bank. The building society. The post office. Boots. Charity shop. Sainsburys. Ironing. Dinner sorted.

There is something nagging at me....something I have forgotten to do....or somewhere I needed to go...or something...something.....someone......somewhere....something......

Maybe it will come back to me later...........mmmmmmmmmm.

But while I am here, I will just say that maybe this daily posting business will turn out to be like doing a crossword/sudouko to keep the dementia/alzheimers at bay............maybe.....d'ya think?

Now what was I on about before.....ah yes ...something.......

Sunday, August 7, 2011

There must be a beautiful rainbow somewhere......

You put the washing on the line.
Always an enjoyable little job for me.

I know, I know, I must be peculiar......but I really like hanging out washing.
Now I use a rotary line and I love it, but for years it was one long piece of plastic strung across the garden from tree to long fluttering line of clothes and towels and socks and jeans and bedding.
26 years ago there were even cloth nappies on the line - that didn't last for long I must say.

Our life on display.
Picking each dress or t-shirt up from the basket, smoothing and straightening  and positioning  just so on the line.
Pegs in the right place, and yes there is a right cannot be slapdash with pegs.
Making sure to hide certain items (perhaps the bigger, older, shabbier knickers?) and then placing the other items in a pleasing array.

The breeze makes the clothes flutter and dance and wave. Shirts without bodies. Socks without feet.

A little while later it is almost dry.........a little while after that you look out of the window....  and think 'it might rain...' and then you carry on with your day and suddenly notice that the sky is dark and rain is beating against the window pane.

There is a mad dash outside and plucking of pegs and clothes and then using the tumble drier.....bugger.

A little while later the sun is out and there is colour everywhere....the sky, the trees, the brickwork and paintwork, the cars, flowers and plants..... all illuminated so brightly.

You think...darn.......and then smile and look around for a rainbow.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

As in life....the big commitment, or lack thereof ...

As I get up at 'my goodness it is early o'clock' I like to make a pot of tea and sit reading blogs, while the world is quiet.
I read lots and lots of blogs, and am impressed by so very many. The funny blogs,the really funny blogs, the blogs of naturally gifted writers, the fabulous photo blogs, the 'here I am in all my inner self exposed to the world' blogs, although I doubt that is ever really true...I don't believe anyone doesn't use an inner filter when posting, you pay your money and take your choice, because there really is almost any kind of blog out there.
Yet I am puzzled about the dedication and work ethic, if you have a popular and fascinating blog, then just how all encompassing blogging is, and how it must eat into everyday quite significantly (especially  if you decide to do this post everyday malarkey that I have set myself...I know....I am the boss of me so why am I moaning??)
My deafult setting is and always has been 'could do better but is lazy and would rather eat cake' which in turn has meant that all through my life I have never been able to nail my colours to one mast.
To fully commit, or achieve, or decide which club to apply to join..... I was never a mod, a hippie, a goth, a nerd, a slut, a punk, a domestic goddess, or any one particular 'kind'.  I tinkered around the edges of all of them in one way or another. A particular hairstyle here, a way of speaking there, a kaftan with a whiff of patchouli, some sensible shoes and a satchel, baking cakes and gardening, motown, festivals, being with the wrong kind of man once or twice, staprest and short hair, 80's shoulder pads and big hair, spliffs, sensible clothes sometimes, bra-less and bare feet at others. I was never passionate about anything enough to fully commit. I admired the people who did.

I am a bystander. Which is ok. We can't all be headline acts.

The work involved in blogging, for some of the really popular blogs I read, reminds me of how 'only a toe in the water' kind of gal I am. The look of some blogs is beautiful, creative, individual, pleasureable to behold.
The natural wit of some writers is outstanding.....there are people making lots of money in the 'real' world who don't have a smidgeon of the talent that is displayed daily on t'interweb.....and I don't even use twitter or facebook so I am sure I am missing out on some quick and fabulous writing/authors...but I can't be arsed to change my phone....too busy eating cake y'see.
So, as I feel quite comfortable being a tinkerer or a dabbler I will not beat myself up about my blog or my posting. It is what it is...which is day 6 for me on my personal 'post something every day' journey.
Day 6...only 25 to go....(.wait...don't go! might pick up a bit in the middle!!)
In all honesty I doubt I will ever change....Lordy, at my age I think the time has passed for radical changes or a mid-life crisis....I mean, I really don't think I will ever reach 114, and would I want to? about scaring young children and horses.................

Friday, August 5, 2011

Not to everyone's taste but......

This why I 'thrift' shop.
The mirror was £1.50 and the lamp was £1 in a charity shop. 
Terrible photo though eh?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

My baby is home...... my baby is 20.........but she has been away in Morocco and Spain and I am happy to see her back from her travels.

Moving on...................................

these are the books on my bedside table currently, and yet the one I am reading is in my new/old (see post re charity shop bag) bag. So how come, with all those books, I am getting into bed and watching Sopranos every night?.ooooh it is so so good..............and it is so enjoyable re-visiting a programme that you loved the first time around and watching the DVDs.

It is raining and cold today, and luckily I have a week in Portugal to look forward to, so it is a shame I just ate an enormous plate of gorgeous roasted chicken and vegetables, then again I was never going to wear a bikini, so what the hey.........

Friday tomorrow! good times....................................................................x

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Weird feeling......

Have had pins and needles in my left hand all is quite a strange sensation.

Pulled a muscle in my back/shoulder recently and every now and again it is really horrible. Luckily the mister rubbed some ibuprofen gel on me this morning before work...getting old? us? nooooooooooooooooo.

Having to have one of these .....for medicinal purposes only of course.

Regarding the boob job I mentioned before, never going to happen......might just get some nice new bra's.....and hope that they don't get covered in pain relief gel!

As I sit here typing this, the french window doors are open and I can hear church bells......I think it is the most wonderful bells and (quietly and slowly) ticking clocks, birds singing, kids laughing, rain, waves coming in and out at the coast, all are sounds that make me calm, relaxed and happy.

What sounds good to you?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pain in the arse......

Remember when somebody drove into me over 14 months ago? scraped the side of my car? admitted it at the time and then decided to change their mind? IT IS STILL NOT RESOLVED! ............
The car has been fixed but now the insurers say the other party are contesting the case.....aaaargghhhh.....

I have to remember that no-one was was an accident that only affected metal/ I am grateful for that......but 14  months ago this happened......and is still dragging on..................

The name Jarndyce is springing to mind.............

First post......

One day, if I have money to squander, I might have a boob job. There.....said out loud with no shame.
This will be of course after I have provided for all my friends and family and set up a trust or foundation of some description for the needy and donated lots to charity....if there is a spare 3 or 4 thousand left over I will have (at least I think I might have....I find the thought scary) an increase in the chest region.........the belly arse hips combo does'nt look like it is ever going to go away and being pear shaped gets me down......I need to even things out a bit by being a bit bigger up top.......................................................................................

Sadly this is my post for today......can you tell I have had some red wine? No? really?

I apologise. The only way is up. Literally.

Monday, August 1, 2011

My intention.....

I plan to post something everyday this month.
Now don't snort and roll your eyes at the back there...I am going to do it...honestly......well in all honesty I am going to try.
I am not going to cast around looking for words of wisdom. If I truly post something, whatever pops into my head, then at the end of the month I hope to be able to observe 'a month of me' and assure myself that I am not as crackers as my mother........(good luck with that aside from the mister..).

I will not post poetry.
Or recipes.
Or pictures of my cats.
Or details of what I have eaten and what I weigh.

I will try not to swear.
I might swear.

I will take a photo everyday and then post them on the last day in one of those rectangular mosaic thingies that I don't know how to do.
I will find out how to do a picture mosaic (does anyone know how to do one of these? can you let me know? thanks...).

So this, my intention, is not my first offering. Oh no, this does'nt count. It is day one...August 1st 2011...and I will think about what my first post will be while I do some ironing......glamour from dawn to dusk here.......sigh........

Must work out the heating........

I left for work at 7.50 this morning - no heating on - left work at 5.15 and then went to choir - so have just come in and the house is COLD...