Tuesday, June 28, 2011

No words will do......

My best friend at work found out this weekend that her husband has been having an affair. Today she has looked like a woman who is just about at the end of her strength.
With alarming speed, since he only owned up to it at the weekend, and shared his plans for his new future, in
which she plays no part, she now has to sell her home, and start a single life.......
As I sat with her today and listened to her and in between gulping crying she was holding her stomach and saying 'I hurt here...I have a pain, a real proper pain that won't go...it hurts'...........I was at a loss as to what to say or do.
All I can offer her is someone she can talk to, a spare room here she can use whenever she wants for some peace, and a tissue for her tears.
What good practical advice can I give?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

This is what happens if you have no 'proper' dinner....

You come in from work and have a cup of tea.
Then a gi-normous bag of edamame seeds. Honestly....a big bag....just me...munching away.
Half an hour later a huge chunk of olive bread with a slab of cheese.
Twenty minutes later a custard slice.
Another cup of tea.
Large piece of madeira cake.
Back into kitchen for another large piece of madeira cake.
A few crisps.
Open cupboards....open fridge.........look across at the fruit on the table.....banana? no..... orange? no? avocado? already had two........
At this point lift up top and look at belly.....feel that 'in for a penny in for a pound' sensation.......have three triangles of toblerone.

An hour later have potato gnocchi with pasta and rocket.

Another cup of tea (but this time fennel tea)
Clean teeth in order to try not to eat any more food....feel fat, full, sluggish and oh what the fuck.......

Tomorrow is another day.

Hate getting up.....

This is my take on the http://stickyfingers1.blogspot.com/ three word gallery.........

The biggest luxury of days off work is getting up when you want to...not when you have to......

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Home again.....

So there was very little sunshine....just a smidgeon now and again.
There was stormy weather....
There was a little girl with a cold and a temperature who needed some tlc so there was learning to use an ipad and play games that an 11 year old could skip through really quickly that just defeated this old lady.

There was laughter.
Great food. Chocolate.
Fish and chips with salt and vinegar and still in the paper. Low alcohol wine for the driver (me) and birthday cake and cava for the birthday girl (81).
Walks at dusk watching tremendous stormy skies and feeling the wind blow us this way and that. Sleeping in beds that were not quite as comfy as your own but beds where you could lie at night and hear the tide and watch the skies through windows in the roof.
There was meeting another blogger 'in real life!' and discovering delightful people.
There was playing cards in the afternoon and wandering about taking photos.
A telephone call from a good friend with news of gig tickets for next year that she has bought for us.
There was listening to my brother in laws playlist and loving it..old stuff/new stuff and constantly saying 'oh I love this...haven't heard it for years...' or 'this is great...who is it?'.
There was seeing my sister look happy and well.
There was seeing my ma sit on the deck saying 'oh how I have wanted to do this...just be well enough to sit here and look at the view'
There was 'Happy fathers day' for Pa......with a card and chocolates.
Comparing vegetable gardens.
Talk of long weekends later in the year if at all possible.
Visiting a shrine. Whispering to an old lady that her flies were undone and she was showing the word a little more than she needed to and her laughing and saying 'oh it pays to advertise dear!'!!
Telephone calls from across the world to wish  ma 'happy birthday grandma'.
There were hugs and kisses and hello's and goodbye's .

Good times and safe journeys and blessings being counted.

Friday, June 17, 2011

At the coast......

The tide is out and there is no sun in the sky but who cares......we are here on the coast for a couple of days....no work, no routine, just walking and looking out at the far horizon and feeling like we are on a mini holiday....with fish and chips later for dinner....great stuff.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Now if you remember.....

I love me a list........sometimes.........anyhoo

As I have been up since 5.30 (I know...weird or what) I have been reading blogs and have been looking at people's favourite films.
So that got me thinking about how it is possible to list stuff....music/films/books etc., after all I am fickle and
I am a creature of mood and blow and bend this way and that, so thought that it would not be possible for me to do a 'top ten'..some days I like something... other days? eeehhh not so much........

But I am going to give it a go.......

The Unsinkable Molly Brown......want to be Debbie Reynolds....rich or poor....beautiful and talented
Broadcast News.....want to be Holly Hunter...but wish the ending was different..
Waterloo Bridge.....so so romantic.....
The Paleface.....love Bob Hope...there is one scene that just makes me laugh out loud.

Its a Wonderful Life.......do I need to give a reason???

A Tree grows in Brooklyn.....always identified with Francie....a feel good film really even if sad
When Harry met Sally.......funny, lovely, just good.
Now, voyager.......Bette Davis.....what a woman....in fact almost any Miss Davis film

Cinema Paradiso.....the  scene at the end with all the clips? makes me cry each time...
The Heart is a lonely Hunter....fell in love with a young Alan Arkin
Forrest Gump....great soundtrack
Singin' in the Rain......just fantastic
Some like it Hot..........could watch it over and over again
Funny Girl/Lady.......Barbra can sing......
Let the right one in......original version....really good film of a genre I don't usually do
Breaking the Waves........slightly odd and just has lots of 'makes you think' bits
Color Purple......wonderful
Das Boot.....atmospheric (of course) and well paced
On The Waterfront......ooooh Marlon.......
Godfather.....classic..with so much that is good about it I would be here all day
Disney - Beauty and the Beast/Dumbo.........still singing the tunes after all these years...
Little Miss Sunshine.....Alan Arkin again......fabulous uplifting film
Night of the Hunter.....scary Robert Mitchum...atmospheric
Novecento........makes me want to go to Italy.....Gerard Depardiu and Robert de Niro.....mmmmm
Once upon a time in America......gangsters.....boyhood friends.......schmaltzy but great
Rebecca......Max de Winter????? maybe he started me on my 'would like a handsome rich posh man in my life' quest.....now given up on of course.........but boy oh boy he is gorgeous in this (and the old Pride and Prejudice)
Schindlers List......had such an impact 
The Seven Samurai......I think this was the first subtitled film I saw..violent yet bonding men...strange beasts..
Spartacus......uplifting....and who hasn't said 'I am Spartacus'!
Pride and Prejudice......new one..... just for that stuttering 'I love love love you' in the mist at the end.
Eastern Promises......one sexy russian!
This is England........Shane Meadows makes the middle of England cool.......great soundtrack/film/memories of that time
Sweet Charity........Shirley Maclaine in a Bob Fosse??? with a choice of endings (2 versions) ..got to love it

Random Harvest.....have watched it over and over again......just love it...Greer Garson is so beautiful
Streetcar named desire.......can you feel the heat? can you?
Trains, Planes and Automobiles.......such a good film.....
The Departed....exciting, Matt Damon....
Crossing Delancey.....shouldn't like this..it's not that great...but love the idea of ending up with a man that you think isn't the man you wanted.....Bubbie knows best.
The Passion of the Christ......my son took me to see it one Easter and I sobbed and sobbed ...maybe I attach that memory to the film more than the film but either way...great film

and obviously others that I will remember later in the day........probably saying out loud 'oh my goodness..I cannot believe I missed out.......' never mind though eh?

If there is anyone still reading then hello!...thanks for sticking with it...that was 10 minutes of your life you will never get back but I do truly appreciate it!!!
Let me see what your list looks like.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Getting stuff done.....

This weekend was designated as 'getting around to stuff' weekend.
Those jobs that have been put off for ages.

So yesterday the garage door was flung open, and because I was ashamed that we didn't just have a car in there like normal people, we chose to make an early start before the neighbours could see just how much crap we had crammed in there over the years. We rolled up our sleeves, gritted our teeth, and we made inroads into the sorting of many years of accumulated tat/treasure.

We had -
unopened rolls of wallpaper/furniture/sewing machine/wool/clothes/records/books/crayons/crockery/vhs tapes/curtains/bikes/school books/knick knacks(?)/bags/skates/venetian blinds that do not fit any window in this house and lots and lots of other stuff.
Out onto the drive we made 'piles' - one for the tip, one for charity and one to be crammed back into the garage because I couldn't bear to part with it, or 'it will come in useful one day'.
Last time we did this, we went into the kitchen for a cuppa halfway through and when we emerged a lady was wandering up and down the drive looking at stuff..she thought it was a sale....and she sniffed and walked away empty handed because obviously none of my treasure was to her liking!
This time I was ruthless. Into the 'tip' pile went all kinds of stuff, and the mister had to visit more than one charity shop because the lady in the first one asked 'how many bags are you bringing?'.
We have hundreds of LP's and bags of Beanie babies and shelf after shelf of books, so now that we can actually get into the garage, we can decide which pile to put them into over the next few days.

Today we had hours of fun (I know...define the word fun?) putting quilts and bedthrows into those vacuum pack bags ...y'know..where if you use the hoover they are flattened as all the air is sucked out.  There are now quite a few of them on the top shelf of the airing cupboard....but as we are not sure they really work, we suspect that in the morning if we open the airing cupboard door we will be smothered by escaping bedding exploding on to us like the Pilsbury dough man from Ghostbusters....that film dates me doesn't it?

Have also tried to remove the cat hair that is everywhere in this bloody house...so far have gathered enough to make another cat........I do love them but so wish we didn't have them.....after mopping the kitchen floor the cat quite serenely came in from the garden and left pretty little paw prints in a neat trail from catflap to kitchen/hall door....aaaaggghhhhhhhh.


Have to keep checking how the 'vhs - disc' switchover operation is going and this seems to mean that I have to sit down for 10 mins and watch the kids when they were little and  sigh and ooh and aah, then periodically say 'my god I know it was the 80's but why did I have that perm???'........

Anyhoo...all this activity has taken its toll and now I fancy a glass of wine...........lots of ironing to do tomorrow.....and then a weekend at my sisters by the sea next weekend for another little 'four room' break.

Enjoy your week and thanks for reading!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

weekend walkabout......

Away from work......away from worries or concerns....just walking and eating and winding down.....even just for 2 days............enables you to visit what Betty at Yappy dog calls 'your 4 rooms'.....the emotional, spiritual, physical and mental.........

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


why is blogger telling me I am not following any blogs? where has the list and the updates gone? something is amiss.....and I don't do technology!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Need cake.....

no .... more than need.......crave cake.......and none in the bloody house...........may have to bake..bugger.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Council house kid......

Who always wanted to be posh.......sigh......how stupid eh?

Now that I am old enough to know better, I realise what a waste of time all my yearning for poshness was. What I wanted was the trappings of posh, as I saw them at the time.

As a child I lived with my family in a council house. A clean and tidy council house. Where my mother cooked proper food. She made us stews and pies and puddings and jam. Knitted us jumpers. There were roses in the garden. There was a water butt. We didn't have a telephone or a car. There were not many books in the house but we did have library cards. I appreciate the fact that we had decent food in our early years, although once Ma was working we did have some Fray bentos dinner/angel delight puddings........which we thought were fancy!
We had our feet measured regularly for 'good shoes'. We slept in beds with clean sheets and blankets.
We had freedom to roam the local woods with our other council house kid mates for hours on end with a jam sandwich and a bottle of water for sustenance.
We didn't have money.

Throughout my life, and admittedly I have not had a 'travelling the world-meeting the great and the good and the glorious' life, I have found that the poshest people I have encountered, or at least the ones I consider to be posh, have fallen into two camps.

Properly posh or pp and utp or up themselves posh.
Usually the utp's had the money.

What I remember about the pp I have encountered is them...their nature or personality..their interest in the world and life and the people in it.

Just like the John Cleese/two Ronnies sketch  about class 'I know my place..' then I know my place.
I am a council house kid......and I didn't 'make good'.
Never achieved.
Didn't travel too far.
There aren't that many differences between my childhood life and my life now....except that I own my home (almost!), have a car, sometimes travel abroad on holidays and my spagetti is not out of a tin these days.

I am still fascinated by posh people...watching them and listening to them.

My children are not council house kids. There is a tiny corner of my heart that would like them to attain the trappings of poshness that I dreamt of as a child......but maybe we all want our children to move on and up and take for granted things we have struggled for? and yet my children are bright, happy individuals with a sense of self worth, and as far as I can tell, no longing for the silly fripperies I used to covet.

I would like them to have money in their life...not for itself but because it buys protection and security of a sort and opportunity.....with money you are not hungry or without somewhere to sleep, you are able to travel and to experience life.........and yes, I know experience and wonder and affirmation of being alive is available without money, but money gives you choices.
I still buy a lottery ticket every week and silently wish 'one day...one day...'.

UTP people have a silken ease with which they travel through life.....confident and sometimes arrogant, their ease is money bought.
The best currency is used by the PP. They travel with  interest and curiosity and manners, kindness and grace.

Health is wealth.........I don't need what I used to covet.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Belated, and sheepish, thanks....

It occurred to me, that of late, I have been a bit lax with regard to 'thank you for dropping by and commenting' to the kind people that write comments on my posts. I am ashamed. I have no excuse. Bad Manners have no excuse. So - if you are reading this.....thank you so very much for calling in and reading...and if you post a comment, then feel free to call me rude if don't 'reply'!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Suitcases not bags.....

My face is old....and the bags under my eyes will need a porter to carry them soon.
My daughter 'borrowed' my Touche eclat before she went back to University (why? she is young....she has skin that is taut and young and gorgeous) and although when I use it I sometimes look as if I have peach yogurt under my eyes and before I buy a new one (gulp...trying to save money yet thinking of the cost) I seem to remember reading that someone had found a more reasonably priced alternative that did the job just as well. Any ideas? Thank you.


Just for now.