It has to come out somewhere I guess....

Dreamt I was saving swans last night. Only they were not white. They were 'duck' coloured.
I was up to my knees in canal water. I could feel the width and weight of the neck just under the head in my right hand as I held the body under my left arm.
I wanted to put the swan into safe water but didn't want to let go of holding it.
Did let go and then worried that the canal was a dead end......but a swan/duck doesn't need a neverending river does it?


Deer Baby said…
Profound. I could read a million things into that. Dreams are weird, that's the understatement of the year!
Nana Go-Go said…
I`d give up eating that Camembert before you retire of an evening, Libs. Sounds like something from a Stephen King book!Horlicks is your friend!x