I remember.........

When my daughter was born she weighed 10 and a half pounds, and that weeks prior to her birth, assorted medicos had been injecting my (rather large at this stage) arse with iron injections. Once out of hospital with my big bundle of joy and more stitches than I imagined it possible for me to accommodate in my nether regions (natural birth, much gripping of husbands hand and gritting of teeth) I was at my mums a few days later and, as has always been the way, was still poohing past myself very regularly..............and after my mum had changed my babies nappy I was upstairs in the loo yet again doing what was coming very naturally and very regularly.
I was still very tender and feeling a bit delicate, and as I stood there with my (big) pants at my knees inwardly bemoaning the fact that my stitches weren't 'right' and that trying to wipe my backside was awkward and painful.........I felt defeated, had no idea what to do and well, I just leant my head against the wall and cried.
Very quietly my mother came into the bathroom, enfolded me in her arms and then set about 'changing my nappy' too.......she gently cleaned me up as I stood there sobbing and then ran me a bath.
We laugh about it now....from one tiny little new backside to a rather bigger one.
I thought about this memory today as me and ma shared a cup of tea.....she was sat on the couch with a blanket and 'didn't feel like going for a walk or going out' so we just sat and talked, and it occurred to me that one day I might have to wipe her backside and bathe her.

No problem.


Kelloggsville said…
It's a funny old world...it all boils down to a few things...eat, drink, sex, sleep and poo. No much else really. I suppose the order can change! They don't tell you in anti-natal classes about those sorts of things really do they. I suppose it's for the best.
Nana Go-Go said…
When I asked my Mother why she didn`t tell me how painful childbirth would be she said `You`d never have had the kids if I had!`....I thought my stitches were halfway up my spine when in fact I only had three on the outside....it`s surprising how comfortable an inflatable swim-ring can be at such times!Yes, the Circle of Life will affect us all in one way or another - I too will try and preserve my Mother`s dignity for as long as I can and am able, whatever it takes.
auntiegwen said…
And isn't it lovely if we can look after those we love. xxx