Wednesday, March 30, 2011

just how I like it.....

Today at the theme is hair.
Oh, the bane of our lives.
We want it long or short, curly or straight, blonde or fact we usually want it to be the opposite of whatever it is.
I don't think that any woman I know ever accepts a compliment on her hair, she just pulls a face and pulls her hand through it and says 'oh this is sticking out/too short/greyer than I would like!'
I am just the same. My hair has been brown/black/blonde/red and sometimes a horrible mixture of all of them at some time or other......and it is only now, in my fifties, when my hair is thinning and going slightly 'pubic' around the hairline that I have found a hairdresser who meets my needs - local, quick, cheap and does what I want (oh how classy am I?).

When I met my mister, my hair was 1/2inch short all over and bottle black. His previous girlfriend had very lovely girly hair, long and blonde and beautiful...I am surprised still that he liked me. Yet I should know, especially after all this time that our hair is not us...our hair is not all we are.....and when my friend lost her hair during her treatment a couple of years ago, she had a really fabulous wig....but we all liked her better without it.

All this talk of hair is making me want to change mine again now......maybe blonde for the spring? or red? or dark brown?......mmmmmmm off to Boots for the 'do it yourself box' maybe!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

moving forward?

Do you think my just finished 45 minute bike ride burns off the calories I wolfed down eating a bag of crisps,a dime bar and a buttered hot cross bun? The answer I want to hear is yes.............

and I'm getting better with the crochet ......

Truth be told, there were lots of flat/just sitting and coasting bits on the cycle ride, not too much pedalling, and I did have to get off and push at one point (well it was uphill) although for the most part it was very enjoyable and I am breaking myself in gently.............tomorrow is another day....I will choose a different route.


Enough time and thought on what is afoot at the distractions, inbetween times I have been  doing some gardening and crochet and ironing and reading and brushing the cat (why oh why did we ever get kittens for our daughter....I love the cats now of course, but the long haired one leaves hair everywhere and I HATE it) and cooking and generally trying to be a proper housewifey type person.

yes ..plastic....oh dear
  I went mad in the 99p shop and bought seeds and  pots and am experimenting with container grown seed potatoes, leeks and green beans. This is an experiment so no terracotta pots or digging up the garden, just a 'bung it all together, water and watch' sort of thing. Who knows....we might eat something home grown this summer.

I have also been on an ironing frenzy.......

Am enjoying reading this..
but have only managed to make this which doesn't look quite right

All week I have had a cold/cough/sore throat thing going on that has meant I don't sleep at night (not much of that at present anyway...) and am then knackered later in the day. In order to warm myself up (crikey it is perishing here today) perhaps I will go and clean out the inside of my car......I don't usually worry about that sort of thing but the stuff in it rolling around all the time is even starting to get on my nerves now,  as along with the tissues and carpark tickets and cd's, the mister used it to take stuff to the tip, so there is now an odour and lots of twigs and grass just to add to the delight......although I hasten to add the odour was not from the mister.
Must decide what to have for food this weekend is time to stop stuffing my face with cake and chocolate and feel good stuff and try proper food again....maybe make something??
Anyhoo.....if you are reading this your boredom threshold MUST have been reached by now, but thanks for visiting, please share with me some of the delights of your domesticity, and have a lovely rest of the day................

Friday, March 25, 2011

unsettling times at needs dusting towers...

The mister has a decision to make. Quite a life changing decision. I am neither use nor ornament with regards to advice...I will support him whichever way the wind blows. We would both like some grown up person to come to us and say..'this is what you should do' long as that grown up person was not family as they would want to put in their ideas and or suggestions. Our 'go with our gut instinct' way of operating is failing us as one day it points one way and've guessed it...the next day points the other. It is not a health decision, and for that we are grateful, it is a work/job/money decision. I strongly suspect that whatever happens, 6 months down the line we will look at each other and say 'Oh my God..what on earth have we done?'. Being a grown up can be quite perplexing at times....and I say that very mindful of the fact that we are very very  lucky to be grown my Pa always says 'getting old is better than the alternative' and I know that each day above ground is good. Much much more than good.
People all over the world are coping with death, disease, war and terrors that I don't think I can ever imagine.
We are here, living fortunate lives.
Unfortunately, being the flawed human that I am, these thoughts do not distract me from my own concern. Yes, I am that shallow.........what to do? what to do?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

and the winner is......

I was cleaning out a draw recently. I know, I will stop at nothing to live a jet set life. In this haven of biros, broken cameras, old bits and pieces and.... well.....crap basically...there was an old dictaphone that my daughter had when she was at youth theatre and would use in rehearsals/line learning. It occured to me that I should keep the dictaphone handy so that each time I had a thought for a blog post I could just record notes for it there and then. Subjects like.....who do I want in my lifeboat - memory and family stories- top 10 sexiest men - you know earth shattering stuff.
I put the dictaphone back.
I realised I had just entered a competition for crazy and was a guaranteed winner.

p.s. but I am now thinking about who I want in my lifeboat and why Theiss is so sexy..............

Sunday, March 20, 2011

first tag....

Well ...  Mrs Worthington from  has tagged me.
 I have not been tagged before.
 She has proposed a 3 x 9 meme. So, as I understand it, I give out some information and then ask 3 others to do the same. Here goes......

3 names I have been known by - Kate, momma and D
3 places I have lived -Germany, Midlands, Brighton
3 places I have worked - Pub, Cake shop, GP's surgery
3 programmes I love to watch - Films, Corrie, The Killing
3 places I have been in love - Head, heart and ladyparts
3 people who email me regularly - Martin and his money saving whatsit, my sister and my friend
3 things I love to eat - chips and mayo, cake, really good sandwiches
3 people who will respond to me tagging them - not sure
3 things I am looking forward to -Life and finding out how it all works out in the end.. and not being scared at the end, Grandchildren, going to Seville in October

I realise that my answers look a little stark and I suspect that for the places in love one I perhaps should have been a bit more geographical....but my first thought was head, heart and ladyparts so I went with that....(I also like the sound of that and may write a book/song with that as the title....what do you think? Yeah if...) As for the people to tag? well I think that some of the people I would like to tag are possibly not the ones that would like to be tagged...but I don't know...................

So if you are reading this Curry Queen at  and Kevin at and Katy at either have a go...or don't...which ever way you want or don't want..............

Night all.

p.s.Have just realised that it should be 3 places I have been to and love.....oh that case Northumberland, New York and Venice.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Just like last year ... only better...

St Patricks night.........just saw the Dubliners live again ....with the mister and goodness those men know which way is up.........

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ghost of Christmas past.....

This is my entry for The Gallery run by Tara Cain.

All those Christmas trees waiting to be recycled. Being watched over by a living tree. Fate.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

letting go...

My daughter has just caught the train back to University.
As we hugged and said goodbye, she said laughingly  'I don't want to go..' but I wasn't worried as she loves it and was just having a 'moment'. She had a chesty cough and cold when she arrived and after 3 days of being spoilt rotten by ma and pa, is now much better. When she said she didn't want to go I replied with a kiss 'but if you stay here you will just lie on the couch wrapped in that blanket cuddling your cats and watching bad television..' to which she replied 'sounds good to me.....'

We have had a lovely few days, and last night snuggled up under my newly finished babette blanket and with the mister watched two films that we love, the original 'let the right one in' and 'the wedding singer'.

Earlier in the day we had been faffing about here and there in the car and had some rather fabulous 'motown' moments...both singing out loud and her laughing and looking at me askance if I used the word funky.....but I cared not as I was lost in reminiscing about disco way back when........ girl......... back at Easter.........I'm looking forward to it already.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

preparing for what may never come.......

This weekend  me and the mister 'house swapped' with our son. We spent Saturday night at their modern flat, cuddled up in a double bed (had forgotten that you have to turn in tandem.....very cosy) and Son, his girlfriend and my daughter, along with a group of Uni., friends had a get together at our house. There were blow up mattresses here and there, a night in town, bacon sandwiches this morning and a good time had by one and all. My daughter told me that her brother even danced at the club at one point last night... a boy who, as far as I know, doesn't do dancing........and has laughingly told me that I will only ever see him dance, maybe, on his wedding day. Seeing my boy with his 'home from Uni.,' sister, seeing the two of them together, laughing and sharing, was a joy.
Early this morning, the mister went for his usual swim. I stayed in bed and then got up and ate buttered toasted croissants. Hence the arse/belly/hips combo that I may have mentioned before.
 I realised that perhaps there are only a short number of years before grandchildren. That I was not energetic enough for grandchildren. That I could not let my children, and their yet to be conceived and born children, down. That if I was too tired to think about being a Grandma now, I would truly be knackered if and when I was one.
So this is what my husband bought for me today.

This afternoon we went for a little trial run....just around the local area. It was good. I enjoyed it. I am also going to go with the mister to the pool and maybe give swimming another go. Who knows if these good intentions will lead to anything. I inagine that after a few weeks I might return to my favourites of cake and crochet.....but I have a strong desire to be a fabulous Grandma if and ever I am I will endeavour to up my energy levels somehow and see what happens......

Sunday, March 6, 2011


I am in the shower. In each hand I have a blob of Liberty Aesop body wash. As usual I cross my arms and rub the liquid down each arm. Then both hands down my lifted left shin. Then both hands down my lifted right shin. In my head I wondered why I didn't just lift both legs up and run my right hand down my right shin and my left hand down my left shin. At the same time. Yes for a second I thought this might be possible. The fact that some sort of levitation would have to be employed only occurred to me a second or so later.......

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I remember.........

When my daughter was born she weighed 10 and a half pounds, and that weeks prior to her birth, assorted medicos had been injecting my (rather large at this stage) arse with iron injections. Once out of hospital with my big bundle of joy and more stitches than I imagined it possible for me to accommodate in my nether regions (natural birth, much gripping of husbands hand and gritting of teeth) I was at my mums a few days later and, as has always been the way, was still poohing past myself very regularly..............and after my mum had changed my babies nappy I was upstairs in the loo yet again doing what was coming very naturally and very regularly.
I was still very tender and feeling a bit delicate, and as I stood there with my (big) pants at my knees inwardly bemoaning the fact that my stitches weren't 'right' and that trying to wipe my backside was awkward and painful.........I felt defeated, had no idea what to do and well, I just leant my head against the wall and cried.
Very quietly my mother came into the bathroom, enfolded me in her arms and then set about 'changing my nappy' too.......she gently cleaned me up as I stood there sobbing and then ran me a bath.
We laugh about it now....from one tiny little new backside to a rather bigger one.
I thought about this memory today as me and ma shared a cup of tea.....she was sat on the couch with a blanket and 'didn't feel like going for a walk or going out' so we just sat and talked, and it occurred to me that one day I might have to wipe her backside and bathe her.

No problem.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mother love....

My son is 26 today.
In years gone by there were parties.....  all his classmates playing in the garden or entertained by a local magician, or a swimming trip or a camping sleepover, or bowling.....followed by a cake and the singing of happy birthday...with candles being blown out and a wish being made.......
My son is a grown man now. He is tall, and gentle, quiet and kind with a way of making sense of things in life that bewilder me...he has a job, a love in his life and friends and has not lived with us here in this house for some years.....but we speak every week and meet at least fortnightly.
Tonight we are all meeting for dinner....and in a few weeks we will 'house swap' ... we will  spend the night in their flat and they will take over our house with a group of friends as a 'going out/catching up with Uni., friends/birthday get together'..... I am quite looking forward to me and the mister trying out somewhere else for the weekend.
Thinking back to 26 years ago, I was having my first, longed for child.
I was scared and yet had never felt more alive in my whole life.
There is no cake now, but I might buy one on the way home from work and find a candle from somewhere so that he, or maybe I, can relive those boyhood times.....he never knew that everytime I watched him blow out his candles and make a wish I made my own secret wish in my heart ......and so far the fates have been kind..all my wishes have been granted.

Must work out the heating........

I left for work at 7.50 this morning - no heating on - left work at 5.15 and then went to choir - so have just come in and the house is COLD...