Thursday, January 20, 2011

so close.......

Today, shaking with anger, I threw open a door and told three lazy fucker 'teamleaders' what was what.

I did not say all I wanted to say.

But the horrified and scared look on their faces made me realise perhaps that was a good thing.

No telling them to shove their job just yet.....but I can almost taste the possibility.


Steve said...

Good for you. I mean that.

Nana Go-Go said...

Flippin` Heck, Missus - wouldn`t like to meet you on a dark night! But in all seriousness, Libs, any chance of changing your job (and I know in the current climate that`s maybe not an option) - this one sounds like it`s making you thoroughly miserable. My friend gave up her job for the same `lazy f******` reason - even complaining to management did no good so she left for her own sanity. Something to think about maybe?Have a great f*****-free weekend!

Kelloggsville said...

oh good on you. I always look such an idiot when I get mad because I usually burst into tears! I hope you gave them hell. I do like to say that I only work for pin money - That really pisses my male colleagues off! (its a lie but I love to see their hackles rise!)

libby said...

Well I can't change my job...or will just carry on ... the universe will show me a different way somehow.
Thank you all for paying any attention to me ramblings.


Just for now.