Normal service will be resumed at some point......


Parent in hospital.
Parent out of hospital.
Parent back in hospital.
Out again.

Work very busy.

Fates deciding they have been leaving me alone for too long.

Got cocky by deciding to be all optimistic didn't I?

Anyhoo......back on the horse and back to normal soon.


Steve said…
Chin up and onwards go. Good luck. :-)
Cyber cuddles coming through the ether!
Nana Go-Go said…
Poor Libs - hopefully you`ve had all the bad luck you`re going to get in one fell swoop! You`re doing a grand job shoring it all up. Hope sister and parent are bearing up too. We just celebrated my mother`s 80th tonight and me and my sisters are so thankful that she`s still very active and independent and driving around but at the back of our minds we`re thinking how long until it doesn`t last? It`s a worry alright.
libby said…
Thank you everybody....forgive my little rants and moans....this blog lets me get the fizz out of the bottle every now and again....