Friday, July 30, 2010


This is for you....just in case you're out there looking are also Mo Cridhe.


These old original pinnies were on sale in a local charity shop...I kept picking them up and putting them back...they were both washed and ironed and almost spoke to me. Twice, different ladies said to me whilst I was holding them 'ooh my mother wore one of those when I was a girl...'. They were £2 each and I did'nt buy them. Have'nt been able to stop thinking about them though strangely....who wore them? what jobs did they do whilst wearing them? polishing..dusting...grate cleaning...washing...what sort of clothes did they protect? Did the wearer have a happy life? Don't know what I would do with them if I bought them but wish I had.....

God bless the NHS....

If a loved family member needs to be in have access to a doctor, a nurse, a radiographer, a pharmacist, and be treated with care and dignity and professionalism.......then living near Warwick Hospital fits the bill.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


My goodness my legs have had a workout over the last two days....I had forgotten how hilly Clifton in Bristol is..and I have walked and walked and it was lovely. Started off with a glass of pink fizz and then just wandered around in the sunshine....nice to be home though....apart from the going back to work...don't like that bit. NOT. AT. ALL.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Various ramblings...

Weighed myself last night....not something I usually do..but whilst sitting on the loo in the small hours I was looking at the very funky high tech (dust gathering) scales in the bathroom that my husand had bought months ago......when it told me that I weighed eleven stone (yes two ones....) I thought two things....firstly 'gosh thats a lot..should I eat less/exercise?' and secondly 'naaaaahhhhh!... I look pretty damn good naked here in this light!...'   I got back into bed and decided to go with my second thought....

Not long to go now, and then some time away from work...huzzah!!
 Trish at has a gorgeous clip from 'A room with a view' and the Puccini is just lovely.....can't say that the film was one of my favourites but anything where the clothes are so fantastic, there are beautiful views and sexy Italians has to be good.

The very funny Auntie at is in love with David Tennant (Dr Who)...if anybody knows him can they let me know?

Have an HORRENDOUS HEADACHE at the moment so I'm going to go for a walk .......... might bring back cake...will that help do you think?

Happy holidays people!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

'Can't I just give you a kidney instead?' I said ..... he did laugh but continued to add up the cost of the colour the cut the conditioning and the jjjjuuuusssshing he was going to give my knackered scary hair next week. I think I need a lie down.....and maybe a hat instead.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Hi, my name is Libby and I'm a blogger.
I'm not a 'mummy with tinies' blogger.
I'm not  a 'growing my own food, building my own home' blogger.
I'm not a 'silver surfer, retired with money' blogger.
I'm not a 'living in a far flung place' blogger.
I'm not a 'running my own business' blogger.
There are so very many blogs.
Many interesting, funny, poignant blogs.
I stumbled into blogging when I googled something and was directed to a blog. A woman was writing and posting pictures about her life.
I was entranced.
I began to read.
I needed to find out about this strange new inviting world , peopled by kind, clever, funny 'bloggers'
I 'lurked' in the dark for ages.
Tentatively I started to post comments.
When I had a need to know something or share something or ask about something, there was always blogging.
When I needed to know how to do something I found a blogger who 'taught' me.
I started a blog of my own.
I can't stop now.
The very first blog I read just stopped. Did she move? die? grow tired of blogging?
The ether will provide the answer, at some point.
I love all the 'voices' of the people I read...thats you..and you...and you.
I met a blogger. We are now friends. How lucky am I?.
I like to think that one day, when I am dead and gone, my kids will read my blog..will hear my 'voice' and see what I saw.
Hi, my name is Libby and this is my 100th post.

Monday, July 19, 2010

request for advice..

Feel a bit strange doing this but am hoping that the blogosphere will deliver. I want to go and visit Lindisfarne and Cragside and so need to find a clean, reasonable, b+b up in Northumberland for two nights early August. I have spent hours on the internet and am no further forward....any recommendations? Thank you if you even just take the time to think about sleeps 2 non smoking car driving...thanks again.

rubbish photography...

I really really think that the photos I take are very blurry and bad but until such time as I buy a better camera, or even learn to use the one I have now, they will have to do. So, just because I feel like it, instead of another list (which may come later...I'm in a list sort of place...) I now present...ta-da...some of the paintings dotted around my house.....

Saturday, July 17, 2010

letting go....

For nearly 20 years, she has been the little star in our universe that we would satellite clinic, nursery, playgroup, school, swimming, ballet, riding, guides, youth theatre, parties, sleepovers.....lifts here there and everywhere for her and sundry....the house has been sometimes full, and messy, and noisy.....and like a precious flower she has been fed and watered and kept out of storms.........and she smiles and she hugs and laughs and sings and cooks and cares....and today is off to play football for charity and because her boyfriend is driving her and there will be lots of mates and going out afterwards .... there was a breezy 'it's ok mum you don't have to come...enjoy your saturday...' and I felt....well, such a mixture of emotions..........yes it's great that she leads her own life..heaven knows we have been preparing her for it forever....and we have only ever been included when she has asked us to, so it was'nt as if we were never letting a few short weeks she will leave this city to live in another one as a student and during these last few weeks I feel like I want to hold her and have my baby back....where did she go? and once she has gone, like her brother, she will probably never live at home him will be a regular, welcome, happy visitor, but  no longer live at home.....who rings regularly, comes to lunch, and is leading a happy grown up life..and for that I am truly thankful......I have been blessed with two children....and pretty soon the house will be and the mister will be in the next phase.....I love the mister, and look forward to whatever our life is going to be next....but I just want to cry right now.....

Thursday, July 15, 2010

the first to say sorry....

Sometimes.....if you've 'discussed' something or 'had words' about something or just 'shared how you feel' about something and that has led to shouting and arguing and not talking, and one of you is a sulker and one is not......when one is in one room and one is in you ever get fed up of being the one that says sorry?.....

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Am having a go at another crochet blanket ( I know..those long winter evenings were just endless..) and so far this is where I'm at with this one...I think its called a babette blanket...what colours do I need in it people?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

making mistakes..

I have been messing about with the design/layout etc., not sure about it at the moment and want to change a few things.....but the sun is shining....there is a lovely breeze....will have some toast and ginger jam and a pot of tea and go visit ma and pa.....this computing business sure is a drain on a very small brain........

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I really thought I was going to have an attack of some sort. The lifeguard was definitely keeping an eye on me, or was I just being paranoid? It was very scary....there I was at feckitsearly o'clock in my cossie, very very slowly trying to remind my body what to do....and being overtaken and lapped by old people whipping up and down the pool like olympians. Himself had crept out of bed this morning and whispered 'I'm going for a you want to come?' and I stupidly said yes. Half way along the first length I felt sick and my heart began to I so unfit? obviously yes. I made a valiant attempt for someone who usually just likes to faff about in a hotel/villa pool, so after 6 horrible horrible lengths of the pool I feigned biliousness (not much feigning actually...I felt like death warmed up and hurt in all sorts of places) and retired to the showers, where I sat down in the cubicle with my towel around me wondering about my it too late to try to get fit? really?. Himself took me out to breakfast later so reading the papers and having someone else pour the orange juice was lovely......a good start to our 28th wedding it all down hill from here?

Friday, July 9, 2010

Told you I'd be back.
Dinner was fish and chips.
Pudding was cheescake and cream.
Deadwood watching snack was chocolate.
Belly, arse and thighs, expanding north south east and west again.
Onwards and upwards! tomorrow I swim and diet!!
Did my card....probably have to de-fuzz everywhere to go swimming in a cheery mood so have decided to count my blessings......

I am loved.
I love.
I have children.
I have parents and siblings and extended family, with all that that entails I know, but I love it and appreciate them all.
I have two cats....the house is covered in fur/hair most of the time now (cannot believe I live in a house with cats...once upon a time I would not have even sat down in such a times change...) who talk to me and let me talk to them like a mad woman and don't answer back...I stroke them...they purr contentedly..its a win win situation.
Change of tempo here while I decide not to start each morsel of info., with 'I'.
My eyes still see, my ears still hear and apart from some 'gosh I'm knackered, everything is creaking and I can't remember why I am stood here' moments the body and brain are holding up ok.
Think that this will be the year that I commit to an evening course..of some description...probably.
Just had a £25 win on the premium bonds ...wahay......
Death, disease, divorce, famine and fear are in the world lucky am I not to be neighbours to any of them at this time? holding breath and crossing fingers/eyes so as not to upset the fates.....
Will return later with more.........

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Where's the sun gone? Did I blink and miss summer?

Monday, July 5, 2010

Taking my (americanism here..) 'supersenior' parents shopping today........if you see a woman trying to calmy steer two elderly people up and down the aisles of Tesco, stopping every 3 steps to look at something/complain about the price/question what it is.....please skirt past our trolley and bear with us. I often think that if I get to their age, will my kids do the same for me or will I remember what that would be like for them and try to shop online, which is something I don't do now......maybe I won't even remember the whole experience by then, as, if God spares me, I think I already have the onset of Alzheimers...although my friend assures me that my forgetting words all the time does'nt count, it's just an age thing...hope she's right....

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Progress, thy name is 'stick at it'.....feel like a toddler being pushed on a swing..'again again!' so will have one more try just to make sure.......

hope you don't mind Trish!
I think I know why I find this whole blog/link computing/IT thing difficult to use smoothly, efficiently, and with confidence. In fact there are a couple of reasons. Many many years ago I worked as a 'punchcard operator' for a short time, in the computer department of a large organisation.....I know, I seem to have slipped into serbo-croat or something there for a minute, don't I? punchcard operation? que? anyhoo....the computer used at this place was in fact an enormous room full of large large whirring and slightly trembling boxes and spools that was forbidden to us and was manned (quite literally...the men did the taking care of the computer and us ladies did the keypunch operation) by bearded types, who looked like they wore sensible clothes all the time and had perhaps never dated...clever lads but yet to strike out into the world of being social.... so to get back to the point of this rambling ..... computers, to me, were forbidden, scary and even though I am a taught by nuns grammar school girl, I knew my place...well away from the big important machines. Fast forward (oh, if only, in life, to be able to fast back...) and now I am a proper grown up lady, mortgage and stretch marks and everything, and I am also, ever so slightly, OCD.....If I open something to use it then, once used, I have to close it...I am neat, tidy, and yes peculiar to some I guess....I can't bear to have lots of tabs/windows open at once on t'computer.....It's messy and makes me sort of (my daughter would say 'knickertwisted') what I have to do and then move on...if I have to flick between things and copy and paste (yes, I am that pathetic at the moment) I need to FOCUS and take my time........given up reading yet?.....but at last I think I have this is a test, and I hope she does'nt mind

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Am sitting here in my 'altogether' blogging and drinking 7 a.m the mister asked me if I wanted to go had I had about 6 months notice and shaved my legs and underarms and lost some weight and bought a 'hold it all in and spread it evenly about' cossie, and had the photo done for my 'passport to leisure' card (I love that title.....think I might have my own version made of it for 'passport to pleasure'....includes free time, cake etc.,) I might have joined it is I assured him that he should leave me here so that I could strip the beds, clean the house, do the washing etc., still blogging, will start the crossword soon and maybe have some breakfast.....but I am going to get my card ready for next week......promise.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Each evening this week, me and the mister, after dinner, have taken a walk around the block or local roads, popped into Sainsburys and bought some pudding (maybe we should walk after the pudding?) then come home and watched two episodes of Deadwood...a boxed set of a programme that we missed when it was on TV, which we are really it there is an awful lot of using the see you next tuesday word (there are two words that I hate - that one and another that I cannot even type, read, hear or see written down..the kids laugh at me because I have to put my fingers in my ears and go la-la-la when it is mentioned) and everyother person is a c..ksucker....but the rest is this way we have also enjoyed, over the years, the George Smiley spy series, I Claudius, The Sopranos, Early Doors, and The wire. What shall we watch next I wonder?


Just for now.